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This is something I’ve always thought about doing for a long time, I’ve just never really had the time before. Basically, the aim of this project is to create a model of the self-moc of every active member on the boards, all with consistent scale. I have no idea why I want to do this, but here we are. Let’s see who we’ve got in the first batch.

  1. @Ghid

The Slayer of Weebs was the first moc I built for this project, as I had a general idea of what I would do for him, and I’m pretty pleased with the result. The head was definitely the hardest part, as I couldn’t just use a standard head as wouldn’t be able to recreate his black, soulless eyes accurately. He also, of course, includes a traditional weeb-beating pole.

  1. Hunter by @T4k4nuv4

Chronologically, Hunter wasn’t the second moc made, but I just decided to put him next for some reason. He’s got all of the distinctive accessories; the waistcape, the telescopic eye, the arm-mounted weaponry etc. Of course, the weapon on his right arm is supposed to be an “arm-mounted crossbow”, but due to the moc’s reduced size compared to the original, it just ended up looking ridiculous and I resorted to a generic laser thing.

  1. @Senit

Senit marks the first (and likely only) female moc in this project. She generally isn’t that different from the original design, but I did end up switching the colour layering on the legs for better consistency with the rest of the moc. I did manage add friction to her gear function for better posing options by using one of those axles with a stud on the end instead of one of the usual stopper axles. Also, yes, the original has a red Huna, but seeing as it was a placeholder anyway I used a more fittingly-coloured mask.

  1. Whatiri by @MaxinePrimal

I know I said everyone would be in scale with each other, but Whatiri is meant to be a big boy anyway. I ended up using an extremely heavily modified Fire Lord skeleton for him, giving him adequate stability for his huge size. He retains his massive hands from the original, as well as the electrical bursts on his shoulders. Befitting his stature, his lightning-staff-thing is similarly gigantic.

  1. @Toa_Radrix and @LegoDavid

Radrix was a fairly simple procedure of simply rescaling and updating the original. I used the Kalmah foot chestplate of his most recent version, but I really missed the neon orange of his earlier incarnations, so I ended up adding it back in.

David was an entirely different affair, the main problem being that, well, LegoDavid doesn’t have a self-moc in the first place. Usually this would mean I just don’t build anything for that person, but I really wanted to have both brothers together, so I made up something from scratch. I knew right away that I had to use a Nokama Hordika head; it’s been his profile picture for so long that I generally associate the piece more with him than Nokama herself. As for the rest, I scoured his topics for the oldest moc I could with a dark blue head, and ended up stumbling across something called Garmaskull. It had a blue skull spider for a head, but also had Nokama’s weapons, so I called that close enough and got to work. It shares most of the same features, mainly the four arms, trans-purple armour and tapering shins.

  1. Nekidax by @GoodGuy2006

Ah yes, the edgelord. Nekidax was a reasonably easy build, as, again, I had an idea of where I wanted to go with him, though the elongated spikes on his arms were a last-minute addition. I thought they emulated the unnatural design of the Mata feet on the original fairly well.

  1. Entropy by @Ekorak

Ah yes, the thicc peacock bat scarf-wearing edgelord. Entropy deviates the least from his original design, but I did end up making an entirely new waist/tail section, hands and thighs. By doing this, I inadvertently removed most of the light grey parts, so I switched one of the parts on his head for a black one to improve the colour balance. I also gave him two Gorast wings for swords in addition to the six on his tail, just because I have far too many of those.

  1. Jimbob by @anon55031085

And last, but certainly not least, Jimbob. Jimbob was easily the most difficult to build, as you would expect for a model of such a magnificent being. Jimbob features an impressive 6 points of articulation, mainly due to his new legs.

Original mocs for comparison

So, there we have the first batch. If you want to see your moc completed ahead of time, just put a request here and they’ll get moved to the front of the queue.

Any further batches will be added to this topic.



these are all exceptional Mocs!

I think my favorite of the batch hast to be lego David’s

Okay epic.


Ok, I now feel quite ashamed that I never built myself a self-MOC (mostly because I had no idea how I would represent myself as a Bionicle MOC) and this design of yours finally gave me the inspiration I needed. I now wanna build my own revamp of your MOC as my self MOC!
Your design is really cool, and the effort you put into conceptualizing it by taking inspiration from my older MOCs is a really commendable effort!
Thank you so much for making this, it means a lot to me!


Ooh nice mocs.

Cool to see that my selfmoc is in the first batch. I like how she looks with a kakama. The shoulder armor is translated quite well here.

The other mocs are really cool aswell.

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My boy! You’ve made him so fricken awesome! I am absolutely honored to see Whatiri done up like this. Every part of him looks amazing. The custom feet, the new staff, the bulked up armor, I absolutely love it! Thank you.


You should race against Faber to see who finishes their project first. I wish you luck.

I would love to see you do my self moc.


Oh, this will be interesting.


I will not let my wholehearted appreciation of any fan Ghid moc spoil my analytical critique of them as a whole.

I mustn’t.

A lot of the original MOCs here are… Not that good, if I’m being honest. Including mine, which was an alternate version of my self MOC built with pieces someone else had so they could build a good Ghid MOC. It really reminds me I have to finish the system Ghid MOC which… More accurately represents my current aura of power and majesty.

That being said, there were some high notes and low notes with the revamps, but all around you did a fantastic job at translating people’s self MOCs into a revamped form. Let’s go down the list:

Ghid: Not much that I can complain about here because everything wrong with this model is something I also did worse. Fairly simple outside of the torso - I love me a good technic panel wizardry - although I wish the shoulders were flatter. Honestly I need to just get off my bum and remake Ghid to be better, so maybe you’ve started the next era of Ghid MOCs, who knows.

