The Theater Topic

As some of you know, I enjoy being part of the Theater Department at my school, and I noticed: we don't really have a theater topic, do we?

Anyways, here we discuss our experiences with theater, what we like about acting, and other stuff related!

I'll start: One of my favorite parts about acting is how I can become someone different and temporarily think and live the way they would.


I was in a play in the sixth grade, which was a satire on fairy tales. I starred in the second act, focusing on The Three Little Pigs. One person was the first pig, Jimmy Links, another was the second pig, named Dean Links, and I was the third pig, Sausage Links. When combined, their names spell "Jimmy Dean Sausage Links", after the breakfast brand.


I tried out for a play once, discovered I'm deathly afraid of standing on a stage (even though the only person in the audience was the director.....)

bUT On a much happier note, I went to see my old school's performance of Beauty and the Beast, and the stage had this HUGE castle that rotated depending of the scene.
It was one of the most impressive things I've ever seen tbh.

Life tip: don't underestimate the theater department.


I actually get Stage Freight all the time. But I have learned to take the freight and make it so I concentrate more on the scene, so I only get it before I go up on the stage.

Have to agree with this so much. Last year, in a play, there was supposed to be a scene where it started snowing, and I tell you, they got some Styrofoam and turned it into little balls so it fell just like snow and looked like snow, and shook it out with a large sheet of paper over the stage where the empty room is.

It's purely amazing what my theater teacher/director does. She's phenomenal.

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i was only 8 when i tried out for the play so i didnt know about that yet lol

how long did that take to clean up omg
i imagine everyone was finding bits of "snow" on them for a while after each show, right?

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It took a while to clean up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes we did. We still find some even now, after a whole year.

Actually, one of the productions my school did 4 years ago under my theater teacher was a play called Bye Bye Birdie. It was one of her first productions, and BOY was it popular. I'm not in this play, of course, because I wasn't in high school at the time, but my second oldest brother is, though. He played the dad (Mr. MacAffee) and hoy boy was that his defining role.

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reminds me of marching band: i still find turf in my shoes, and it's been a year since i was in the band :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I'll watch the play when I get a chance; it's kinda late right now though.

I don't have any experience within the theater, but I don't mind going to see musicals and the like...

I have never acted in a play before. But one of my friends has (back when we were in high school) and he was a pretty good actor in one of the plays I saw him in.

would this be considered entertainment or is it a different breed?

It's theater in general, so I feel it's a different breed. Plus, we're not just talking about PLAYS, but also what it's like to act.

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my middle school had a pretty good play once

that's really my only experience with it sadly

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I've been acting on-and-off for about ten years now. And now that I'm out of the age range for "kids shows" but still have relationships with the people I've met there, I'm aiming towards learning how to do backstage work.

Also, in recent years my choices for who to audition for, and even who I don't audition for, are based on what kind of character I can portray through him, and especially what kind of voice I can use. One of my favorite roles was a minor police officer that I portrayed with my best New Yorker impression.


Well, I wanted to help with a production.

Does that count?

I was in several plays in high school. My favorite part I got to play was the Major General from The Pirates of Penzance. :smile:
I should really try getting into community theater one of these days.

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I remember reenacting scenes from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Nights Dream" in 8th grade. I had an absolute blast with a lot of my roles and my English teacher could definately see that I was.


Last year I had Theater for one of my Classes. It was a great experience cause I was a Production Assistant and I got to see The Scottish Play for a Field Trip.

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Oh, you mean that play we were mentioning the week before a show and the first show got cancelled because one of the people that was working at the venue was murdered the night before one of the shows?


My older bro was in a few of my High School's musicals. He played Javier in Les Miserables this past year (his senior year). He is now going to a pretty great music schools as well.

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I've never been a part of theater, but I've been in choir and taken vocal lessons for the past six years.

Wish I could contribute with some actual theater discussion. :b