The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil

I’m still on edge about this, I’m not sure I really want this thrown into the 2059 canon, or another CIA situation…

Yes I added Jake but this is a very very different version E.G.

  1. No aliens are involved in his life whatsoever
  2. There’s no Kyro
  3. He’s British here
  4. He lives with his parents

Speaking of which, can I use Jake’s powerless friends or make signups? If no

Name: Marcus Botsleg
Alias: Marke
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Harligans University Students
Weapons: None, he doesn’t believe in violence
Abilities: He’s pretty good at math
A little dorky, polite
Marcus is Jake’s best friend, he was the one who nicknamed him Jake! Much to his dismay though eventually it grew on him,

Name: Charlotte Bardelone
Alias: Cheryl
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Harligans University Students
Weapons: None
Abilities: She’s pretty tough
Personality: Kind but willing to fight for her friends, sometimes very oblivious
Cheryl is pretty popular, she probably deserves it as she is very kind but will fight if it is for her friends, she is very oblivious to the fact that Jake has a thing for her

Name: Bradley Chadson
Alias: Brad, ‘Brad The Chad’
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Harligans University Students, Harligans University Sports team (all of them)
Weapons: His baseball bat
Abilities: Super talented in most sport, has a driving license
Personality: He’s a sports maniac and very popular though he has a few secrets
Brad is pretty popular, he’s a sports champion, comes from an alright family, however, even though he has a high respect level, he hangs around with people he likes rather than his immense fan club

It won’t be. I made that clear in the first post, and his bio has nothing to do with 2059, from what I could tell.

And your three are okay.


Like the United States government taking people on for experiments? I’m just a little worried

Eh, that’s a pretty general trope, honestly.


Like Jayzor said, that’s really general. But Runa said that wasn’t going to influence the direction of the RP, and if he says it, he means it. Mctoran or anyone else can attempt to do so at their own risk.


Maybe it’s a good time for me to add my character into the ring, I just thought.

Whatever his real name once was, he seems to have disowned it. He only goes by Project: Runa now.

Alias: N/A
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Affiliation: None
Alignment: Rebel Moral


Project: Runa

His main body, which includes basic weapons such as a mask connected to his personal database(data gathered from Project: Keeneyen and info off the internet/public databases) and a GUI to show them to the user, the ability to shoot lasers out of his fingertips with the ability to shoot wider lasers from his palms, retractable wings built into his back for flight(The wings are more similar to those on the SHIELD Helicarrier of Marvel origin than they are the wings of a bird), and thrusters build into his feet for increased quick mobility both on the ground and in the air(Note: for actual use in play, on the ground these only have 8 short “Boosts” that can be used in between needing to prime it, priming taking one post. They can shoot him up to about 1 yard away each.)

Project: Excellerator

His ship/mobile lab. It is a small, incredibly mobile ship with little to no actual offensive capability. To make up for this, it’s quite fast and easy to move. It has a small lab/workshop in the back on a gyroscope so everything doesn’t go flying everywhere during evasive maneuvers. Can hold 1-3 people comfortably, up to four in a pinch. Name comes from “Accelerate” and “Excel” as in ‘to be exceptionally good.’

Project: Keeneyen

A device that attaches to his upper forearm and is fashioned after a mechanical-style wolf head. It has the ability to scan objects and organisms to determine structure, potential weakpoints, and other useful information of this sorts. Name comes from “Canine,” “Keen” as in be highly developed, and “Eye”

Project: Gardna

A device that attaches to the upper forearm with the ability to create a forcefield shield. Name comes from a corruption of “Guard.”

Project: X-Caliber

A device that attaches to his upper forearm that has the ability to extend out a horizontal blade. Not much to it other than to enhance hand-to-hand capabilities. Name comes from ancient sword “Excalibur,” X(Usually a way of showing high rank) and caliber, and in level of excellence.

