The Shack-Tron Drawing (Gravity Falls Spoilers)

Or what I like to call it, the Mystery Mech.

After seeing the reveal of the Shack-Tron, I immediately said to myself "I need to draw this". And so I did! I LOVE giant robots fighting giant monster! From Power Rangers to Pacific Rim, I grew up on it so when that battle began, I was ecstatic and up to the brim with excitement! But that's about it from me, later today I'll add more drawings to my Doodle Dump Topic (which you can find here if you want to check it out: ). Anyways, take care! 😆


I especially like how expressive you got the monster head up on the shoulder

whole thing looks great, though. very dynamic.


Hows the name "Mech-stery Shack" sound?

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Really g8 m8 I r8 8/8. But in all seriousness, not bad😉!

Thank you.

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Very cool, uber shacky

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That dragon head is my favorite part :smile:

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Thank you!

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