The modern Bohrok (Update 2)

There is a Tahnok now.
Here are a pictures:

I build two more:

Original Post:

This started with a head, I wanted to combine a creature head with a beast jaw and then I realized something …

…that I could place Krana inside their head:

Then I created a body, wich leaves the head poseable and…

…also included a familiar function:

and that´s how these relatively small Bohrok Mocs came to be

Here are some pictures to show how the body and head(new version) are build:

Original and Moc side by side:

I also tried at some point to use the original Bohrok eyes but that looks just ridiculous:


Yo pretty cool,love those heads


i like tham but they look a lot like the creatures but still really cool

But does it curl into a ball?

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A nice adaptation! I like the way you used the crystal addons for the shields, a very nice usage of the piece, and the whole head design is wonderfully engineered to fit the Krana and gear mechanism without sacrificing aesthetics.


@ToaKhrazix Sadly it doesn´t curl into a ball
(I tried if it could but that doesn´t look to much like a ball)

Even though there are a lot of modern bohrok MOCs out there, this one is quite good. I love the head!

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I need to make one of these. Now.


My only problem is the krana showing up in the middle the head, which looks a little odd, but other wise I like it.

These are pretty neat.

Thats really cool. While not a fan of the creature heads in general i understand why you used them and it seems to have worked really well. I enjoy the head function to.

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@Toa_Distraxx I added pictures that better show how the body and head are build
and it´s a new version of the head(the Krana has an attachment point now)

I… I love this. I’m actually going to try building this.

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@Jormad I would like to to see them in different colors

I think I might try doing that. Probably will do one of air or something. Sadly, I don’t have a Krana, so that won’t be included.


These are pretty cool.

Hey I updated this Topic with two additional Bohrok
@Jormad (I did an air one myself)

Oooh, fancy.

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Very creative. Love the use of the Creature heads.

Absolutely love these guys! Excellent job!