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So, i was looking around and i couldnt find a metallica topic


so yeah, talk about your favorite songs, albums, art, merch, etc

my dad and i listen to them a lot, and i just LOVE the new album, besides hardwired and moth into flame, but am i savage, here comes revenge, and murder one are by far my favorite songs from them in YEARS

*also, some songs do contain cursing, so please do not post them so this topic can stay up


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Have you ever heard “enter sandman”

Yes! I have! I can play the bass line from the chorus on my bass i own, and with my chorus pedal i can really make it sound LIKE the sound they used on that album


my dad has shown me a few of their songs, they’re really good

Remember to capitalize- some lowlife

I remember my Dad owning their album “…And Justice for All”, the song of the same name being the one I remember most. Besides that, I enjoy a handful of their songs, namely “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, “Enter Sandman”, and “Master of Puppets”.

I saw something where metallica is coming to vancouver on august 14.
Also my old guitar teacher told me to listen to some of their songs but i dont remember if i did or not.

Metallica isn’t one I listen to very much anymore but they are one of my favorite bands. I started listening to them when I was 13/14 and I have grown to like their music more and more. I used to be one of those thrash metal supremacists that thought only the first four albums were good. But nowadays I find myself listening to Load songs the most.

I think overall the best album is Ride the Lightning, but each of the first four have great great moments. Latest album is also pretty good.

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I don’t listen to them very frequently but I like the ines I have heard. Should look more thoroughly into their other music.

No joke, my mom used this for me as a lullaby when I was little, and it worked.

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Call of Ktulu is one of my favorites.

Sweet dude! I like orion a bit better

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I think all of their instrumentals are great, it’s hard to say which one’s better than another for me. Except Orion, that one is just one of my favorite songs of all time.

yeah orion is pretty freakin good :smile:

Any eye of the beholder fans? 'Cause im one of em!

My brother was texting me yesterday asking why the song isn’t more popular. I don’t really care that it’s underrated, but I do like it a lot.

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Metallica is probably one of my favorite metal bands, one of the first I liked actually. I mostly listen to their older stuff, One, Enter Sandman, King Nothing etc…

Nothing wrong with that stuff, I like their 90s albums too but usually that is not what is defined as their “older stuff”…

Oh whoops. Guess I had the wrong impression.