The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil


Okay, here’s what I have so far; please let me know what y’all think of it:


Superhuman file number REDACTED

Name: Zack Yami

Alias: Crimson Blade

Age: 25

Affiliation: Mercenary, Villain, For Hire, himself (mostly).

Alignment: Somewhere around Rebel Neutral

Appearance: Crimson Blade wears a black coat with very dark red trim with a hood like a cloak. Tall, thin; face obscured in shadows, even when light is shined directly on it. Wears black combat gloves enchanted to make the leather tough as metal and increased strength when not holding a weapon in combat.

Zack usually wears a grey hoodie with muted red areas at the top and hood, blue jeans and a grey sci-fi ■■■■■. Dark hair that’s drawn back. Wears leather fingerless gloves with studded knuckles and odd scratches on them.

Zack has storm grey eyes when he isn’t casting magic; they turn a glowing yellowish orange ember-like color when he is is casting spells (kinda like Sith eyes)

Weapons: Mystic Blade (essentially a Sith lightsaber) that can double as a flashlight when not Crimson Blade or for anyone who isn’t magically gifted; also makes for a nice club due to it having some heft to it. Also, unless it’s too much, can summon it from wherever. (Like a Keyblade; if I’m going Spellsword, I may as well go all out)

Enchanted Gloves. He has two sets, full gloves for when he’s the Crimson Blade and a pair of studded-knuckles fingerless gloves. Both are made from leather and have some metal on them. They have curious scratches that seem like random wear and tear to most but are actually arcane marks for their enchantments which increase his strength when he isn’t armed in a fight (hand to hand combat) and passively are made as strong as metal armor without making them as heavy.

Abilities: Magic. Can cast offensive spells based on Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Ice and Lightning. He’s not good at healing magic or defensive magic. Knows some of what he calls “Shadow Magic” that obscures his face in shadows even if a bright light is shined directly at it.

Personality: A bit aloof and confident in his abilities (mild ego; the healthy kind). Tends to be serious when annoyed/situation calls for it. Sense of honor and fair play.

Doesn’t try to mess with stuff out of his league except if it’s made worth his while via extra “hazard pay” and plenty of insurance that he’s not gonna be in a hospital because of it.

Bio: (Zack will be talking here). So, what’s my story? Well, I won’t go into too many details but I will say that it started out when I was a kid and my powers manifested.

Now, I mainly used it for harmless pranks or just putting on a little show for the other kids, they had fun with that. That is, until I started getting picked on and getting called a “freak” or “monster”, that kind of stuff, and they either teased me like crazy or they’d “poke the hornets’ nest” and they’d end up running and screaming. It was around that time I decided to try my “Shadow Magic” to hide my face in the shadows of my hood or long hair and it worked for a while.

Life happened and I grew up making a name for myself as I learned how to focus my power into a weapon. It may look like a flashlight but it’s pretty much a laser sword when I use it. I was called the “Crimson Blade” because of it and I managed to get some well-paying jobs of guarding people and things, doing the occasional intimidation routine to get a guy to pay their debts and the unfortunate kill-jobs.

I was doing really well for a while until I got a really lucrative deal to escort some guy to his home through a town that was held by a rival gang. I went to the meeting place and waited. That’s when I learned that wasn’t an escort job; it was a trap.

I got mugged and left for dead, the last thing I remember before blacking out was someone saying their boss made my last client sing like a canary without any weapons, just words, and found that I was an easy target.

I got back home and did some digging and found out about this guy calling himself “Silver Tongue”, it fit the MO of those thugs’ boss and asked some of my underground connections about him.

They told me about rumors of some contract-wielding demon with his very frightening enforcer, a mirror child and Silver himself. They said I should check out the scene in New Hawkhood for anything else and now I’m moving into this very town.

I like the scenery, maybe the constant cops and Supers being all over the place isn’t doing wonders for one’s anxiety or sleep but, hey, it’s home. That and I might be able to get a crack at Silver Tongue to get even with him for sending his thugs after me like that.

(scoffs) Doubt that’s in the cards anytime soon.

End recording


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Seems good, except for one thing.

I understand if it’s a magical blade, and has some semi-magical qualities, but maybe not as hot as or of the same in qualities as a lightsaber, so that it can’t just cut through everyone else’s weapons.


Well in his defense he’s going up against people that can stop him in his tracks, force him into a seizure, zap him to death from a distance, shoot him - a lot of people can just shoot him…

Actually, it doesn’t need to be a lightsaber, because even that’s ineffective against firearms (Not laser blasts, don’t @ me nerds)

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So not like a hot knife through butter, but still hot enough to eventually carve through metal given enough time. I think that sounds reasonable.

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I’m cool with that.

