The Shadow's Fate... (A choose-your-own-adventure style story)


As the title says this will be a choose-your-own-adventure type story. I will write a bit and leave it to you to decide what happens next! Most of the time I will give multiple choice and the most popular choice will win, however, should you have another idea for what could happen feel free to suggest it. HOWEVER AGAIN, as this is ultimately just me being lazy and using you guys to help me write a story, I retain the right to do whatever I want regardless of how popular a decision may be in the case of a suggestion I didn’t put as an option. (Obviously I’m not gonna give an option to do something I don’t wanna do in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:)

Also, fair warning, I am an unfortunately busy person most of the time so I may at times be slow to post updates. I will try my best not to take too long though :smiley:


Long ago, the Great Spirit created a race of superior beings from the essence of Antidermis. This powerful race was charged with the creation of Rahi to inhabit the Universe. Last and, in the opinion of our brothers, least among us to come into existence was Kraazyk.

The Fortress of Destral began to tremble.

Centuries past. Whilst his brothers experimented and churned out Rahi from their vats left and right, Kraazyk took his time and crafted Rahi whose intelligence was on par with that of Matoran. The Artakha Bull, Tahtorak, Krahka, and Keetongu’s kind were all his designs.

The tremble grew into a violent roar as the very foundation of the universe began to shake.

When Miserex decided to allot territories after the “incident” in Metru Nui, Kraazyk was left with a small island toward the southwestern end of the universe. It was, at first inspection, little more than a desolate rock crawling with the slimy snarling rejects of his fellow Makuta.

The Plan had clearly worked, but he was forgetting something.

A Ce-Matoran was attempting to escape one of Chirox’ less friendly creations. After blasting the thing with chain lightning, he begrudgingly took her back to her village on the southern edge of the island. Along the way she called him a Toa, and although he replied that he was far beyond any Toa, she said he was still a hero to her.

A dimensional portal was opening. His mind was foggy, an oppressive pressure made it impossible to think… The visions were getting-

As the centuries passed Kraazyk became less interested in creating Rahi and began seeking out legendary weapons, masks, and tools. Those that he did not give to the Brotherhood he kept for himself, eventually amassing one of the largest collections of relics in the universe.

even stronger now. He was falling toward the portal. On the other side he could see-

When The Plan was revealed, Kraazyk sided with it once it was clear Miserix would be outnumbered. Little changed for Kraazyk after this, he continued seeking legendary items and caring for the needs of his little island whilst the other Makuta purged our inner light. However, due to the attachment he had developed for the people of his island, Kraazyk was unable to do so fully.

beings of pure light that fed on Shadow. He had to fight, he had to-

A few centuries before the Great Cataclysm, Kraazyk found a legendary item beyond any other he had ever encountered. The Blade of Fate. Discerning it’s power, he decided it was time to have a talk with me. Without flinching, Kraazyk explained the Blade’s powers and demanded to know what I was withholding from the Brotherhood with regard to the Plan.

do something!

I knew I could not hold my own against Kraazyk as long as he held the Blade. So I told Kraazyk the Plan in it’s true entirety. Including numerous back up plans, all the twists and turns of the Makuta of Metru Nui’s manipulative mind. Most twisted of all, I revealed for the first time the fact that all other Makuta would be eliminated.

As he went through the Portal he gripped the Blade in his hand tightly.

Kraazyk then made an offer… He would do all that I required of him for the Plan to succeed, and keep the this knowledge to himself. Then, when the plan was done, I would let him live. I agreed and things progressed as per usual, the rest of the Brotherhood never knowing of the exchange…

The creatures were ravenous. He was being torn apart.

Despite a few setbacks with a Toa of Fire in Metru Nui, the Plan has worked to the letter. There’s just one loose end. Guess what it is?

The Portal was closing. The Blade glowed fiercely, thrumming with energy in his iron grip.

The island Kraazyk loved so much was burning. His fortress crawling with Visorak and Rahkshi wrecking everything that I don’t find useful. The native Matoran and Turaga will be slaves in the harshest mines I can find.

The Portal was almost closed, and he was being dragged even farther away. He had almost no strength of his own left.

What little defences the island had were swiftly overrun, mainly because all the Rahkshi guarding the island immediately changed sides. They tend to do that when the Makuta of Metru Nui is in control of the- oh? A Toa of Psionics has managed to break through the horde with a few Matoran and a Turaga. Impressive. Must be the one that called Kraazyk a hero all those years ago, her armor looks like his did back then.

Grasping that one spark of hope, the one tiny flash of light, he swung his sword with all his might.

She may have slipped through, Kraazyk, but I rule this universe. I will find her. Your island is crushed beneath my heel. I said I would let you live and by the looks of it you just might. However I didn’t say I’d spare anything else and I can’t very well let you stay to be a potential threat. Farewell, brother…

The blade tore through reality, throwing back the Shadow Eaters even as the Portal finally closed.

The visions were gone, and now the hole in reality was closing in on itself as the Blade lost it’s ability to maintain it. With all the power left in him, he pushed through right as it closed behind him.

