The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

The statue fountain in the middle would be the only thing there that the whole of the city would likely notice being missing or destroyed, everything else was peoples’ personal belongings.

J-73 stands there and looks at the fountain, several ideas came through his mind.

The salesman appeared back the silver tounge’s base, twirling his cane, his form shimmering to show his annoyence

“Yes?” Silver Tongue asks Salesman. “What’s wrong?”

Hinata, after having dawned his mask and weaponry, took off into the streets, looking for Vance, hoping to conscript his help, as Silver Tongue wished him to.

“I do believe our rivals are growing. Yet you’re control of the city is not fully prepared, what is your plan?”

“Win the election. I’ve already been doing what I need, and I believe no one suspects a thing.” He responds calmly. “You worry too much, Salesman. Our allies grow as our enemies do.”

“I thought similarly, and it got me trapped twice,” he warns, before phasing away

Pulse continues the assault, rushing forward again and delivering a quick one-two aimed at Shade’s shoulder and abdomen.

The one hit his shoulder, but he went with it to send an uppercut at Pulse’s chin.

J-73 considers multiple plans, all would take place at night.

First he could destroy the statue, Second steal, third graffiti it.

Stealing was more his cup of tea, so how to do that and in order to do so he would need a vehicle that could carry it and he would need to disguise it and,/or find the perfect place to hide it. A thought came to his mind and he decides that he is going to put this statue on the roof of the tallest building with “Black Rats” painted on all sides of that building and statue.

Now how to steal it, he would need to disconnect the base from the ground and put it in that vehicle…but what if he could find an aerial vehicle that could carry it, that could take to that building… it would be perfect.

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He deflects the assault slightly with his telekinesis, but the effort is still enough to snap his head back. He stumbles backwards, dropping to the ground and raising his arms in front of his head like a boxer as he tries to regain his bearings.

Nearby, a young Connor Isaacson wanders about New Hawkhood. Allegedly he was on his way home from school… not that he was close to either of those places. But as long as he was home for dinner Mom and Dad wouldn’t be mad at him. So he wanders about, hoping to see a superhero in action…


Shade jumps up into the air and tries to come down on Pulse, both hands clasped together, aimed squarely at his head.

Pulse steps backward, letting Shade come down in front of him. He pushes off, throwing a hasty punch at the villain as he lands.

The punch hits him in the face, and he throws one of his own at Pulse. If it lands, the direction might send him out a nearby window.

Out of the corner of her eye, Mirror seems to see something shine just outside an old sewer drain. She goes to inspect it.

Runa wanders the streets of the residential area, looking for any more leads he can find.

Hinata, after looking around for a bit, sees someone he believes matches the description he’d been given of Vance(@EmperorDuckie). Ducking into the shadows, he begins to approach.


While Pulse’s telekinesis helps to soften the impact, it does nothing to keep him from flying out the window. He lands on his back outside, winded.

A pair of ropes snake out of a nearby tree, moving as if to entangle Runa’s arms and torso.

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Shade follows him out, landing right in front of him, likely where Connor would be able to see.

Runa would see them and jump back away, shooting a laser at each.

Parvus lands from the sky above a power plant and looks around for any security

Connor cries out in delight: superheroes! All else is forgotten from his mind as he approaches the battle, his eyes bugging out in awestruck wonder. The one on the ground was obviously the hero; no way that the shadow dude was. The kid unconsciously creeps closer to the battle, drawn in by the spectacle like a moth to a flame.

Pulse, on the other hand, is enjoying the experience just a bit less than the bystander. Gritting his teeth in pain he forces himself off the ground, using telekinesis to slide backwards and into a standing position. He grabs a handful of loose dirt and gravel in his hand as he does so, pointing his hand at Shade and sending a telekinetic barrage of pebbles and sand at the villain.

The ropes retreat, scorched but otherwise unharmed. A silhouette stands in the tree where they came from, looming over Runa.

“You know, I can’t get a read on you. One minute you’re fighting villains, the next you’re threatening villains. Who are you, exactly?” The voice is feminine, pitched to suggest someone in their late teens or early twenties. There’s something more to it, a lack of inflection or passion that seems out of place.

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She wouldn’t see much. It seems they were busy elsewhere.

Shade charges him, barreling through the pebbles, turning his head away to not get it in his eyes, however averting his gaze from his target as he did so.

OOC: I feel like one of those “villains” is supposed to be “heroes.”

Runa looks at the silhouette. “None of your business.” He growls back, priming his boosters. “Now, unless you have any information that I could use, I suggest you stay out of my way. This criminal isn’t going to catch himself.”

Mirror picks up the shiny thing: A small piece of metal. She looks around and sees one or two more, in a small line that soon goes away. Thinking it was better than nothing, considering what she’d had prior, she follows the small trail and the direction it would happen to point.


She grins and opens a cell phone, after a few moments she says, “all clear.” As she did so the salesman appeared.
Gleefully he said “See? Modern society has it’s uses.”
“I prefer the simplicity of before,” she replied with a nigh monotone. “And the clothing is certainly revealing,” she adds, frowning as she peered at her outfit.