The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil

Two people with guns, got it. Alright, accepted.

I mean so much time has passed that I forgot that we are allowed with supra-natural characters, but even then normal people still exist in this world.

Uhm… I’ll see how I can force myself into the game.

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Do you guys think I should give a set amount of posts for the time that Coldblood is comatose?

If you want.

I was thinking maybe he’d be that way until either the police arrive or he’s already in jail(since the police will likely arrive), but your character, so your choice.

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I think I’ll give him 25 posts until he wakes back up.

I’ll still make posts in the meantime, but I won’t have Coldblood be awake yet.

@Mctoran question: where is your fight with Runa taking place?

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In some random alley nearby a creek on the outskirts of town.
No specific location, but it’s open enough for your character to easily happen upon.

I really need to star playing here. I’ll have my character fly around the streets, see if it attracts some attention.

I have an idea to introduce Vai. Tell me, what characters are involved in this?

From your original description of where Coldblood was attacking, and who he was attacking, I assumed it was a more suburban area, actually.

Project: Runa, Coldblood(currently unconscious), and soon to be Pulse.

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I’ll have to read about them.

Well, not like this will have an affect on the RP but I’ll be dropping out of it. I simply don’t have anything in mind for my character…plus, I’m getting more busier the older I get…with exams and other stuff. So yeah, thanks for having me. See you around space cowboys.

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With all due respect, I think I will have to drop too.
Two very busy weeks are coming in, and I will barely have enough time for the rps I actually put effort in.
Not like I (wouldn’t have) didn’t put any in this one. It has potential, but it is… just… dead.
So yeah, not expect any more replies from me, sorry.

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Welp looks like i’m gonna yeet out of here too.

I’ve set my eyes on some greener pastures coming soon to this forum, anyways.

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I might jump in with a new character, what are the current events in the game?

Well, the only big plotpoint still viable is that people are still looking for Silver Tongue, who has been sending out people to find stuff for a new thing he has them working on.

But honestly, I’m not even sure who’s left, since half of the players just left, so I’m not sure if this will even survive much longer.

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Ah dang that sucks

So wait would Vance be the only one that’s seen him?

Technically, Vance hasn’t “seen” him, just interacted with him.

And yes.

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I’m still around, at least. I’ve just had a half-written OA post on my screen for the past few days… With Ghid not having said anything, I’d assume he’s still in, maybe still Blackbelt and Holi, and now Duckie… I’d say there’s still a playerbase here if you wanted to continue.

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No offense, but the game has been a bit slow and I’m not sure where to go from where I’ve put Crimson Blade, that being him pondering on his stakeout’s findings.

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