The Medieval Armor Geek Out Discussion Topic

So, This is a topic to discuss medieval armor, specifically the armor. So… to start things off…what do people think of the Sallet Helm? it’s a German style helmet from 1450’s to 1500s. I think it’s a pretty cool helm. The helm usually has a seperate face guard that protects the mouth.



I’m actually planning on saving up to get a full suit of plate armor and wear it to school. Its a dream I’ve had since middle school, but have only recently put serious thought into doing it.


What style do you plan to get?

I haven’t put much thought to that. Whichever one looks the best that I can also afford I suppose.

centurion armor is the best armor

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I love medieval armor. It’s a testament to human ingenuity, even during a time where very little advanced (in Europe, that is).

I like the sallet, but personally I prefer the close helm.

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The 1500s Italian type?
@MaxinePrimal So if you’re going for accuracy, then this would cost you upwards of 6,000 dollars, for full plate armor. But, if you just want something cheap, they run for around 600 for Indian replicas. On the other hand, you could always do an older form of armor, say, early Crusades, then it’s all chainmail which can run on the cheap end for about 80 dollars for a ■■■■■, 200 for the pants, 40 for the gloves, and 40 for the coif. And remember, these are all prices for inaccurate bussed mail, and not riveted. Then you’d just have to make or buy a surcoat and a helmet.

@Ace The Lorica Segmentata is a very nice form of armor, but I wouldn’t say it’s medieval.

@Jcton Yes, that is a glairing example of replica inaccuracy. Who would want a helmet that exposes the bottom of your face?

As for myself, ,y favorite types of armor are the Sugarloaf Greathelm, the Visored Sugarloaf Greathelm, and the Frogmouth helmet. As for armor, it’s got to be the mid to late 1300s European armor specifically the ones used in the final crusade. What can I say, I’m a sucker for chainmail.

Here are some replicas for context.
The Frogmouth

A replica example of the armor

The Sugarloaf Full Greathelm

The Visored Sugarloaf Greathelm


I set mu budget to around 600 or 650. Maybe 700. I’m defenitly going for full plate armor, and I don’t mind getting a replica.

Alright, well, I can’t vouch for them, but there are several Indian companies on amazon that sell full plate for your price range exactly, although I will warn you, when it is not tailored to your exact measurements, it can be somewhat uncomfortable.

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Thanks. I’ll keep this in mind.

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Generally, yes. I also like the Maximilian style.

And I agree with you, Frogmouth helmets are great.

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Frogmouth is another great design. I love the simplicity of its concept, mainly jousting or events that didn’t require you to turn your head.

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Laughs in Scandinavian Raider
Also I personally wouldn’t mind, but call it my
modern mindset, I think I’d prefer the replica.

While not quite on Par with Full plate armor at it’s height, it majorly wins when it comes to good old fashioned LCF

Anotha point, my buddy ordered a helmet off Amazon, (Not sure if this is the companies you mean, but thought I’d bring it up) he was pretty impressed with the quality

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I’m buying one myself next year.

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What kind of helmet? Or Armour if you plan to buy a full suit.

A Sugarloaf Greathelm from India, some average gauntlets, and a pair of greaves. I already have a chain mail ■■■■■.

Are you going for the visored variant?

How about a Gambison and Coif?

Nah, that one I’d rather have, but is three times the price.
@Winterstorm345 he so will get a coif, I’ve looked at a gambeson, but they are all very expensive, so I’m actually looking to make one.

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Do you have the linen for that?

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