Kraazyk fell to the ground, and just before he lost consciousness he saw strange beings scattering from where he had crash landed.

First question to be put to you guys. Kraazyk tore through the multiverse with no control over where he was going whatsoever. He could be ANYWHERE. He could be in the Star Wars Universe, a parallel Bionicle universe, Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Star Trek, a brand new universe we make up on the spot, you name it! So long as I know enough about it to make a reasonably decent story in it. So… one of the things I mentioned just now would work best :stuck_out_tongue: though I’ll consider any suggestions. I do reserve the right to say no to an idea though, regardless of how popular it is. Most end of chapter questions will be more multiple choice and not so open, but I thought this would make for a good intro.

Also, original topic with Kraazyk’s bio here if you wanna read it for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s keep the location ambiguous.

Kraazyk lands in a deep dark forest. A forest where the air is dense, the trees tall, and where spying eyes are everywhere. A forest where the trees bleed oil and the leaves glow unnatural colors.


I agreement with @Dr_Chronos but it should have cool animals like deer with ram horns and lots of differently coloured flying squirrels LOTS of squirrels

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He should land in Walmart


He should land in a highly advanced technological city, floating on an ocean.

For @Anyone_who_wants_to know: The city of atlantis, from stargate atlantis, before the people come in.


B-b-b-but I haven’t seen SG Atlantis… I need to tho

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He lands in space
lol that’s not possible

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He lands in a highly advanced city, vibrant and colorful but seemingly devoid of inhabitants.


actually, just because I know nothing about slizers, I’m gonna agree, let’s go to the slizers city :stuck_out_tongue:


But with

lol but I actually think Slizer city would be a cool idea!


Dang it, at this rate I’m gonna have to do research…

I will see if I have time to look up Slizer stuff in the next few days, unless something else becomes popular in that time :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, sorry. XD

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79,100 YEARS AGO…

“And that’s when the new Turaga showed up!” The Ce-Matoran said enthusiasticly. “Actually, she’s at the village we’re headed to I think. She’d probably like you Mister Toa Makuta.”

Sumati, as she had introduced herself, had barely paused to take a breath since Kraazyk had blasted the slime covered rahi off of her. Nor had she stopped calling him a Toa dispite him stating otherwise numerous times.


Turning around Kraazyk saw that she’d managed to fall off of the wall beside the path she had been balancing on.

“Oops,” she said sheepishly, jumping to her feet. “I didn’t see that gap.”

“The village ahead is inhabited mostly by De-Matoran, yes?” Kraazyk said with a sigh.

“Umm… Yeah I think so.”

“Then perhaps,” Kraazyk said quietly as he leaned down to about eye level with Sumati, “we should be a little quieter.”

Whatever she said in reply was drowned out in Kraazyk’s aura of silence.

Present day

Kraazyk awoke slowly, the sounds of damaged machinery whining and thumping in his ears, punctuated by the occasional crack and sizzle of sparks. Shielding his eyes from the glare of an alien sun, Kraazyk slowly stood up and took in his surroundings.

He was standing in the middle of a ruined highway. Around him was a severly damaged city scape. Best he could tell the entirety of the city is, or was, automated. Not a single sign of life was to be seen, beyond the glaringly obvious existence of a city.

Over another lane from where Kraazyk had landed was the cause of the constant thumping he had awoken to. Some sort of vehicle, also automated and without any sign of ever having passengers, was trying to make its way down the road. However, it had been badly damaged on its front end. One wheel was missing all together and the other had only half left, causing the front of the vehicle to slowly raise up then crash back down every rotation. Giving the poor thing a solid kick Kraazyk sent it flying off the side of the road where it finally gave out as the engine sputtered and died.

Spying a still mostly intact building nearby, he made a running jump and activated his Miru. Gliding smoothly through the air he landed atop the roof, the entire structure groaning as his weight settled.

Looking around from his new vantage point he could now see what had so ravaged the city. A massive crater from a meteor impact could be seen far to the northeast. Kraazyk seemed to have landed at the edge of the damage, as he could see to the west a great deal more city that had either been untouched by the impact or had already been repaired by the automated systems.

Peering closer toward the impact site, Kraazyk noted a tiny flash of light. Picking up a few pieces of shattered glass he used heat vision to make them maleable and made a couple makeshift lenses. Using them as a telescope Kraazyk could just make out what seemed to be figures fighing.

Tossing the glass pieces aside, Kraazyk lept from the building and used his Miru to glide out of the city and then proceeded on foot. After a short while travelling through the ruins of a purplish landscape, Kraazyk picked up a sound of an engine approaching quickly from the South. This engine, unlike the last one he’d encountered, was very much functional and seemed to be excellerating in his direction.


  1. Continue toward the impact site?
  2. Conceal himself and see what the approching sound is?
  3. Attempt to intercept whatever it is?

Additionally, any C&CC are much appreciated. I do appologize for any failings in grammar or spelling. Feel free to point any out and I will fix them :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably this.

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for the moment

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I just meant as in hide until whatever it is goes by us XD


This is my vote

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This. He’s so powerful he doesn’t really need to worry about concealing himself.