the order of mata Nui a substitute toa team (though not toa)

so yes another pitch so sorry I have so many ideas I want to put to words but I’m doing this because I think a substitute team would be cool. while the toa are on a mission these guys who were brought together by pohatu stay and defend against the evil armies so without further ado here they are: Voriki as you know she’s the lightning toa and out of makutas’ influence she wants to make up for her past crimes. Axon a former Iglanu fighter he was a chief general who left shortly after the vako war due to guilt due to the number of Ihuans who died when the vakos invaded. Brutaka SHE’S a tiroan who was ridiculed when a child because of her size and intellectual disabilities (she no kidding can lift onua by his mask with 1 hand) she was found in a motaran gang and Umbra, a former kanaen star who was rejected after an accident involving another star and a nui jaga. others will be posted and more details will be added:NOTICE the order of Mata nui is not the teams real name it’s temporary

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Sounds interesting. It is like the Defenders, while the Toa are the avengers.


I like the idea of a defenders style force, but what precisely puts them above regular soldiers and below the Toa?

I’m thinking maybe expertise in elemental powers or weaponry. Basically arrow or daredevil stuff.

well there’s only 1 toa team at a time so they can’t be toa except Voriki and theres stuff about them like the fact that Brutakas’ mother was kanaen and that all of them want to make up for past mistakes like again with Brutaka she killed 3 students on accident when they provoked her to a blind attack impulse and Umbra when during a show he killed a fellow star and several spectators when a nui jaga escaped there will be more details later