R-Mechanical Overdrive

Removes the limiting device placed on his power core(Made of Veriperium). Does damage to robotic systems after 25 posts that take place in the scenario he’s in, and damage to his person bits after 50, but doubles(or triples, not sure yet) his laser power, speed, strength, and other physical attributes

R-Mechanical Core Discharge

Channels massive amounts of energy to his power core and shoots a gigantic laser blast out of it. Makes him unable to shoot lasers or use his wings/boosters until he manually repairs them.

Note: both “R-Mechanical” moves are used as a last resort.

Fun fact: The “R” actually stands for “Reckless.”
Also, what do you guys think of the wordplay names for most of the Projects?

Personality: He’s sarcastic, somewhat antisocial, and not a team player, as well as being not only smart, but a bit of a smart-alack. Don’t bypass the word filter. -Eljay Whoops, sorry. Guess I figured it still counted as within what the RP section leniency allows. I’ll refrain from it in the future.
Project: Runa doesn’t like revealing much of his past, it being a sore spot for him. From what’s been gathered, though, he, then going by a very different name, grew up with a very poor family life. His siblings were almost always awful to him, except those who had left. His mother would never stand up for him, and his father was borderline abusive. Not only this, but instead of fostering his love of technology and experimenting, his family was appalled and repulsed by it, threatening to throw him out on to the streets for what he’d been doing. However, he ran this risk, and was caught and, as his family had promised, thrown out of their house, and of their lives.
His life would continue on a somewhat sore path, though it did get better. He got odd jobs and lodging from sympathetic people he’d meet, and spend most of his money on buying things for his projects. Eventually he’d even start selling those, working on one project in particular: Project: Runa. His plan was to augment his body into that of something more than human, so as to take on the evil of the world. Once many of his different sympathizers learned of this, they cast him out as well. causing him to have to live on the streets and in abandoned buildings for a time. Eventually, he’d somehow complete his project, powering it with a material he found in a meteor crash, a material he dubbed ‘Veriperium’, and would disown whatever name he had been originally given, the last connection he had to his past other than his very appearance.
Runa would continue creating and selling other projects, usually not showing up in person and, if he did, being very careful not to show off his augmentations. Eventually he’d even start a small business, gain monetary help from friends, and buy himself a small(ish), semi-secluded house where he could work on his real passion and job: ‘taking care of’ those who deserved it most.
Eventually he’d hand the business to a friend, staying part but in a more ‘hands-off’ approach and start heroing full time in an area which seemed like it needed it most, the home of this strange “Silver Tongue” character, New Hawkhood.

On top of that, I’ve decided that tomorrow will be a good time to start the RP, so unless anyone has an objection to that, that’s the plan.

I also realize I forgot an appearance section to the signup. If you want to add one on to your character, go right ahead.


I was wondering why you didn’t have that, but then I was like…eh, I don’t want to draw the character again might as well not bring it up…

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Well, it’s on the signup now.

…As optional. So that’s up to you.


Name: Kaleo Keen

Alias: N/A

Age: 18

Gender: male

Affiliation: N/A

Alignment: Civil Moral

Weapons: He finds pipes are good emergency weapons Kaleo, despite his more non-violent attitude, carries around an old hunting knife that his father gave him, when they went on their first hunting trip. He knows how to use a rifle, and how to use a knife fairly well. He’s fairly decent with his fists, though he’s not nearly as good as Daven is with his fists.


  • Silent Touch: this is a power that extremely amplifies the sense of touch. Kaleo can feel sound waves and changes/motion in air. He can also learn a person’s true emotions just from touching them. He can feel irregularities in the air, such as an object breaking the sound barrier or getting near the breaking point. He can also use his touch to hear as well, and it acts like sonar.

  • Blind Sight: this an extension of Kaleo’s Silent Touch ability, which lets him enter a state, which makes it easier to react to sudden movements, though it requires that he makes himself temporarily restricted or blinded in his other sense, meaning he cannot see, smell, taste, or hear. However, this does come with a downside as it can often give Kaleo splitting headaches.

