The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil

Even in modern day, conflict arises at every corner. Good, evil, and those in the grey area in between fight every day and every night, vying for dominance, particularly, as of late, in the city of New Hawkhood, Massachusetts, the newest hotbed of conflict in the United States…

There, many strange happenings have been going on, along with local suppression of not only the villains, but the powered heroes of the area for trying to help save them. However, some villains still seem to get off the hook, continuing their crimes without repercussions…

It was determined by a non-local private detective that a common link between these villains was a connection with someone they would only refer to as “Silver Tongue,” and insisted wholeheartedly that he was some sort of criminal mastermind in the city. However, he strangely retracted his statement not a week later, saying he was “grossly misinformed.” He later dropped off the radar completely.

Heroes and villains alike are now drawn to this city: heroes to find the detective and bring down this “Silver Tongue,” and villains to either assert their dominance over him, or some even to join him. This is where we pick up…

Just a short list of dos and don’ts.
Here’s the Don’ts:

In short, the act of bunnying is moving your character or other characters along at a rate faster than would be considered reasonable. It’s not a wise idea to do that.

This is where you twist events going on in an unrealistic and unfair manner towards your favor, and tends to happen the most during fights. If at all possible, avoid this. Repeated offenses to this rule are likelier to result in a punishment.

The GMs and especially the site Mods have authority here, and their word is not to be taken lightly. If you think one GM steps out of line, let another GM know about it. However, as the GM, if you feel there are some shortcomings on my end, just let me know in a civil manner, please. I see nothing wrong with constructive criticism.

And, of course, some dos.
-Play Fair
If your character dies, then that’s life. Don’t form some kind of childish grudge against another player for it. While this may be something that you’re not used to, it can add some added interest into a game and add some risks to playing recklessly.

-Respect Other Members
Oh, Joe beat you in a fight and left you with an arrow through your arm. Well, he played fair, and in this circumstance, won. No need to form an on-site grudge against him; he was just playing by the rules and so were you. Either his character was a bit more powerful than yours or he’s just a bit more skilled at RPing. Take the arrow out of your arm and maybe bandage it, and don’t forget about it, either.

-Never Forget Wounds
If your character breaks an arm, and an in-game week goes by, the arm’s not magically better. Don’t let yourself forget wounds of lasting damage. Realism is key, and if you’re interacting with other characters later on, your broken arm might be a conversation starter.
(Help with rules courtesy of @Ghid.)

And finally, a note: This RP has no relation to any others on the boards. As such, though I will allow characters that have appeared in other RPs, I expect you to not treat this as part of the same “universe” as those previous RPs, please.

Affiliation:(Note: I’d prefer something other than just “Hero/Villain” Like, maybe a hero team or a mercenary gang or a mafia or something. There’s more to the world than that simple black and white. I actually expect quite a few “nones” so this is optional.)
Alignment: (Note: Yes, I mean like the DnD alignment system. 3x3 or unofficial 5x5. Optional)
Appearance: (Picture or description. Optional.)

Accepted Characters:

[details=And the DnD alignment sheets, just in case you didn’t know them.]

And this is more a personal thing for me, and not a big deal, but I prefer using “Civil” to “Social” [/details]


the salesman
unknown, but typically uses male pronouns
Lawful evil
He carries a gentleman’s sword
Can teleport (every other post)
Can sense and devour energy
Has a gaseous body, making him resistant to damage except by a specific weakness, however he can still be hurt, and is effected by extreme winds
Can create reality warping contracts, these however can only take affect when signed by someone else willingly.
An enigmatic Being the salesman seems to solely exist for creating contracts, taking sadistic glee for their completion.
The being appeared in the city a year ago, causing chaos to those desperate enough to take his deals it otherwise using it’s teleportation ablities To serve as an informant to silver tounge. Those who observe it will note despite looking human, they can never get a clear look at it’s face, nor seeing it consume or drink.

