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I think a lot. You probably do, too. Sometimes I have thoughts that are very wise, sometimes I have thoughts that are very silly. These thoughts usually don’t fit into conversation, so I forget about them. Well, I will forget no longer. I shall put them here. I would suggest you do likewise. Here’s an example:

People think that eavesdropping is a strange thing to do, but how is it any different to listening to a podcast?


How many bombs do I need to stick into the core of the earth to make it blow up?


how hard is it to get into the alamo’s basement

whats for lunch…

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If someone has a missing leg, and you cut their arm off, and stretch their hand bones to make a foot, and stick it on their leg stump, does it fix the problem?


What is the meaning of life?

asking if someone is ‘up’ for something is the same as asking them if they’re ‘down’ for something. strange.


Can you eat your entire body?

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Can your entire body eat you?

Will this topic be closed for being too random?

Will This topic be saved by being moved to the HSH?

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it better not have either happen

If a small chunk of my flesh was separated from my body, would I cook it?

“Look it up” is a weird phrase

Is this topic the same as the random thoughts topic?

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What if I did shoot the deputy?

no it’s better

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Why can’t I get songs for free from Apple Music?

Why can’t video games have more events where by logging on every day for a certain time, you can unlock premium items?

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Am I dreaming? Because I’m at school, and I don’t seem to be wearing pants.

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