  • Emotive Senses: this is an extension of Kaleo’s Silent Touch ability, which allows him to sense or feel another’s feelings just by touching them. He can often enter an empathic state and relay those emotions as his own, meaning if he touches someone, who is in a great abhorring rage, he would feel that anger as his own.

  • Nano Sight: this is an extension of Kaleo’s Blind Sight ability, in which it allows Kaleo to enter a deeper state, where sound becomes unintelligible and it merges completely with his sense of touch. It is amplified greatly allowing him to feel incredibly small objects, and he is able to tell their relative location to himself, with ease. Due to an adrenaline-like state that Nano Sight puts him into, time feels about 0.25 slower, or a quarter of actual time’s speed, which lets his sped up mind make decisions much faster, though this does not come without drawbacks, the best case of Kaleo using Nano Sight comes with a Migraine and a nosebleed, for the stress put on his brain. In order to compensate for his stress all other senses are temporarily shut down, like in Blind Sight.

Personality: He’s the middle child of a family of three, neither the oldest sibling or the youngest. He grew up developing a strong kinship/friendship with his siblings. He’s values friendship and his siblings, doing what he can to keep and grow in a good relationship. However, he is not afraid to do what he believes is right, and will act on it.

Kaleo Keen lives the US. He secretly trained his power by putting himself in dangerous situations and training his reaction speed. The training was rough on his body and he accumulated a few scars over the years, this left his sisters to be worried about him. He often spent quite a bit of his days helping his younger sister with her homework, other than his own and housework, he spent his time training his power in secret. He wanted to become a hero, like many of his schoolmates. In most regards he could be counted with the powerless and his power was only discovered by his siblings when he was in the 4th grade. They tested his power and theorized its function. After they found a solid theory they based the rest of their assumptions on that theory, which is very close to his actual power. The only thing they missed is that he doesn’t only feel sound, but he also feels changes or motion in air.
He just graduated high school. He was unable to go into a hero school and ended up as a fast food worker in a pizza place. On his days off he helps his younger sister to accomplish her dream. Unlike himself, his sisters have two similar but entirely different powers. His youngest sister has the power to listen to sound and play them, as if she was a radio or audio recorder, he power was called “Listener”. His older sister was born without a power and worked up for a office job and an engineering place. His mother died in a car accident while he was young, so he has very few memories about her. On the flip side, his dad is probably the most energetic person, he always encouraging and supportive of his children. His dad works as a plumber and wishes the best for his kids. He has the power “Sonar”, which he uses to find issues in pipes.
Kaleo hated feeling powerless and became reckless, so he trained with an underclassmen from his school, named Daven Guild, who he befriended a couple years back. While they don’t see exactly eye to eye, the two friends act as close as brothers and have each other’s back when it counts. Although, when one of them is blatantly wrong they aren’t afraid to point it out. Most of the powers in Kaleo’s family are believed to be genetic from their father, though the exact reasons are unknown.

Short brown hair and emerald green eyes. He has a scar parallel to his eyes on his forehead. It’s from a sharp piece of metal that cut his forehead. He is 5’ 7” and generally wears a red plaid ■■■■■ with a black t-■■■■■ underneath. He generally also wears blue jeans.Tied around his wrist is a homemade leather bracelet his older sister made him, when he was young.

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Name: Scott Morris

Alias: Wraith

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Affiliation: None (at the moment)

Alignment: Neutral Moral

Appearance: Average looking, 6’2". Wears a mask that looks like this in combat;

Weapons: SMG (rarely used), knife

Abilities: Can become intangible for up to 10 seconds, but overuse of the ability causes the time to shorten, using it for more than 12 seconds or constantly using it will cause it to not work for 8-10 minutes. This also allows him to go through walls, although some walls aren’t able to be passed through.

Personality: Doesn’t really take anything too seriously, prefers to fight with others. The only thing he usually takes seriously is fighting.