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Then he’s good.

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Is this character me? I’m confused

THis fellow’s one of Switchblade’s men. He just saw your character’s effectiveness and is trying to get him to go see his boss.

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Name: Eduardo Basille
Alias: Kyro (though this is a different version) Lieutenant Basille
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Leader of The Anti Terrorism Team
Alignment: Lawful lawful? Lawful impure
Light blue ■■■■■, headset, black tie, slick hair, dark eyes,
Standard police gear
A dozen cops at his disposal,
He’s willing to give up everything to protect New Hawkhood, he’s often very friendly but can be very strict
Eduardo isn’t evil, he believes in the law and the law only, he’s not the commissioner or the chief but he is up there, his current orders are to hunt down the heroes, this was from the mayor himself, he is married with kids and is living quite well

I…don’t feel like this is specific enough. How much? “A small army” is still a bunch of people. I’d like to keep it to a dozen or so per mission, at least at first.

Why would someone in the most important position in the United States have given a pretty much normal cop in a relatively large yet still not too big city a special, really important mission like this?


I’d rather my puppet not have competition


Yes. Accepted.

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Name: Unknown
Alias: Superhuman
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Whoever wishes him to be, although usually Heroic in nature
Appearance: Superhuman is incredibly muscular, wears an all-black one piece bodysuit and headmask which reveals his eyes through shaped holes along with his mouth and nose through a larger hole in the front of the mask, and occasionally wears a cape.
Weapons: Superhuman carries no weapons unless specifically desired to and given good reason.
Abilities: Superhuman can fly, has incredible strength, is bulletproof, can move incredibly quick and react even faster, can breathe underwater, does not require food or drink to remain alive, and can interact with anything on the physical plane when he has to.
Personality: Superhuman is all that is courageous and right, but usually angry. He can be the voice of reason or the greatest fighter alive, but never a comforter. He hates and despises evil and ill will, and desperately seeks a way to become real.
Bio: "Superhuman is a legend. Born on the planet Kyroid, he was shot into space moments before his planet blew up thanks to his parents placing him in a capsule. He fell to earth several hundred years later and was adopted by loving parents in New Hawkhood… But they were gunned down in an alley.

To avenge them, he donned the title of Superhuman, wearing all black and standing to uphold truth, justice, and peace for all mankind. No evildoer could stand against the man that can rise to any challenge, who can defeat any foe, and who will forever remain a symbol and a testament to the american way."

~Superhuman Rebirth Comic #12, Page 2

Superhuman is an idea. A concept as to what men and women might achieve. He is the ultimate standard of good and right, and he’s a great comic book star. But he doesn’t exist.

…Unless you want him to.

If you truly believe in Superhuman, he really does exist - can’t you see him? Anyone who believes in him can see him. Even if you can’t see him, he can beat up bad guys, fly anywhere in the world, and will do whatever it takes to protect New Hawkhood. He’s your perfect ally, but it comes at a cost - utter alienation from your friends, maybe? you become more feared than respected, perhaps? in this desperate time of heroes and villains, it won’t be long before someone looks to the skies and cries out for Superhuman.

Seems like this will be very interesting. Accepted.

Name: Anthony Fitzgerald
Alias: Shade
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Unknown
Alignment: Rebel Evil
Appearance: He stands at a slightly higher than average height, and has a semi-muscular figure. He has a large pair of wings that can disappear whenever he wishes, and he also has a decent length tail and a pair of front facing horns on his forehead. His whole form is usually cloaked in shadows, including his face, leaving all details of his form obscured, along with adorning his face with a pair of large red eyes.
Weapons: None
Abilities: He has the ability to create shapes and constructs out of shadows, as well as use them as a mode of transportation, assuming he can see where he’ll come out of, and can even manipulate his form very slightly using this shadow ability He has sharp claws and a sharp tail for stabbing, and can create flames from his hands, yet these flames appear black and let off little to no light, but otherwise work as normal flames, and he can control these flames, yet no fire from an outside force.
Personality: He’s an angry person, which seems to stem from a pessimistic view. He finds joy in little except for causing destruction, and even that doesn’t do much for him anymore. He really just seems to do it out of obligation, now.
Bio: Anthony had always had an interest in the superpowered world, especially from a young age. He was obsessed with attaining such abilities for himself, and in doing so found what seemed to be an easy ritual to do. However, he forgot to read the fine print, and found that it turned him into the strange, demonic, perpetually angry form he has now. For years after that, he would wander the country, causing chaos, until he met a certain, suave gentleman. Now, he simply acts as a bodyguard, or even as a destructive agent, if need be.


