The "Thank you TTV" topic

Thank you for keeping the spirit of Bionicle alive! You guys really helped keep me interested in Lego and Bionicle, for which I am VERY thankful!

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I just realized that you guys live up to your name. You are indeed the Three Virtues. In Vakama's "legends", he said that the three virtues binded them together, uniting them under a common cause. You have done that for us TTV, you have bonded us together in ways we could not even imagine. Our fandom was shattered, as surely as if Panrahk had blasted it. But then you guys came, in a blaze of glory, picking up the pieces and putting them together. So, while I've already thanked you for myself, I'd like to thank you on the behalf of the entire fandom.


Thank you Meso, Eljay, Kahi, Viper, Ven, Invictus, and everyone else. You have given us hope when there was nothing. None have ever been as blessed as we are, to live in such a fanbase.


I would like to thank TTV, and the TTV community in general for multiple reasons.

  1. Thank you for being one of the most entertaining and hilarious YouTube channels on this planet. It brings joy to me every time a new video from you guys pops up into my sub feed.

  2. Thank you, to the community for being one of the most accepting and kind internet communities I've ever been in. I have never seen people on the internet cooperating and being nice to each other more than you guys. Also, you are one of a handful of communities that actually agrees with me on lots of things, the details of which I could list but I won't.

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I love TTV. 'Nuff said

i cri evrytiem


Thanks for BIONICLE Autopsy and these forums!

With all these RPs and such, I think it's appropriate that we take a moment to thank the TTV crew, who made this forum in the first place, and who give us the comedy and entertainment we wait for each week.

Here's to you!

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TTV is pretty legit.

While they may not have the best schedule(or any), the content they do put out is still very enjoyable.


Gooooooooooooo Pandemic Panda!

I'm still waiting for someone to do the "doesn't afraid of anything" bit/

Eh makes videos and doesn't afraid of anything.


Schedules are dumm anyway. Everyone knows spontaneity is the key to success.


Thank you TTV, for informing me that wrenches are, in fact, people too.


You are welcome, enlightened one, you are very much welcome
takes a bow.


Now, go into the world and inform the unenlightened of the truth!!

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Can I take a legit moment to thank TTV?

At some point last year, I was watching videos on YouTube. I don't remember why or how, but I stumbled upon one of the Bionicle Autopsies, a fairly recent one. I hadn't thought much about Bionicle since it ended in 2010. I still kept all my sets, but they were pushed to the back of my mind by school and other things. After watching that Autopsy, I realized that there were other people that STILL liked Bionicle, and these people were around my age. That's what was really astounding to me. Later, when this Forum came out, I hadn't ever posted any of my Bionicle MOCs, at least not in 7ish years. So when I saw other people posting their MOCs, I finally got around to posting some of my stuff.

So thanks TTV, for being who you are, and for giving us this wicked awesome forum. You guys are the best! thumbsup

and now the joke version

ttv is gr8 i r8 8/8 m8


I'd like to thank TTV for being TTV smiley


i'd like to thank ttv for allowing me to upload videos everyone would hate if it wasn't on this specific channel


Eh, I'm sure SOMEONE would like them... Not sure who but... Nah, I kid. Good videos regardless.

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I turn off my adblock on this site in gratitude towards TTV.
I advice the rest of you to do the same.