The RPG Topic

So I wanted to make a Planescape: Torment topic.
But I doubt many of you have played it.
So I wanted to lump in Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights.
But that felt wrong to me.
So here’s a place to discuss RPG games in general!
Because I’m bad at choosing a favorite!


So uh.

Never heard of those.


Dragon Age
Mass Effect
Elder Scrolls
Bravely Default
Fire Emblem
Xenoblade Chronicles
Destiny (Kinda)
And the lost goes on…

Planescape: Torment is one of those games you see on “one hundred games you must play at some point” lists. It’s a story-based RPG from the nineties. The combat/gameplay’s a bit iffy, but you don’t really play it for the gameplay. It’s like a great big interactive book with multiple endings.
Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights are also award-winning RPG games, some of Bioware’s first games, they’re also pretty good, although I haven’t played Baldur’s Gate yet.
While we’re here, Knights of the Old Republic, Deus Ex, and, yes, The Elder Scrolls.

I’m currently trying to make an RPG…
Not much success atm.

I’ve got a friend who is doing the same thing, actually.
Seriously, I think that might be the same program.
I’d like to make an RPG of my own, but first, I’d have to… y’know… be able to program and stuff.

The program I’m using is free, doesn’t require any programming aside from scripts and such.
I’d recommend giving it a try:

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If I’m not an Assassin or Battlemage, so help me Rise…

RPG’s I’ve played:
Elder Scrolls III, IV, V
KotOR (just started the second one)
Dragon Age: Origins (also recently started the second one)
Mass Effect series
Does Zelda II count?

RPGs that I have acquired, but haven’t had time to play yet:
Planescape: Torment
Baldur’s Gate series
Fallout series (1, 2, Tactics, 3, NV)
Deus Ex series
Alpha Protocol
Divine Divinity
Jade Empire
Ultima series
Neverwinter Nights series

(Last Christmas, most of my relatives gave me money instead of presents, so I went nuts looking for video game sales. Hence the huge backlog. :smiley: )

So yeah, I’m definitely an RPG fan, though I have yet to play a lot of the classics. Morrowind is my favorite, though I’ve liked all the ones I’ve played so far a lot.


What, is that not what you want sammy?

If anything, Nyran should be a healer, cause, ya know, paladin and all that.

I’d be fine with healer though.

I’m making an RPG using next year’s BIONICLE sets, because the concept I like

But I don’t actually play RPG video games

What do you mean by scripts?

Very very hard to write things, kinda like code. Y’know in Pokemon, how when you do a thing, an event happens and someone walks up to you and/or says something to you they don’t usually do? That’s a script.

@Chronicler ultimately, you’d have to be a smarty pants to make your own. So everyone just gets them online.

Okee Dokie. If I do download that, I’d want a few suggestions!

Don’t look at me. I haven’t a clue on what to do or how to do it.

Best advice evar 10/10

Indeed. Now excuse me while I go back to watching more of Chris C- Sonic’s antics.

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I know what you are refering to
but, I must share this


… What is this I don’t even…
… My mind…
… It is gone…

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