Hunter: Whereas the original suffered from the usual symptoms most ‘cool’ self-MOCs are afflicted by - very tall, mismatched colors, more backstory than build (although he does avoid double-knees) - yours boils down the essence of the model and concentrates it into a refined, even intimidating form. The torso makes up for its simplicity with overlaid green which breaks up the shaping of the piece, but the legs have no saving grace in that regard.

Senit: Slimming the design to make it more female does wonders for the model itself. Eliminating the off-white pieces and keeping a consistent color scheme should have been in the original, but it makes yours stand out even more. And… That’s about it. Nothing really negative in this one outside of its obvious simplicity.

Whatiri: An excellent redesign, but… In terms of personal taste, this is my least favorite due majorly to just how much CCBS armor is thrown on. There’s not much to work with off of the original, so I understand the direction, but my heart is sad. You did a decent job regardless.

Radrix: The changes here are the saving grace for the MOC. Whereas the original is clunky and cumbersome, with awkward custom limbs and basic Inika proportions, yours maintains the simplicity whole adding in much-needed visual flare in the form of setting his hands on fire and turning his forearms into stone. This is close to being as simple as any of the others, but the creativity here absolutely redeems it.

David: Without a doubt my favorite MOC in this post. Inspirations aside, you created an extremely dynamic physical form with gorgeous eye-catching flow - everything reads beautifully, the alternating and translucent colors forcing the viewer to look over the MOC multiple times in order to take it all in. The build itself is, again, fairly simple and hardly about to make the hall of fame in MOCing, but the ingenuity and design here are fantastic. Excellent work.

Nekidax: I was always of the opinion that Nekidax’s bizarre color palette of black with two purple pieces and a trans. glitter mask was ridiculously tacky, but a bold choice, if the MOC could be improved. And here you’ve proven the bold choice was entirely worthwhile because the form of this MOC is brilliant. Rather than uphold typical Hero proportions, your Nekidax ditches perfect anatomy in favor of long legs and a short torso, making it look like he could break into a sprint on all fours or climb up he side of a building. The deal breaker for him is the torso just looks… Wrong. Like the body of a stick figure; it’s too much like a thin rectangle with nothing going on. Adding a little bit onto the sides of the ribcage might save it though.

Entropy: Entropy’s biggest issue was ridiculously short forearms, but you’ve solved that issue and decreased the length of the thing, making the proportions fit better. There’s a lot of portions of the original build recreated here in exact fashion, so there’s not that much new here. But what you did change was definitely for the best, and it’s much better than it was before.

Jimbob: It’s hard to recreate a god. In spite of the insurmountable task being overcome, I feel system integration could have made Jimbob far more interesting to look at, but even with the minimal alterations made there’s some significant improvements. Outside of articulation, the claws under the head add a bit more visual flair to the piece, and the elimination of light grey in the original’s hand connectors is a much-needed change.

Overall… Wow, man, this is great. Please keep this up. If you need any assistance with it, you know who to call.* This is a monumental undertaking only really ever accomplished by Gringat, and I’d love to see it come to fruition.

*the person to call would be me, although how did you get my phone number


I’d want you to do my self-moc.
that is, when I actually get finished with him myself


It should be just a pair of Lewa Nuva weapons


No I have an idea but I haven’t actually gotten the physical pieces yet.


This is such an exciting and epic project, It’ll be so awesome to see all the Message Boards’ users’ self-MOCs side by side!

Anyways, these are all great MOCs, but if I had to pick a favourite, I’d probably choose Ghid’s. It is sleek and smooth (as all Ghids should be) and looks very dynamic. The shaping is also nice, It’s quite impressive how you were able to achieve it using not much more than CCBS shells. Also, what kind of trickery did you use to attach those technic panels?

Oh, cool, that means that I can submit my selfm…

Uh… nevermind.

How active does one have to be here to be an “active member”?


Out of curiosity, would it be too much to ask for a parts just and building instructions for Whatiri here? I would love to be able to hit up Bricklink and build this guy up for myself. I love the original version, but this is such a massive glow up.

Of course if that’s too much to ask, I completely understand.


looks a bit skinny, but it works. good job!



Huh, I didn’t notice those tiny pieces in the chest cavity which are so close to the two notable pieces that they don’t accomplish much. But dropping the gunmetal and adding purple really did help out in the long run.


Active as in ‘has been seen within the past year’. So you’re fine in that regard, and I’ll add you to the queue,


Updated Nekidax torso. It’s still an oblong, but it now widens out a bit at the top to properly accommodate the shoulders.

I can definitely do that! Just not right now, of course. But definitely by sometime tomorrow if I can get up and running.


Wow I want to do that all too now, but I never will have enough pieces and time.
Very cool project. It’ll be like “Ultimate TTV Members Team” or something like that.
Is making a photo of all of them at once is possible? If they are all in the same sacale, would be sad if it isn’t.

Also reminds me that I need to finish my selfmoc already


Oh yes, definitely. It wouldn’t be worth it if there wasn’t a group shot of everyone at the end.


This is awesome! I’m frankly quite flattered that you revamped my self moc. Maybe this will give me the inspiration to try and make a version three! Maybe. Although, I have to say the I don’t approve of the swap of blue for silver. I get why you did it, but for his lore, it definitely doesn’t make sense. But still, these are seriously cool. Would you be willing to do a breakdown of how you made Hunters head? I might have to barrow it for V3. All the others look great too btw! Good job overall!

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Much better. That solves it nicely.

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