The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil

Toned down to Whirlwinds that is?

That’d be fine.

Water Spouts would’ve been cooler, they can only exist on water, so would limit its usage

@Runa what about now?

For example, my character (Crimson Blade) has magical abilities that are comparable to the average elemental bender from the Avatar Last Airbender franchise but he isn’t good at defensive applications, like making shields and walls, but is pretty good with attacking applications like using a whirlwind to disrupt Salesman after finding out the villain was adversely affected by a gust that would’ve simply pushed him back if he were a normal person.

Also, Runa did display some quasi-defensive applications of these powers when the Mirror Girl (as I call her) copied CB’s abilities and did manage to use Earth magic to counterattack.

Seems good now.

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Cool. So I can join in whenever I want? Also, would it be too much to ask what happened during the course of the RP or can I jump in blind and hope for the best?

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You can jump in whenever, as for what’s happened(on my end):

Detective Damian Gray, after finding out about about this “Silver Tongue” goes missing. This draws many of the heroes to the city. Working for him are Mirror, Shade, Salesman, Parvus, Oni, and a few others at the moment, all of whom have been going around messing with and scouting out the player-characters for him to see who’s a threat and who’d be of use.

Crimson Blade has been trying to figure out who this “Silver Tongue” is, and has narrowed it down to the two people currently running for mayor: Meyers or Fitzgerald.

Shade is currently fighting Pulse and Superhuman, and is about to be hauled off to jail.

Mirror has been going around scouting the most, and right now has her eyes on Coldblood. I’d suggest looking into her powers, they’re interesting.

And Oni is planning on obtaining materials for a certain program that some may find familiar Silver Tongue has him working on.

And that’s most of the important stuff.


This rp seems big.
And most importantly: alive.
Can I join?


Yes! Go right ahead.

Can I get a synopsis of what happened so far?
And some indications of what my character should be, and how I could introduce him/her/them?

There’s a synopsis a couple posts up of the general basics of what’s going on. As for what to include in a signup, have a bit of fun with it; there’s an outline for a signup sheet in this topic’s first post.

Oh… So basically I can introduce whatever character I want without really needing any big context.

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For your Information @Toa_Vladin

In short: pretty much.

In detail: Well, depending on your character’s alignment, their context can differ but most characters are in the game because they, usually, either want power, recognition, to find Detective Grey or it has something to do with Silver Tongue (the main antagonist), whether it is joining or opposing him depends on the character.

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I’ll see what I can do.

@Runa do you mind if I just say the police are on the way for Pulse and co?
also new character:

Name: Lauren Belmont
Alias: Nightingale
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Affiliation: Works alone
Alignment: Rebel good
Appearance: Lauren stands noticeably shorter than average, with a wiry build and an olive complexion. She has an impish face, with dark, almond-shaped eyes framed by wavy dark hair usually kept back in a ponytail. Her everyday clothing is casual and nondescript, jeans and jackets that can easily fade into the background. Her costume consists of a navy cloak, cut to envelope her whole body if she chooses, and a cowl able to obscure her face.

Weapons/equipment: She keeps a hunting knife sheathed at her back most of the time. She also tends to carry around a collapsible baton, pepper spray, and taser when in costume.
Abilities: Lauren is able to wield her shadow as an extension of herself. She can alter the shape and form at will, and, unlike most shadows, it has a physical presence to it. Light limits the shadow’s size, to the point that it is no bigger than she is in daylight. However, if the shadows around her are too much, the shadow looses physical presence and fades into the other shadows. Her shadow serves two additional functions: for one, she can use it to form wings, allowing her to fly in low-light environments or merely glide in daylight; for another, she can wrap herself or other objects in the shadow and cover them in illusions, which are again more effective with less light (partially due to the shadow obscuring the details).

Personality: She tends to be a bit of a loner, responding to most situations with wit and sass.
Bio: Lauren spent most of her early life in New Hawkhood, raised by her adoptive parents. The last couple of years have seen her branching out into neighboring cities, but now word of this mysterious “Silver Tongue” has brought her back to her home.


and yes go ahead

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let’s get this show on the road.

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I actually forgot about wanting to join this game. I am very sorry.

OK, let’s see what I can do…
Name: Vai Vailili
Alias: The Samoan Head
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Affiliation: The Syndicate
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Appearance: A middle-aged man, gray short hair, unshaved short beard, small, but agile eyes, always goes in bege costumes, has several pockets inside of the smocking, black jeans, has big maori/samoan-esque tattoos on his left shoulder.
Weapons: Two guns, several knifes, a machine gun.
Abilities: Expert in Limalama. He is also rich (somehow), given his position.
Personality: Doesn’t speak more than needed, he is generally silent and holds his emotions for himself. He sees himself as superior above everybody else, and you should be grateful that he offered you even a fraction of his focus via watching you.
Bio: Not much, if anything, is known about Vai’s backstory. All that it’s known is that at some point he had a family, although nothing is known about their fate. He is one of the greatest crime lord in all of Samoa, presumably being the head of the Samoan division of the Syndicate, an anarchist organisation that tries to bring down any form of government on Earth. It is believed that the Syndicate has more or less at least one division in every country or territory, some being more successful and actually causing trouble and some being just filler.
Vai is known for the fact that he killed not less than three O le Ao o le Malos (the Samoan equivalent of the president). In addition, his crime band pretty much controls every aspect of the life on the island of Manono, which is currently the poorest and most miserable area of the entire island nation.
The reasons as of why Vai came to New Hawkhood is unknown. Very few people even know that he left Manono.

Name: Melosia Bianchi
Alias: None
Age: 36
Gender: female
Affiliation: El Batallón Nacionalisto Tacuara (BMT)
Alignment: chaotic good
Appearance: a taller, partially well-built woman, with short hair brown hair, most of the times wearing short clothing, preferring to carry her weapons into a bag.
Weapons: multiple guns and riffles that she carries in the aforementioned bag.
Abilities: She is a good fighter, being able to take down people almost twice bigger than her. She is also an expert in weapons.
Personality: Cold, rarely makes bonds with other people, prefers to get her job done as fast as possible.
Bio: Her parents were killed right in front of her when she was 10 by the Canadian Head, Vai’s Canadian equivalent. Ever since then she constantly training, dreaming of revenge. She had the luck to live in Argentina, one of the few country who don’t have an active anti-Syndicate movement, that being the El Batallón Nacionalisto Tacuara, tho as a flip-side the battalion is a right-wing nationalist movement that also tries to take over Argentina. As a result of the overly nationalist environment that she grew up in (both of her parents were part of the battalion, reason as of why they were assassinated) she formed a very strong bound with her country, acting as extra-motivation to fight against the Syndicate.
When she found out that Vai comes to New Kawkhood, she thought that the heads of the Syndicate are coming together for a meeting. She brashely left Argentina alone, thinking that this is her chance to revenge her parents.