The "Thank you TTV" topic

Two years ago, whilst browsing the Internet in boredom, I was upset, though I can't remember why. Then, because it was early 2014, I decided to search "Bionicle 2015" for some reason. Maybe it was hope. Maybe it was remembering the line. Whatever the case, I found MoCs, a fake leak called Gnuklear (Thanks, Kahi! :stuck_out_tongue:), and then, I struck gold. My life had changed when I found... This.
It gave me hope. For once, I could possibly experience a new wave of something I could honestly be excited about! Don't get me wrong, I like HF, but this was different. In curiosity, I dug deeper into the channel, and found that I enjoyed about all of its content. You guys(and girl) were the first channel I had ever subscribed to. I still follow all of your shows, and thoroughly enjoy them.

Thank you, TTV, for everything! :smiley:


Thanks TTV for being the funniest bunch of people I've ever seen, and thank you for re-igniting my love for bionicle, and inspiring me to make my first MoC.

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Thanks for getting me back into Bionicle.
Thank you for making me laugh. Especially @Mesonak and @Eljay during the Mnog playthrough.
Thank you for these boards.


Thanks for making me get into bionicle and keeping me entertained for the last two years
(Sorry if I ever was annoying)

Thank you, TTV, for getting me back into bionicle and constraction.

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Thank you for killing eljay in episode 198

And thanks for the awesome comunity you have created !

Thank you for uniting fans from a fandom that we believed was slowly decaying every day, and helping contribute to breathing new life into this community. You guys are the best :slight_smile:

thx @IllustriousVar <3


Wow. How dose someone like me get appreciation. I'm just an average middle schooler. Go to bed late, wake up later, go to school and come home. As you know I'm very into things like Pokรฉmon and Bionicle. I feel like people can't appreciate what I do with my time. When I joined The message boards I just wanted to post a few old Mocs and see how it went. I'm very happy to be able to share everything and get so much support and creative advice. So my message to all of you, is thank you.
-Jello Trooper

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I know it might be a bit of a late thank you
Thank you TTV for you using my bit of Photoshoppery on episode #240
I was actually surprised by that

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Thanks for giving reliable news regarding Lego!

Thanks for the great message boards, podcasts, YouTube videos, reliable news, and eljay.