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What instruments do you guys play? I play the Snare, Bass (drum), Clarinet, Acoustic Guitar and Piano

And i’m thinking of picking up the Erhu and/or Violin.


PIANO. I have played for just about nine years now.

I once played trombone, but I absolutely hated it, so I gave up.

My sister plays clarinet, though.

Things I actually have or had some level of proficiency at: Trumpet and Clarinet
Things I can play competently at a basic level: Piano, whatever this is, Recorder (ok, EVERYONE can play that at a basic level. :stuck_out_tongue: )
Things I have done a bit but stink at: Various percussive instruments and Accordion

I really want to learn how to play bagpipes.

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I dab a little in the drums and the piano

I can play all of the song “Leaving Earth” from Mass Effect 3 on the piano

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Alto sax, a little piano (not as much as I used to, only can use one hand now, but I’m hoping to get a chance to practice to where I can get back to playing with both) and I’m currently learning the violin.

Piano, violin and guitar!

I play a bit of acoustic guitar, but I haven’t had any teaching since May last year.

Maybe off the point, but how do any of you have the patience to practice daily? I never have the time until mid-term breaks or the summer holidays; and at that time I play the guitar so much.

My people :slight_smile:
I play the Flute

Is Mayonnaise an instrument?


I play the piano and the snare drum.

I play the trombone

I once played the trombone, wasn’t enjoyable since I didn’t even know how to read sheet music.
(Edit: Found this gif, seems pretty fitting.)


I used to play the piano and the recorder, but I quit on both of them. I now play the violin, and have been playing it for 6 years.

Wow you play a lot of instruments…

Anyways I only play Piano at the moment but I used to play Guitar, if were counting music class at school then I have also played recorder and ukulele.

I’ve been playing piano for the last 2 years now, and I used to play drums.

No @Rockho, horseradish isn’t an instrument ether.


I used to play euphonium in high school

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I have too many instruments.

Voice (I’m a baritone, I believe)
Piano (took nine years, didn’t really enjoy it)
Bass (my prime instrument right now)
Acoustic/electric guitar (dabble in it from time to time)
Drum kit (same)
Recorder (used to play this as a kid)
Snare drum (same)

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