The Melding - Brothers in Arms Ch. 7

For this piece I used Chapter 7 of Brothers in Arms as reference. This is the scene where “Toa” Macku and her “matoran” companion Helryx find the lost travelers. The world Mazeka and Vultraz fall into is weird and fantastical, and the brief description allows the imagination to wander. I wanted to do a piece of art that was more character focused, and did some interesting things with angles and composition. Also I wanted to keep the characters somewhat set accurate this time. For the background I used the spiked mountains as the subject, with the tower of the Great Beings off in the distance.

Concept Sketch:

I’ve been getting back into digital art lately, and have been trying to challenge myself to do different things and expand my skills. With this drawing I used some techniques for scene layout, by starting with a rough thumbnail, then making a larger sketch, then finishing it with lineart and color. Above is the midway sketch, before I started overlaying the final drawing. I may have tried too many things at once with this one, but I think it turned out ok.

Let me know what you think thanks!

My last piece of art I posted is also related to “The Melding” Universe and can be found here:


Just leave Vultraz hanging from a tree, he has no need to be comfy.

This is a really nice drawing. Keep up the good work.


I love this a lot!