The "Thank you TTV" topic

I figured amongst all of this exciting news and such, that I would start a "Thank you" topic just to thank everyone at TTV. I'm inviting everyone to share what they're thankful for regarding TTV. Me, personally, I thank they are the reliable source of Bionicle news, as well as an awesome source of entertainment. So, thank you TTV, for all your hard work.


Thanks for going out of your way to make a quality message board!


Thank you for Makutafest every year!

Thanks for rallying a huge chunk of the Bionicle community and holding it together throughout the years!


Thank you guys for always taking the time and making videos and podcasts for the Lego and Bionicle community, we all appreciate it! You guys always make me laugh and I'm always excited when you upload a new video. Keep up the great work, guys!


Thank you for bringing hope to the Bionicle community once more. I haven't been more hyped for a Bionicle product since the original Rahkshi and Takanuva days. Thanks for bringing that excitement back to me, and many others.


This topic made my day. Thanks for the positive reinforcement, everybody! We'll keep doing what we've been doing. stuck_out_tongue

And, in keeping with the theme of the topic...

I'm thankful for the fans and their continued support of us and our projects. smiley



thank you for giving us eljay


Guarantee the fandom would be at least 1000 less people without TTV


truly one of our biggest regrets


Thank you for being there when BIONICLE was gone.


Thanks for keeping me entertained while playing civ 5 stuck_out_tongue

Thanks for having been such great friends over the years!


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Thank you TTV for the joy you've brought through your videos and the updates on bionicle 2015. I'm so happy I stumbled across your channel, and Eljay. ~Detox


Thanks for being better than BZP and pretty much everything else people are saying


I just wanted to say, thank you TTV for being how you are. You don't have to post on peoples topics, and have conversations with people you've never met and be so personable. But you are. And I love that. You could just sit there editing and deleting comments for breaking the rules. but instead, you are involved.
So thanks, TTV, you are awesome.


Thank you for being terrible people who like presenting misinformation as absolute fact. >:[



I'm going to assume you're joking.

It was a reference to a certain something somebody posted once. stuck_out_tongue


Thank you for originally being something to listen to while BS01 was uploading all of their new podcasts [insert sarcasm aimed at BS01 here.]. And thank you for being a reputable news source, and most importantly, thank you for all the LOL-tastic conversation that permeates every last episode of the illustrious TTV Podcast.

I wish I could express my full thanks, but the English language hath not enough words to allow me to do so.

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