time for my trouble maker…

Name: Yes, this is the name I desire to go for
Jabez Jack Jackin Jacob Jade Jae Jafar Jai Jair Jaka Jakes Jalo Jami Jami Jan Jarah Jarl Jarle Jarod Jaroslvas Jarrod Jase Jaska Jasper Jatau Javi Jax Jay Jean Jeb Jed Jef Jem Jep Jerk No Jess Jett Ji Jim Jin Jiro Jo Joan Joby Jock Jody Joel Joep Joey Johan John Jojo Jonas Jone Joni Joop Joram Jordan Jorge Jos Joshua Josko Ju Juan Jude Juho Jules Julius Jun Junior Jupiter Justice

Alias: J-73

Age: ?, approx. 22

Gender: male

Affiliation: Black Rats, काले चूहों [kaale choohon], an organization that began somewhere in India after the Black Death. It was originally a small group of pirates rebelling against the authorities for the great plague, as they believed the authorities had caused it somehow. However, the organization spread letting the common robber join its cause.

The organization spread throughout countries, into the Italian Mafias of the 19th century. Now they are continuing their growth, as they spread like a plague.

Alignment: Chaotic Impure/Evil

Weapons: A pair of Tonfa, a pair of Sai, a Kusarigama, two Katars, and a few Chakram [4].


  • Black Box: this power create an input and an a output point. When energy in some format in inputted, meaning it touches J-73’s right hand, it is transformed into something similar and outputted from the left hand. Example: A flamethrower is used against J-73, it touches his right hand and disappears, the same moment as it enters his right and, an exhaust of hot air leaves J-73’s left hand. J-73 converted the fire into simple heat energy, releasing hot air that would most likely appear similar to that of steam. However, since fire isn’t a pure energy, but a chemical reaction called “oxidization” it can be thought of as the chemical energy within the fire was simply immediately converted into heat energy and nothing else, the other chemicals would most likely join the air and for all intents and purposes disappear from human view.

  • Empowerment: this is an extension of J-73’s black box ability, in which he is able to convert energy inputted into chemical energy for his body, thus allowing J-73 to feed himself with pure electricity or he can temporarily empower himself and enter a state similar to that of adrenaline and become about twice as physically powerful, limited mainly on how much energy was inputted, less energy means the empowerment will only last a short time and more means more time. However, J-73 can bite more than he can chew and excess energy is usually outputted as heat energy, however this drains chemical energy on his own and can overheat his body.

Personality: Cold and calculated, J-73 only speaks when he needs to.

J-73 joined the Black Rats in Italy and after studying several martial arts, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Thai to be specific. After his training in each of the four martial arts were completed, then his training in usage of his weapons began and ended was he could use them sufficiently. J-73 then returned home to Italy and to the Italian Branch of the Black Rats, where he was ordered to help the US Branch against the recent activity of both the underworld and the heroic once, since the Black Rats desire to tighten their grip on the US. J-73 then arrived by a boat and found himself somewhere in Massachusetts.

J-73 always wears a black tuxedo with a white bow-tie against a black dress-■■■■■. His tuxedo is outfitted to easily store his equipment for easy reach capable of storing his weapons in a way that gets past metal detectors by fooling the system to believe it is something else. Other than his weapons it stores a hidden-collar mic that can be wired to his cellular phone with a head-jack that plugs into his ear to relay audio.


  • Digital Watch w/ GPS built into it.
  • Special Trackers that relay information to a special GPS, that the watch can track. They appear similar to the American dime and can latch on magnetically or by suction with ten lbs of force.
  • Bow-tie camera that can be used to scan faces and send the data to a special cloud, so an assistant on the other end can identify them, if possible.
  • Clear Gloves: special gloves that don’t leave a finger print.
  • Kevlar Vest that is stylized to match the rest of the suit, bullet resistant.
  • Steel Toe Shoes that are stylized to match the rest of the tuxedo.
  • Safety Band: a wrist band oh his right arm that glows red when too much energy is being inputted, or if it scans too much energy within a 3 ft radius of the band. By too much energy, it means too much energy for J-73 to handle and not feel excruciating pain.

You stole my name

Anyway, since @jayzor17 isn’t doing his kid seemingly, I will do something similar!

Name: Theodore Edward Robbins
Alias: None
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Harligans School Chess Team
Alignment: Lawful Moral

Abilities: Not reallly any
Personality: Nice but very gullible
Ted still believes in Santa Claus, he believes in Superhuman @Ghid yes I did it! and he believes in the Tooth fairy, he’s still confused about growing up, he’s nice and all but some believe he’s a little childish, but hey, we should probably let people believe what they want… right?


Also accepted, but

I think he still is. He just hasn’t got to doing the signup yet.


That, and a 21 yr old is hardly a kid.