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Just made some multirod sticks for like 50 cents.

I mean I play bass so is rhythm enough to get in that chat? :laughing:

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F i n a l l y got a crash ride. I’ll post a picture of my full set soon. The set is very compact and simple but I’m happy with it. Can’t wait to get a chance to use it

So now I have a compact kick/snare combo and have some ‘hi-hats’ in the form of broken crashes.

I just ordered some silent heads so I can practice without bothering anyone, and stand for my practice pad so I put it where a tom-tom would go.

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Nice! I want to get a large roto tom

I’m not sure this is the right topic, but I’ll put it here.

You know what instrument I want to hear more of?


They have such a wonderful sound, i wish they were used more.

For an example, search up Jackson Browne’s “Lives in the balance” it’s available in Youtube, and is clean in every aspect. It’s a wonderful song, with great panpipes sections.

I’m pretty sure I mentioned here I played trombone, but I also recently bought an Olds Cornet and am gonna learn how to play it. My grandpa sent me his old harmonica from Mexico, and I guess my voice too? I’m a tenor II

I wish I played a musical instrument :frowning:

When I was young I inherited a set of drums from my cousin. I used to like banging on them when we visited his place. I used to like keeping rhythm through drums but that never took off knowing how to play them, because the drum set was in a family room (like a second living room) that easily echoed through the house. My dad hates noise, even if his office is two floors above and on another side of the house, so I always felt discouraged from playing them.

A few times I tried piano but never had a consistent teacher to help me get over the hurdle of learning music notes and reading sheet music. One teacher was my aunt who brought it up sporadically despite many frequent family functions. Another was a few weeks of lessons from a teacher at my high school but we barely played in class. Just filled out a paperback workbook like it was a juvenile assignment.

Harmonica was picked up briefly, mostly as a joke, but did come with a lesson book. Couldn’t control my breathing well enough and to which slots to play properly. Though I know the difference of inhale notes and exhale notes.

Bongo drums were given to me as a gift one year but no instruction. I play them occasionally but still can’t replicate songs that use them.

And last I can think of, every so often I think bass would be a nice fit for me as I do pay attention to basslines of songs very often, just like rhythm on the drums. I never played or owned a bass, and guitars in general intimidate me on their use of grid-like coordinates for notes on the neck and strings when strumming.

In short, I love music but I can’t play it. I’m a failure.


Except Fur Elise, I don’t play other very advanced songs (yet) but I guess I’m getting better and better.

Getting better at drums. To anyone that wants to play but is worried about noise: get an E-Kit. You can get them super cheap used and almost any of them serve their purpose. I have a Simmons SD-7K that isn’t anything special but does it’s job

I disagree. Get a real kit, entry level is probably fine as long as the hardware works, and outfit it with mesh heads, plus some low volume cymbals. Gets you much closer to the feel of real drums, and is likely to be less expensive than an electronic kit of decent quality (though room may be more of a factor).

I officially have a solid kit - Pearl Compact Traveler, which includes a 1-inch-thick kick and snare with no resonant heads, outfitted with mesh heads; Tama Iron Cobra double petal, a Tama steel snare, Zildjian New Beat hi hats; plus a slightly cracked ZHT crash/ride. Pretty much everything I need for my type of rhythms, aside from tom fills.

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That’s a lot more expensive than a used e-kit

Oh nice I’d really like a compact traveler and new beats.

@EmperorDuckie & @Hawkflight I have a better solution:

Don’t buy a drum kit, buy a bass :wink:

This message sponsored by Bass Players Anonymous

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already taken care of.

Imagine only being able to make one sound

This post was made by the drummer gang

@Hawkflight Good. You’re one of us :stuck_out_tongue:
Just pick up Harmonica and you’ll be a quintessential Alberta Musician, #MoveHereAndJoinMyLabel XD

@EmperorDuckie Pretty sure “One Sound” is what happens when Drummers get off their leashes. Or is that “wall of sound?” :laughing:

I do have a harmonica, but don’t know how to properly play it. I also have a kazoo.

China’s crashes splashes various Tom sizes and tunings gong drums cowbells at least one snare and bass drum

I think that’s more than one sound

Yeah they’re individually more than one sound but let a drummer off their leash and all you’ll hear (assuming you aren’t spared by acute tinnitus) is a wall of noise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(I say, being physically incapable of playing drums despite wanting to.)

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Imagine not being able to understand different parts of a drum set

If you think you’re like not athletic enough or something ridiculous like that, that’s not at all a problem. There are so many drummers that have no athletic capability whatsoever (myself for instant)