The Official BIONICLE 2016 Leak Topic

WARNING: From now on, there will be NO fake leaks on this topic. If you wish to place a fake leak, place it somewhere else. People are tired of them, and so am I. I know people like jokes, but frankly this topic is to give us the real stuff and discuss them.

So hence forth, no placing fake leaks here. If you do I'll simply delete them.

Hey, everyone! I figured we should direct the 2016 leaks discussion to here, the brand-new BIONICLE 2016 leak topic. First up, this leak:

Found by @DarkTakanuva, it's quite an interesting leak. Without a doubt it looks a bit more better than the last "leaks" but I still have some skepticisms. For one, the LEGO BIONICLE logo seems a bit off for the rest of the box's tilt. And the mask looks like Tahu's mask instead of some new one.

Not to mention the "confidential" thing says copyright 2014, which was last year. I have a feeling that this was copy and pasted onto the box. Not to mention I don't really recognize any new pieces.

But what are your guy's thoughts? Share them below!


I'm still incredibly skeptical of this.

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I looks like the mask of control at the top there.


I wonder if we're getting new hero characters or just revamps of the toa and what the theme for the villains/setting will be or if it'll just be more villains

than again the story team did say they were taking inspiration of the original story and this will go for 3 years unless this proves popular to continue


People keep saying this.

I still fail to see it.

Anyway, I personally, with my expert opinion, think this leak is real. I have no confirmation on this, though.

I don't think it looks like the Mask of Control, either.

Personally, I'm leaning toward it being fake, mostly because:

Also, the red on the box could have easily been done on photoshop. (Trust me, I've done it before. I took a picture of Sonic and turned him red).

Also, it lacks the additional item we've been seeing in these waves, not to mention I don't see a name.


Just rehashed this as the BIONICLE 2016 Leak topic, just an FYI.


2016 leaks list

1: there will be Bohrok

2: the "ghosts" leak from 4chan. For those not in the know:

Ekimu: larger than Mask Maker, smaller than Tahu, has gears

Little quadruped thing: spiky, trans-neon green head, function on the back knocks the head off, was basically a shooter with legs attached and little claws

Trans-purple guy: was trans-purple and tan with platinum armor, had two new shooters as arms, trans-purple ghost things, and a cape

Orange guy: had platinum, dark grey, and trans-orange, used the rib cage pieces on his arms, had a club and a shooter\

Blue guy: had trans-blue, platinum, and black, and “weird legs”

Yellow guy: trans-yellow (probably will actually be green), platinum, and dark grey, had horns, a new trans-yellow whip piece, the shooter and a cape

3: this new image DT found which is likely fake.

Based on things I know, I believe 2 is real and 3 is fake. As for 1... I think it's fake, but only because I don't see Lego redoing the Bohrok. I don't know.

Final verdict from me

1: ???
2: real
3: fake

Take this as you will, but it's not just speculation. I have legitimate reasons I believe these things are real/fake.


This is obviously so real guys!

/s If you look at the serial number the white of the "page" and the white around the printing are two different values. This automaticaly tells me that someone screencapped the correct font and then pasted it on their "paper white" background.

GG no Re


Hmm.... I'm getting Ninjago vibes from this, and I really don't know why!

Real? Fake?

I dunno...

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I'd go with fake for now. I've already explained my reasons before.

(Besides the fact that the golden mask looks more like a Kraahkan now that I look at it.)

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if it is real (and say if it is a bohrok) than thats one swaggy bohrok!

I mean come on, dat pose dou!

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that is so fake it hurts

hf 1.0 feet
hf2.0 cores on the knees
no new pieces, especially the lack of weapons
the blatant gold kraahkan at the top
the 2014 watermark
you can see the anti-aliasing on the feet from where the image was cropped.(they even left in the shadow on the left foot, maybe to confuse people)
most importantly, look at the number in the bottom left, it's both conveniently cut off, and is poorly photoshopped onto the image.

also, what the heck even is that background?


it's so blurry and I wonder if it's fake or real, so I would like to here from the TTV video.


I kinda see it on the left knee, but not at all on the right.

the feet
look at the shape and the turbine bumps on the back.

that would be because it's covered in the watermark.

also, I'd like to add those eyes look like size 3 ccbs shells.
solid red at that,
this thing doesn't even bother recoloring pieces, this could be made with parts already released.

They look like the Protector feet to me.

they are.

I was about to edit my post actually, I noticed that too,

either way, reused parts.

and yeah, the eyes are just solid red size 3 ccbs shells.

I'm still sure on the core knees though.