The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil

Should I clarify that no one actually owns a name…

True, but I wanted to do it my way

You have too many

In that case why fill a hole not in need of filling? You’re essentially creating a square peg for a round hole. Why not do something unique instead?

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He has 73 names to be exact, of course including surname in that count. Thus why his Alias is J-73.

I did do something new, I wanted to create the character but I changed his age and I will likely play differently

Yet only 72 start with J. Nice try.


Fair, but that only accounts if every name begins with j this only stating the most common starting consonant and the amount of names.

is there a way to get super high tech gear atm? Or would I just have to use the Witchdoctor NPC?

Not super high tech, but basically, meet a genius.

I’d say P:R is near the top of tech advancement at this time, though, so keep that in mind.

though there is another science genius person who might eventually be introduced


Oh he escaped the self destruction of the sewers?

Yeah. He’s running from the water right now. I just haven’t written about him getting out yet.

Oh ok

Imma make a joke/meme character, just because I’m bored.
(Though I think only people who live in New England will find it funny)

Name: Castillo Gino

Alias: “Papa Gino”

Gender: Male

Age: 43

Affiliation: The Italian Mafia, The Pizza Mafia

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Appearance: The typical stereotype of what an Italian Mobster/Pizza Chef would look like.

Weapons: His own greasy Italian fists, his mobster henchmen, and one mean pizza recipe.

Abilities: He’s a good pizza chef. Atleast, that’s what he see on the outside. Like a transformer, there’s more to Papa Gino than meets the eye. We’ll just have to wait and see…

Personality: Glutinous, selfish, self-indulging, greasy(I know that isn’t a personality trait, but Papa Gino would beg to differ)

Castillo Gino’s life has been rife with tragedy. At a young age, he witnessed his father(who had mafia connections) gunned down by a rival gang, and then thrown into a river behind a Papa Gino’s restaurant, which his father happened to have owned.
Growing up, Castillo used both his pizza and mafia roots to rise up in life, both publically and in the criminal underworld.
Secretly operating his gang at the Papa Gino’s that he inherited from his late father, Castillo is a Pizza Chef by day, and the ruthless Italian mobster known as “Papa Gino” by night.

Even if just in a PM or something, I need details on this.


Yeah I don’t think we need a joke character

Especially not a joke mobster seeing as the last mobster got taken away to prison after three posts and sentenced for life

EDIT: Also[quote=“EmperorDuckie, post:91, topic:49468”]
is there a way to get super high tech gear atm?

Any one of Switchblade’s suitcases could easily be used as a plot device by Runa. Obtaining it could net you the contents, whatever he would want them to be.

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personally don’t find it funny, and an actual Papa Gino’s is in walking distance. Then again I consider walking distance to be 12ish miles and under.


Can I buff Vance? His limits and stuff make it difficult to compete with some of the more powerful characters.

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[s]You should make the closet float and follow Vance, mobility is what I would upgrade, if that doesn’t happen already. Or maybe the closet could act like Mirror Force from YUGIOH and redirect energy-based attacks at the attacker. I have a lot of ideas.[ /s]
did that {edited it} so it could be read easily.

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Well the closet is completely parallel to earth so that he can basically teleport with it. The problem is I currently have it so he can basically only use it as means of escape and to enter an area. If I had him acquire some way of being able to use it without expelling much energy he’d be a match for, for example, Runa.

Maybe an upgrade could redirect or mirror energy-based attacks at a target.

And placing the closet in front could allow for protection against any projectile, as such the projectiles would simply just go through the closet to the parallel.

As for melee-based attacks I would suggest an upgrade to let Vance place the closet on planes, such as wall or floor and open a closet elsewhere simultaneously to create a portal effect, like in Portal the game, that way anyone charging at you could fall into the closet and fall out the other.

If you wanted something offensive then I would suggest that the closet could form itself into a weapon. There’s a “few” more ideas that just follow that one idea.