The Official Spider-Man appreciation topic

Whether you like Toby Mcguire or Andrew Garfield, Movies or Comics, almost everyone has a soft spot for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Personally, my favorite Spidey media are the original comics from the sixties. I got the first thirty from my Grandpa when I was about 5 and I have read them again and again. They were probably the most complex books that I read at the time, and they helped my want to become a writer. What is your favorite installment of Spider-Man media? Are you happy that Marvel has decided to add him into the MCU? Feel free to speak your mind on this utterly unofficial topic!


Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies were best Spider-Man movies.

Ultimate Spider-Man was the best Spider-Man game I've played.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a decent game that tried to be a next gen Spider-Man 2, and it gets bonus points for the 2099 costume.

I need to get the 2099 comics. Real bad.


I love Spider-Man, he's a role model for me if anything.
Can't get enough of the 90's animated series.

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Sometimes I feel like Spider-Man. I wear glasses, get good grades, but also gets bullied at times, I never get any girls to like me (except for one at the moment). I also have some pretty bad luck.

If I got Spider-Man's powers, I would love to use it the way he does. Sure, it's stressful, but the world would need a person like him.

Also, I declare this official.


Hmm... I only dislike the time when Doc Oc took over spiderman's body. Had nightmares of the 90 cartoon Doc Ock as spiderman

I also liked spiderverse and all the different spider men/women

I didn't like the Doc Ock takeover, either. Seemed a bit cop-out to me, and they got rid of one of the best Spider-Man characters that way. He didn't need to die.

Seriously, Doctor Octopus is one of my favorite Spider-Man villains. I didn't like how his final chapter was executed,


I've never been that huge on Spiderman...

let's just hope that, if they're resetting the marvel universe during/some time after the 2015 summer secret wars, Doc Ock comes back. Back on topic, what's your favorite spiderman suit?

Who's my favorite suit? Don't you mean WHAT's my favorite suit?

I've always liked the classic design, personally, with the webbing under the armpits. I liked the colors Ramita put to the characters, especially for Spider-Man. It made him so bright and so unique.

I liked the black suit, as well, but for me I always preferred the ol' red and blue. It just shows how bright of a character Spider-Man is.

I think I always liked any of the simple suits, though I don't mind something in high levels of complexity


Hey guys.

The Clone Saga

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Oh yeah, Ben Reiley and Kane.


I miss the clones other then Ultimate spiderman's Jessica Dew

Eh. Clone Saga. Not a big fan of it.

I didn't really hate the clone saga or Superior Spider-Man that much.
come at me bro.

hey guys, how about spider-verse

Clone Saga, and One More Day are worse than trash.

Most adaptations of the comics are cool, though.

I refuse to read anything after OMD happened.

Yeah, some of Spidey's modern comics are not nearly as good as the original.

Not really, I don't really like Spidey, that much. He's a cool character, I guess, just not my cup of liquid. Although I did like the Mcguire movies when I was little.

So if my Booster Gold topic was an appreciation topic instead would it still have been closed at the time that it was? Just wondering, not saying I'm going to make a new topic


Anyway, other than Ultimate Spider Man, the webslinger has a pretty good track record for animated series.


I have PTSD cause of that show. May and Coulson together was...disturbing. On SO many levels.

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