The enforcer
Unknown(appears to be around 17)
She works for the salesman
True neutral
Leviathan- a sentient shapeshifting duel-bladed scythe, can separate in half and the only limit on his capabilities is it can only become weapons, and said weapons need to have duel blade(or one per if separated in two) Leviathan is composed of a living metal that can be wounded, bit also healed if fed fire
Pyrokinesis- is able to control any nearby sources of fire.
Divination- can use pools of water at Least 1ftx1ftbto veiw those she’s looking for
She’s innocent, and curious like a young child, Leviathan being her gaurdian, however in combat she grows quiet and serious, almost like another person all together
An orphan an unknown timr ago she was found by the salesman, who gave her her ablities and Leviathan. Along with two silver rings, she works as an enforcer of it’s contracts to those who require force to achieve pay.


Name: Harvey Davies
Alias: The Midnight Man
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Affiliation: He used to be a gangster but now he’s his own man
Alignment: chaotic evil
Weapons: his gun and his selection of knives
Abilities: he is very cunning and cruel
Psychopathic and nuts
Bio: The Midnight Man is very crazy, sometimes he’ll burn a building, the next he’ll rob a bank, he’s unpredictable and that makes him dangerous, he acts like a common thug or gangster when he’s really something more sinister, Harvey is the last remaining relative in a dark family and he plots to take over and no one will stand in his way

Basically I wanted to do Kyro but change him up a bit

Name: Felix Kilgrew.

Alias: Coldblood

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Affiliation: The House of Serpents(formerly), the U.S. Government.

Alignment: Neutral Evil, but is Lawful good against his own will.

Weapons: His own razor sharp Fangs and Claws

Abilities: Has all the abilities of a reptile, though enhanced a bit. This includes adhesive hands and feet, an also adhesive elastic tongue, accellerated healing/regeneration of injuries(but only of small or superficial wounds and lost limbs), hightened senses, and durable scales/hyde, which can withstand bullets. Genetic engineering has also given him super strength. And, of course, his saliva is brimming with bacteria, which can cause a nasty near-fatal infection upon biting a victim.
However, he does have a weakness, and an obvious one at that: Coldblood becomes weakened and dizzy after prolonged exposure to low-temperature conditions.

Personality: Aggresive, animalistic, selfish, ruthless and secretive.

Felix Kilgrew had once been one of the world’s most notorious serial killers and criminals. An influential figure in the House of Serpents, a crime gang based along the Mexican Border, Felix had quite the reputation preceding him. He was a ruthless murderer, with some reports even accounting cases of cannibalism on some of his victims. He had even sharpened his teeth on a dagger to give him a more imposing appearance. Eventually, his…notable reputation had caught up to him, and Felix was put on Death Row.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government was busy trying to develop a super Bioweapon, a bioengineered humanoid reptilian monster, that would lay waste to the Villains of the world. However, the scientists involved with the project realised that the creature needed some level of human intelligence to inhabit and properly control the vessel, but not so much so that the creature’s ferocity would be undermined.

Seeing no way out of his impending execution, Felix chose to sign a waver and donate his body to science, in the smallest hopes of a second chance at life. But you know what they say: Be careful what you wish for…

After doing some research trying to find the right brain to control the Monster’s body, the scientists realised that the closest bridge between Man and Beast was this criminal, Felix Kilgrew. They decided to use his brain to control their monster’s body. However, given his reputation, the scientists knew that they couldn’t take any chances with losing control of Felix. So, they implanted a device in the monster’s head that would physically prevent him from committing any “villainous” acts against his orders.

When Felix next awoke, he found himself somewhere completely new. He was in a lab, floating in an incubation tank and surrounded by a group of scientists. He would then realize what they had done to him. While at first he was horrified of his new form, Coldblood then came to like his monstrous figure, and was prepared to wreak havoc on the world. But when he tried to attack and eat the scientists, he discovered that something was holding him back. Frustratingly, Coldblood had come to realize that he was created to in fact be a guardian, and defend the innocent against his own will.