Bio: After discovering his abilities at the age of 26 and failing to use them properly in his hometown, Scott moved to New Hawkhood to start over and leave his life as a hero behind.

I might make a second character after the RP starts.


They seem good. Accepted.


Nice, we’ve already got seven players and the game hasn’t even started yet

I see this as an absolute win



Name: Matthew d’Angelo
Alias: Pulse
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Affiliation: the Angel Foundation
Alignment: Social Good
Appearance: about average height, with olive skin and a willowy build. Long, plain face with grey eyes.
His suit is tan, with a blue ‘v’ running across the chest and up onto the shoulders. His face is covered by a helmet with a blue visor.
Weapons: None (though he could theoretically have access to a wide range of civilian weapons through the Foundation). (Well, unless his suit goes here; that is padded with areas of reinforced ‘armor,’ including the chest, shins, and forearms)
Abilities: close-range telekinesis, capable of manipulating anything within six inches of his body, and empathic abilities, allowing him to perceive the general emotions of those around him.
Personality: While Matthew isn’t the most outgoing of people, he’s a kind and compassionate person, easy-going and quite personable.
Bio: Matthew learned that his parents were superheroes when they died, three weeks after his seventeenth birthday. They left behind an explanation of their secret lives and access to the Angel Foundation, an investment firm that helped with their hero work. With that Matthew made it his goal to continue his parents’ work, travelling the country to help those who cannot help themselves. The rumors coming out of New Hawkhood have been the latest to catch his interest, and he intends to get to the bottom of whatever villainy might be going on there.

Name: Lucille Ramirez (Lucille d’Angelo)
Alias: Lash
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Herself
Alignment: …I have to be honest, I have no idea where she fits onto this.
Appearance: tall, with olive skin and an athletic build. Round face with full lips, a prominent nose, and large, brown eyes. Wears her dark hair just below shoulder-length.
Her suit is spray-painted black, though some patches of purple still show through. Its most defining features are the smooth full-face mask and the deep cowl that usually leaves it in shadow.
Weapons: A set of ropes, long and capable of withstanding tensile strain and general wear and tear to a great degree. Her suit is armored similarly to Matthew’s.
Abilities: the ability to telekinetically manipulate objects she is in direct contact with, including the entirety of their length, and the ability to project emotions onto others.
Personality: Lucille is… unstable, to say the least. Most of the time she’s reasonable enough, if a bit prickly. However, her wrath is cold and severe, usually bringing about brutal results for whoever caused it.
Bio: Lucille grew up as a happy social child, the apple of her parents’ eye and the kind to earn praise no matter what she did. From academics to music to her budding abilities, it seemed like she could accomplish anything she set her mind to. The problem was, she graduated high school without a clue as to what that might be. In order to stall for time, she took a gap year, travelling the country with her friends. That is where the news of her parents’ death found her. Same as Matthew she learned of their secret lives, and same as Matthew she saw fit to take up their mantle… well, not quite the same. Lucille wasn’t going to wait for the villains to come to her, for them to destroy more lives. She would find them. And she would stop them.


Just a quick inquiry about their telekinetic abilities: how much do they effect living material? Say…a punch coming for the face?

Like, is it an end all be all sort of control, or is it like an opposing force, like someone pulling really hard on your arm?


Room for a villain? If so, any roles you’d like to recommend or suggest they fill?

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Nope, definitely no villains here

Looks at half the characters being evil and the rest generally neutral

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Anyone can sign up. There’s no real “role” that needs filled, just however you feel would be the best villain for you to play.


Wow, are you serious? It sounds like there’s a lack of Heroes; just an observation on your response.

Thanks, Runa. I’ll see what I can brainstorm.

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It’s called sarcasm

Yes there’s villains bursting at the seams but there’s always room for one more

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More of an opposing force, especially in Matthew’s case. So the idea would be that it can help Matthew dodge punches, but of course it’s not going to work perfectly all the time. There isn’t much of a restriction on what the material is, though they’re generally affected by inertia.

but Matthew though

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