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Oh, I forgot about the voice as an instrument.

I am a base. When I sang in choir at high school, I was the lowest base there. I have been singing base for 4 years now.


As in, dropped

(also as in the guitar or stringed instrument)

10 years of Piano.

I play the Trombone.

I also play the Piano.

I also play the Violin (sorta).

I played the Baritone at one point in my life.

I also played the Trumpet at one point in my life.

I also played the Recorder at one point in my life.

...that's it.

I play drums. I play for my church.

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I play guitar, acoustic and electric, I prefer electric.

I've dabbled in piano

I used to play drums until I had to sell my kit cry

I really want to get an Appalachian Dulcimer but I haven't gotten one yet.

I also want to get an Ocarina.

I'm probably gonna start learning the Melodica soon (if I can find one), maybe I'll post vids of that some time.

I used to play the violin when I was younger, but due to physical issues it got harder to play and I had to quit.
Recently I've been wanting to learn the guitar and bass, but finding the time for it isn't too easy.

it is actually an instrument

I play the mayonaise too

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I took drum lessons a couple years back. And I took mandatory acoustic guitar for 2 years.

Played piano for 9 years, played trumpet and violin, and if it counts I did keyboard for two.
Also in music class doing Acoustic Guitar.
I uh, sing if that counts.


Cue the singing beetle.


I've been playing the Tenor Sax for about 9 years now.

post this on here
I must hear it

I myself played piano for several years. Gave up a year ago because of a bad teacher.

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Define "bad"...
I used to play the piano too. Also the clarinet (but badly...could never reach those high notes).

High notes on flute are worse

Alright I'll try

I want to play this.

Best instrument ever.

Is this necroposting? I didn't think it was.


I loled so hard


Pianos= killers->