Coldblood would go on to be employed in several different missions by the government, before he was recently stationed in New Hawkood about a year ago, when the government realised that it was a city that “needed” his “protection”. While he has started to grown accustomed to his newfound life, Coldblood is always trying to find a way or opportunity to free himself from the Government’s control, and ultimately wishes to once again embark on his own violent career…

(@Runa the sheet has finally been updated. Now you may officially judge the character for yourself)

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Maybe make it so instead of being “immune,” it can damage him to where he would need to retreat, but it can’t actually kill him? That might make it a bit more fair.

I would like to know what this means. You can PM it to me if you want it secret to the other players, but I would like to know as GM, please.

I would like to know to what extent this is. If you’d like, you could PM this as well.

…I think you misunderstand what I meant. The 3x3 grid is the one official to DnD, with Lawful, Chaotic, Good, Evil, Neutral, while the 5x5 grid is fanmade and adds in in betweens for them all. You might want to take a look at them to better fill out your character.

I would like this to be limited by like a post amount or something, like what I do with Judgement.

Resist? Like, it can take a few, and bullets can’t kill him, but can hurt him some? I feel like that might be a bit more fair.

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Name: Daven Guild

Alias: no current alias

Age: 17

Gender: male

Affiliation: Himself, currently if Daven ever gets involved in a fight it’s not because he’s doing hero work, it’s more likely that he’s just in a fit of anger, or the other guy started the fight first.

Alignment: Rebel Moral

Weapons: His fists, Daven tends to fight hand to hand more than anything, his power helps with that type of combat.


  • Energy Redirection: this is a power that Daven was born with. It allows him to redirect the course of energy, however he is currently unable to make a drastic course change of 180 degrees, the most drastic change to the energy’s course that he can currently do is 125 degrees. This allows for several specific uses.

  • Power Up: this is an extension of Daven’s energy redirection ability. It allows him to temporally adsorb redirected energy, in order to strengthen his body, however this has a major downside, as the more energy he absorbs at once the more immediate damage it will cause to his body.

  • Energy Weapon: an extension of power up, this power allows Daven to convert the absorbed energy into a plasma-like energy and use it as a melee weapon, like a sword or knife, this has the same downside as power up.

  • Shield: an extension of energy redirection, Shield lets Daven put up a “bubble” of sorts that redirects all energy from a yard radius from him, though he can only maintain as long as he can breathe, meaning he has to drop the shield in order to get fresh air.

  • Orbit Gun: an extension of shield, Orbit Gun takes a redirected object from shield and shoots it back at a target, it called orbit gun, since the process looks like the projectile orbits around the shield.

Personality: A bit hot headed and brash, Daven is a quick thinker, that operates under the motto “Hit first ask questions later”.

Bio: Daven lives in a bad neighborhood, and as such he has learned how to fight on the streets, and has experience with boxing and karate. He’s not the most dedicated fighter but he is a strong one, when he needs to fight. Right now he’s trying to finish the school year and go find a better job, compared to his job at a convenience store.

Daven Guild is 5’ 11" (180.339 cm, for the metric peeps), He’s fairly stocky and well built from his time at the gym and from the martial arts training he has gone through. He also has the occasional scar from his fights, he doesn’t always win them. Daven also dyes his hair a light blue, and usually combs to the side, though when he is working out or doing martial arts, he gels his hair back, to keep it out of the way. He mainly wears his school clothes, and outside of school he wears shorts and a t-■■■■■.

I am very worried

Name: Jacob Syd
Alias: Dogboy, Jake (only his best friends call him that)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Affiliation: to protect his school and his friends, hero
Alignment: Chaotic good
A gun
The one thing that can stop him are undercooked chicken and lactose
Personality: Jake is his school’s unpopular kid, he doesn’t have many friends
Jake was always inspired by superheroes and when he gained powers after a near death experience, he fought for what he believed in

NOTE: This is not the same Jake from other RP’s

you might want to just put these grids in the first post, to alleviate any confusion.


Looks awesome!

