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I’m playing cello, guitar, and I’m quite good at piano

I’m currently teaching myself how to play the drums. I played snare drum for a while, so the main obstacle is knowing to hit all the right drums at the right time.

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I’ve played cello for a year and a half, and I’m quite good.

I play takes deep breath Piano, drums, clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, bass (upright), and electric guitar. All jazz.

Any other drummers here? Need ideas on how to recreate the sounds of drums for cheap. I have an electronic practice set, but I want something I can use live or for recording without spending much money

First off, find a way to connect your e-drum set to your computer and a VST plugin. You can use the e-drums to trigger any kind of sound set imaginable.
You’d need an audio interface with a midi input, plus a midi cable (assuming your drum kit has a midi output). If not, it’s possible your drum kit’s sound module is connected by cables which you can also plug in to an interface as triggers.

Aside from that getting a kit costs a lot more money than I expect you have - not just the drums themselves, but the heads, the stands, the cymbals, and the sticks.

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Everything I’m looking at comes with heads, and my computer and drum set are both stationary and outside my room

Yo any guitar people out there that I can pester with questions about buying a new one?

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I play it.

What kind of questions you got?

Also, if you don’t -play- guitar yet, don’t bother buying a new one. Cut your teeth on something cheap and used before committing to a new one. If you decide guitar isn’t your instrument, you won’t regret what you paid.

Or at least won’t regret it as much

Well I’ve been playing for over a year now and I’m wanting to upgrade. From what I hear, PRS guitars are really good quality and whatnot, but I’m just not sure if I’ll tones that I’m looking for, as almost all of my favorite bands play Gibson. So I’m thinking about either a Les Paul Junior or a PRS SE 245. I’m looking to play My ChemIcal Romance, Oasis, All American Rejects, and some Slash riffs. What’s your opinion?

Admittedly my experience is primarily Acoustic Guitars, BUT:

PRS tends to be the holy grail of metal guitars from what I’ve been told. Gibsons and Fenders are really good all round guitars for any style, though I would recommend starting with either an Epiphone or a Squier, simply because the price point is better. The guitars might be a little heavier than their higher end counterparts BUT some people (myself included) actually like the added heft.

If I had to give a recommendation outside of those, I’d look at Ibanez. They’ve gotten a bad rap in the past but their quality in recent years is stellar, tone is great, and my Ibanez SG Bass has been my best guitar for years. Might be an unpopular opinion but while I’ve had no issues with Ibanez, I know plenty of people who have either regular or semi-regular issues with their “high end” guitars.

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Hey I’m open to anything. I’ve been using a Squier strat and the pickups are just killing me right now, I tend to not even plug it in because they sound so bad.

If the pickups are bad it probably has more to do with your Amp/cables :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t think I can honestly point to anyone I know having issues with pickups themselves outside of “I want Humbuckers instead of Single Coils”

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I use an $150 LTD guitar and it works fine. Sounds like a guitar and plays well.

Most guitarists I talk to would take a modern Epiphone over a modern Gibson.

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D r u m m e r s o f T T V

How do I rewire my brain to play triplets

play 6/8, but faster.

Ok thanks.

Also I’m thinking about starting a gc on here for drum players. Anyone who would be interested let me know

I’d be interested

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