The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil

Sorry, I have trouble discerning sarcasm in general.

Then they’re both good.

And Runa’s technically a hero


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And Runa’s technically a hero

Like how Switchblade’s a hero by attempting to topple Silver Tongue


I didn’t even notice Switchblade was back, somehow.


Nice to know he’s just as forgettable

Well, most of Runa’s actions usually trend towards heroic.
He just isn’t very merciful in those actions. He tries to stop criminals, because he doesn’t like criminals, he just doesn’t see a problem in fighting them more ruthlessly.

And actually, I think we have more generally heroic characters than you give credit for. Jacob, Kaleo, Daven, and Matthew, at the very least.


Daven isn’t really heroic, or villainous, he’s more likely just protecting his interests, which may or may not lean towards the side of good.

I figured that he’d be generally heroic, considering who he hangs out with.


Scott is a hero, he just doesn’t want to get involved with Silver Tongue. Which makes him neutral… I think.

The salesman… Well it’s a baddie

Salesman kinda reminds me of Snatcher from A Hat In Time due to his gaseous form (ghost-like), businessman style and his use of contracts to bend reality. I doubt this guy has people actually sign away their souls all the time but it wouldn’t surprise me if that was a potential cost he uses.

It really depends on what they ask in return

Care to give some examples?



Can I?
Sometimes he’ll enter your house and you have to leave

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Name: Mira Williams? Alice Martin? Wendy Murray? It’s hard to tell anymore.
Alias: Mirror
Age: Somewhere in her mid 20s
Gender: Female(in base form)
Affiliation: Silver Tongue
Alignment: Rebel Neutral
Appearance: Her form is ethereal, looking like a semi-translucent, white, reflective surface in the shape of a feminine humanoid, with no other features.
Weapons: None in base form.
Abilities: Her abilities consist of the ability to change her form to that of any creature she can see, one at a time, with a cooldown of 1 post in between shifting from one alternate form to another. In her copied form, she shares the abilities of the copied individual, the knowledge of these abilities, competent experience with them, and fragments of memories and personality picked up from the copied individual. The longer she holds the form, the more of the other person’s personality she copies, along with the experience of having their memories, but being unable to recall them on command. In base form only, can float to an extent and travel through reflective surfaces.
Personality: She seems to be a curious person, but other than that one trait, her personality seems relatively unstable. One minute, she could seem nice, like a curious child, while the next she could be an angry rage to be dealt with, or quiet, or anything in between.
Bio: Fragments of memory all seem to meld together for her, making recalling her own life before…this…difficult. All she can tell is that her parents were…well, they were. Whether they were good or bad can’t be determined, but they kept her alive, at least. It wasn’t until she was 17 that her abilities manifested, that much she remembers clearly enough. She was walking with her friends in the woods when something came barreling towards them. Instinctively, she shoved her one friend out of the way, getting hit by whatever it was, knocking her out. When she awoke, she was…this. Then she was her friend. Then her other one. Her mind was already being attacked by this strange ability. She felt her friends’ fear of her new form, before she ran off into the woods in a confused, scared, and distraught haze.
Next she remembers, or next she remembers that she knows was her own memory, she met a man. She doesn’t remember his name, but what he called himself: Silver Tongue. He seemed nice. He accepted her, and he even said he would be there for her, if she was there for him. From then on, she worked to help him how he needs, in return for his care, and the care of his other friends, the work usually consisting of going out and finding stuff out about people, and returning to him with whatever information she could gather before it melds in with the rest of her memories.


Name: Vance McGregor (uncommon knowledge)
Alias: Witchcraft
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Affiliation: For hire
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Appearance: Very light blue eyes, “high and tight” black hair, tanned, muscular. Usually wears homemade body-armor that can prevent bullets from causing severe damage, but he consistently has to repair it.
Weapons: Usually twin pistols, but owns several, including various assault rifles and snipers, and a wide variety of knives.
Abilities: (Vance speaking) “I have what I call my closet. I keep my weapons there, and there’s nothing there but my stuff just floating around. It’s parallel to this one, so you go in, move a couple feet to the left, and come out, you’re a couple feet to the left from where you entered. I can send people there and bring them out, including myself, but it kinda wears my out, yknow? Pulling weapons isn’t as hard, kinda like a couple light curls compared to benching a heavier weight. I have pretty tough skin, figuratively, and literally, and a cybernetic eye that helps me calculate trajectories,”
Using the closet to phase or teleport himself, others, or other larger objects requires for him to take a resting period before accessing it again. With larger objects I’ll limit it to 4-5 times between resting periods, and guns and ammo don’t really take enough effort to set a hard limit on.
Personality: “Book smart”, neutral views on most matters, witty, and at times, a buffoon.
Bio: (Vance again): “Used to be a field reporter until a run-in with some superhero fight. Don’t remember much of what happened but I knew I was physically different. Researched a lot to figure out what affect it had on me. Never found out much, but later discovered the closet. My dad always taught me to seize opportunities, so I did. Sought out this guy they call the Witch Doctor and got the other enhancements. I don’t take jobs against people uninvolved with the superhuman stuff, because i don’t want to get involved with laws and politics and such,”

…So basically his ability is hammerspace? Alright, seems fine I guess.

Quick question though: Does he have to be in contact with an entity to send it into “the Closet?”

Yeah, and it takes focus to do it with big stuff so he can’t like disappear to avoid bullets and stuff

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Alright then. Accepted.