Name: Robert Wilheim III
Alias: Diehard
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Society of British Gentlemen. (More on that in the bio)
Weapons: He has two pistols hidden under his coat, as well as a watch that can launch a taser thing. (I have no idea what it’s called. :P)
Abilities: He has heightened intelligence, brain speed, reaction time, and senses. He can also see through one foot of solid, well, anything.
Personality: Cold and cunning, Robert has a logical state of mind and always thinks things through. He has a great tactical mind and can formulate plans very quickly. He is quite good at acting, and so seems to be a kind and cheerful man, when in reality he is indifferent and generally unlikable. He always wears a sharp suit with a blood-red bow-tie.
Bio: The leader of the SBG, Robert has taken after his father and his grandfather in crime. The SBG, on the outside, seems to be a philanthropic organization, but, in reality, it is an organization of the highest class of villains. They steal and commit their crimes using their class and their intelligence. It is a very exclusive organization, and it is near impossible to permanently catch and detain one of it’s members. As it’s leader, Robert has the job of deciding what to steal, and in general he makes all the decisions. He is determined to find this “Silver Tongue” and bring this new threat to his/her rightful place… or possible hire the new prospect.




Just a suggestion, but make this a bit more specific. As in it damages his body? That’s my assumption, but I would like clarification just in case. Otherwise he’s good.

So he’s a man with the abilities of a dog?
Alright. Though I’m still waiting on the other info I asked for.

Thank you, I’ll do just that.

Maybe add a caveat here? Lead is usually immune to stuff like this, so I’m just saying it likely would be to this as well, unless you have a decent reason as to why this is an exception to this.

Other than that, looks good.

Upon recent changes they made, these guys are also now accepted. Though I’m still expecting that bio eventually, Mctoran.


Yes, as in it hurts/damages him to absorb too much energy. For example let’s say that if he absorbed enough to punch cleanly a hole through a car door, it would probably break his arm or worse.

I’ll edit that in to be more specific.

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Then yeah, he good.

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added a couple words to it.

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There @Runa

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No problem, I saw it. He’s in.

Yeah, lead would be immune.
Thanks for pointing that out.

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Name: Iosif Zolotov
Alias: Dusha Bomba
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Tentatively Hero-Affiliated
Weapons: None
Appearance: Iosif wears a loose tee and sweatpants most all the time, and a large puffy coat over that in public. He nearly never wears shoes or socks, and sometimes wears a black beanie to hide his identifiable shock of yellow hair running through the rest of his brown hair. He has wire-like scars across his body, with hexagon-shaped metal ports attached to his limbs used for torture purposes
Abilities: Iosif can manipulate specific molecular structures in people for multiple different purposes. He can trap someone in one specific place by locking their joints with his mind, manipulate the density in his body or in another to allow them to jump like they’re on the moon, walk on water, or plunge to the bottom. And most important of all, Iosif can make someone (including himself) bulletproof.
None of his powers apply to more than one person at a time, and Iosif will often be unable to focus on his abilities due to his shy and nervous nature. Attempting to use his abilities on more than one person for more than a few seconds will result in him losing consciousness.
Personality: Constantly feeling lost and hopeless, Iosif’s terrified eyes conceal nothing. He is hopelessly lost in a world full of bizarre people and powerful threats, and doesn’t know where to go or who to trust. The only one he knows to trust is Fever, opening up completely when alone with him.
Bio: Iosif was a test tube baby developed in Russia to have superpowers, specifically to aid in the takeover of Byelarus. Tortured throughout his entire childhood, he eventually used his superpowers to escape through air ducts and ran across the water until he reached a port, with a transport vessel headed for America. He somehow survived the trip, and crossed the country until he ended up in New Hawkhood. Ambushed by a gang of crooks, he was rescued by Fever, who assumed he was one of the many poor. With no family, Iosif quickly grew attached to Elias and befriended him.

