The Presider: The evolution of my 2016 Makuta MOC

It’s been too long since I posted a Bionicle MOC on here! Most of this was left over from my Makuta contest entry. I completely revamped the legs and changed out colors, but almost everything else it the same. System or Bionicle, it is one of my oldest and largest models still standing. He has two weapons, a wrist blade that attaches to the open ball joint of the foot piece, and the staff, of course.

Bit of a comparison for size:

And a comparison to what was… yeah my photography is still not the absolute best out there but it is better than it was! This thing would barely balance.

That is about it. A typical MOC that uses a lot of black and very very dark grey.But what do you think?


You know what, he kinda looks like michal bay megatron. His legs are a bit weird in the knee area, but good overall. And the mask choice is… actually pretty solid


tiny head

That is amazing.

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How helpful and insightful.

As for the moc, I really like the way it looks, although the pictures are a little blurry.

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what more can i give?
“tiny head” means that the head is too small for the moc

Here’s what could have been said, “I like the MOC overall, but the head feels a bit small.” Versus just stating the obvious.

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@Bloodarchmage I thought about doing a custom head, but I have none of the skills that soms builders have with that kind of stuff, but I thought this was a pretty good look that flowed with the rest of the MOC. Also @SteampunkTahu sorry about some of the pics being blurry, didn’t realize that until I uploaded them to my computer.

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i like to be straight forward, but i guess it would be mean if i continued like that

Its ok man, I just wished I could see him in full 1080p HD glory.

Friendly reminder that constructive criticism and discussion is encouraged, but you’re better off not posting if all you have to say is “Cool.” or “Neat.” or “Tiny Head.” Especially if you have nothing constructive to add afterwards.

As for the MoC, @Brickpiler I’m getting a serious Kel’Thusad/Skeleton King vibe from this guy and I love it. One thing that stands out though is that the hands seem really large and the feet seem really small compared to each other. I don’t know how you’d go about fixing that but it’s worth noting. How easy is he to pose, or is he quite top heavy?

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@Kini_Hawkeye It acctually poses fairly well! Playing around with it It can stand on one leg and it overall balances well. The reason the hands are so large is because I found out that the underside of that CCBS foot piece would receive a ball joint, so I wanted to do something with that. As for the feet, I’ll see what I can do and post here if I come up with anything better.

@Bloodarchmage If you have any suggestions on how to make the head larger, please let me know. Maybe some trans. blue pieces?

perhaps make the neck taller and make the crown bigger