The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

“No, no, I meant I want to know everything about him. And I want it kept that way untik i kill him or hire him.”

The Crimson Blade laughed mirthlessly, “You think he is alone?” He asks, “that his power comes from thugs and his words alone?”

“But, if it is information you seek, I know something that may prove to be of great value.” He told Robert as he began tracing something on the table again.

“Right.” Robert replied. “So, then, what is it?”

Crimson Blade caused three small sorta-statuettes to emerge from the table: one was icy and translucent with no definite shape aside from being a young lady, one was in the shape of a tuxedo but what looked like a micro-dust storm whirled around where the person would be and the third was in the shape of a small girl with a scythe.

“There are three, at minimum, main things to worry about: the Mirror, the Demon and the Enforcer.” He said, “Each have their strengths and theorized weaknesses but they are very dangerous and at often envoys of sorts to Silver Tongue.”

The dapper dust storm and scythe girl statuettes move closer to each other, “These two are nigh inseparable and are usually the most risky to interact with due to this one,” he points to the dapper one, “having a very frightening ability and the other acting as his enforcer.”

“Because of the risk these three bring to the equation, my hazard pay will mean that the price per day for my services will jump from 1200 dollars to 1700 dollars.” He told Robert.

“Still doable.” Robert replied. He studied the figures intently, before looking up at The Crimson Blade.
“Anyways, Zack, this is great info. I’m afraid that we would have jumped in blind. Now I can prepare my men subsequently.”

The sound of an energy blade activating was suddenly heard, “Who said that information was free and the extent of my knowledge?” He asked.

The crash of thunder lit up the sky outside,“I can learn more, so much more than than I already know.” As he said this, the statuettes shattered into dust.

OOC: How does Robert know his name? He never gave it to the guy from the cafe and the encrypted message had no signature to say who it was from; it was completely anonymous.

Ooc: Robert can see his face, as well as his I.D. It’s a power.
Ic: Robert grinned.
“Well, then, is it a deal?”

OOC: magic shadows cover Zack’s face like a mask when he is the Blade to obscure it from sight. Kinda difficult to see it when all you can tell is that it has shadows all over it. Also, Zack isn’t carrying any sort of ID on him.

IC: “Two thousand per day.” He said.

Ooc: oh. Well, i can edit that part out if you want.
Ic: Robert frowned.
“You’re raising the salary every two minutes. I advise against that.” He stared coldly at the Crimson Blade. He fiddled with his watch, before speaking again.
“1,700 to begin. If you do well, I might raise that. But I must warn you, my society does not take to new prospects very well… you will have to earn your place in the Society, as well as the Society’s trust.”
He then muttered, “and mine.”

The Blade gave him a sheet of paper, it was the agreement they had discussed: for 1700 dollars a day, Crimson Blade was to be allowed access to the needed resources of the SBG to gain the information they seek but the Blade’s true identity was never to be revealed by the Society otherwise the agreement was bull and void apart from one final day’s payment afterwards and they would be on his hit list for their betrayal. The current (and there was emphasis on the word current as it meant at the time of signing) pay was as stated above.

“Sign at the bottom.” The Blade said as the table and chair he was sitting in began to sink back into the ground, leaving only a few candles and Robert’s chair which now sat in front of a podium with the paper on it.

OOC: considering the strength of his enhanced vision, Robert would likely see a vaguely male face with yellow eyes that was distorted by shadows.

Robert raised an eyebrow. He read the paper, then signed. He stood up, and walked back to his vehicle. He snapped his fingers, and the sniper approached him.
“All good, sir?”
The two got in the car and drove off.

The mercenary had picked up the contract and tucked it away before dispelling the remaining furnishings and flames.

The Blade had watched from the shadows and saw the sniper enter the car. “You’re lucky I’m in a good mood right now.” He muttered to himself, “I said ‘no lackies’ and you brought one; I’ll let it slide but next time, I will explicitly tell you to come alone.”

He takes to the darkened streets to find out where the criminal underground hung out, he had a few errands to run. (@Runa)

He might hear rumors of multiple locations, including some disturbances coming from inside the sewer.

Runa snuck up and peered around the corner ever so slightly, looking to see if he could see whatever was making the noise down here.(@Ghid)

The Blade went to investigate these locations, leaving the sewers for last as that wasn’t the sweetest smelling place in any city.

Parvus meets up with the salesman on top a building in the central city, “how long must we be in the city?” She asked, sitting on the edge, “we typically don’t stay anywhere to long. It has me on edge.”
“Don’t worry child, the tounge has promised great rewards for our continued cooperation.” It replied solemnly, his hands resting on the cane, “once we’re finished we can burn the city to the ground.”

He could see far enough to determine a large group of men all facing the sewer wall. There was a long silence while some of them started shifting stances awkwardly.


Something snarled - a terrifying, metallic snarl which seemed to sound like hundreds of metal sheets rattling against each other. “Don’t be dense.” The same voice retorted irritably. “Once he’s delivered the package to Silver Tongue, we can enact part 2. It would be irresponsible of us to assume we could act before that.”

“More and more people are gettin’ wise to us,” A heavier man snorted, stepping forward slightly. “There’s no way we can keep usin’ this place as a hidin’ spot while the cops get closer an’ closer to smellin’ us out.”

“Impossible.” Another man retorted. “This place stinks too much.”

A quiet chuckle rippled through the group, but the big man didn’t seem amused. “Once they find us here they’ve got us trapped. I still think we need to move to the metro and shut down the tram.”

“Something that dangerous would only lead to the police finding us far quicker,” The metallic voice snapped. “I’m not so dense that I’m about to allow something like that. We can use it as a last resort, but-”

“Rail two has been closed because the terminal needs repairing.” An incredibly thin and whiny man suddenly said. “We could get out with some low charges and pull the tunnel in further along, right after rail one and two intersect. That would cut off all subway travel for a month at least.”

The metallic voice sighed. “Alright. Get to suitcase 322; that’s got everything you need. And don’t overdo it, I don’t want the whole city coming through that hole. Take Greebs and Muchikov with you. The rest get to your positions.”

The men began to murmur among themselves and some began heading runa’s way.

The waters of the sewer became slightly disturbed, as a large scaly back slightly protruded the surface.

Runa, knowing that hiding as they pass wouldn’t work with the few dull glowing parts of his body, simply backed off and hid around the nearest corner, crouching down and ready to pounce once they got too close.

The salesman thought to himself, quietly, yet knowing if he waited he’ll be free

Luckily for them, they all seemed to split off in different directions to the parts of the drained sewer. The thin man from before and two others walked briskly past Runa and into the dark.

Everyone had dispersed. The sound of scraping metal started up again.