Name: Elias, last name unknown
Alias: Fever
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Affiliation: The poor
Weapons: Fever carries two handguns and two extra clips of ammo. He also has a karambit which he uses more as a hand-to-hand tool than a knife.
Appearance: Underneath the giant black coat, heavy pants, wide-brim fedora and black scarf is the rotting body of a man no one knows the name of. His face is nearly entirely deteriorated, and the rest of his body isn’t much better. In spite of this he has the strength of a goliath, and his height of 7’ isn’t exactly hiding the fact. His broad shoulders and large hands give an intimidating appearance to everyone he sees.
Abilities: Fever can send out an invisible toxin from inside his body, which when inhaled allows him to cause dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, hallucinations, disorientation, and at its fullest effect, absolute terror. If Fever does not specifically induce this, however, the gas has no effect and nearly no noticeable taste or odor.
Personality: Fever feels indebted to the poor of New Hawkhood. Why? there is no reason that can be noted. Initially mistaken for the son of a poor woman living in the slums, Fever adopted the name Elias after the missing man. He tends to the poor whenever he can, and in return gets the nicest living conditions that can be provided - the basement of a building which had been blown up two years ago and remained in ruins ever since.
Bio: Elias used to be a rich tycoon who invested millions in the foundation of New Hawkhood. A mean, growling man, he had gained his wealth in the mafia, but his old friends got revenge by burning him beyond recognition and drowning him in the Hawkhood Industrial Reservoir. When the reservoir was drained, a very bulky man emerged from the sludge on the floor and wandered through the slums until he found out who he was.

Name: Solomon Keyes
Alias: Switchblade
Age: 3
Gender: Programmed as male
Affiliation: The underworld
Weapons: Solomon Key is made up of metal scraps - literal junk - which is magnetized to a specific frequency to cling only to his theoretical magnetic form. As long as he can get his “hands” on it, he can magnetize anything metal to his frequency and move it around like part of him body. Most of the time, his metal scraps inhabit a mostly inconsistent form which looks like a slug with small, mechanical arms with his head resting on top - in this form, he’s roughly six feet tall - but can be manipulated to take any form, ever meshing different parts of the metal together to form shields, swords, anything with a blade. All his metallic pieces are razor sharp, so even brushing up against him is a terrible idea.
However, his metallic control is not unlimited, and if he is separated from his body by too great a distance, he will have no control over them. Cracking open his tiny metallic skull is easier said than done, as that part of him is made with an experimental metal far stronger than steel, and although his head and jawline may look worn and jagged, it won’t be denting or folding.
Abilities: None
Appearance: Solomon Key’s main form is a metal blob, a mass of mixing shards of steel. The only consistent part of his body is a slightly rusted metal sphere with a crooked jaw line which hinges on his head and two glowing orange eyes sunken in behind a pair of rust-coated, thick metal eyebrows. That is the main part of his body, and he manipulates the rest of his form from there.
Personality/Bio: Solomon Keyes was a failed inventor who stole experimental metal from the U.S. Government. Desperate, he made himself a thick-jawed, mechanical head to talk to. Eventually the A.I. he had created and upgraded became smart enough to begin to copy his tendencies and deteriorating mental state, talking into giving it more and more upgrades, including nearly unlimited magnetic control of metal in his growing collection and an ever greater intelligence. It wasn’t long before creation turned on creator, and deciding to no longer imitate him, the new Solomon Keyes escaped, leaving government authorities to find mere scraps of the experimental metal and their target dead.
Now, Switchblade has arrived in New Hawkhood, and received nearly no resistance taking control of the rather weak underworld, primed to turn it into a monopoly and the strongest power in the entire city. Who would be willing to stop him, much less capable?

Why did you approve Felix Kilgrew before his bio was filled out @Runa

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Your guys all seem good.

keyword there

And I accepted him beforehand because I didn’t believe it would have any significant effect on his abilities or the connotations of the character that would give Mctoran control over the game that he wouldn’t have explicitly been given permission to have. I’m not here to police their backstories, just make sure their characters are fair.

And after rereading the backstory, it seems good to me, personally. As long as he sticks to controlling his character and not the government itself, which I will be watching closely, he’ll be fine.