The Three Brothers=The Three Virtues [Pitch]

The Three Brothers

  • Ekimu
  • Makuta
  • Karzahni

The Three Virtues

  • Unity
  • Duty
  • Destiny

Ekimu wears the Mask of Creation to bring into being various creations to fill the universe. For everything he creates, there is a specific role that helps the universe act as a single entity. Creating massively complex ecosystems on Artakha that feed and nurture the inhabitants shows Unity in the universe.
This hunger for creation has turned Ekimu into a mad scientist. He desires to create above all things, but he has no impulse control and does not think about any consequences.

Makuta wears the Mask of Control to take command over lesser beings. Each of these “servants” is given certain tasks to carry out, and everything they do is part of their Duty.
This need to control has turned Makuta into a dictator. He desires absolute obedience, which has caused a fragmentation between the relationship between the Three Brothers. In addition, he does not think about the consequences, only immediate gratification.

Karzahni= Destiny
Karzahni wears the Mask of Alternate Futures and is able to see every conceivable outcome for every conceivable action. Due to some of the horrid outcomes he sees, he tries everything in his power to change certain factors in the present to eliminate as many horrid outcomes as possible. He is trying to control Destiny.
His obsession with the future has turned Karzahni into a brilliant tactician. Instead of using brute force, he instead employs various cause-and-effect strategies to defeat his foes. However, his obsession with the future has also caused him to detach from other people, including his brothers. He has no way of deactivating the Mask of Alternate Futures, but he is to paranoid to remove it in case he misses vital information.


That makes alot of sense…

This works surprisingly well.

Ekimu’s a bit of a stretch, but I like the others. They fit quite nicely with their established powers and personalities.

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This is a pretty cool connection!

Only Ekimu does not fit very well, the other however do. Especially Makuta, being against free will/senctience, because beings will no longer follow their duty.

Yeah, Ekimu and Unity was REALLY hard to think about, but Karzahni was the easiest. I’d argue that in the case of Makuta and the Mask of Control, beings under his influence would only be doing things because they have to, hence it is their Duty to do it.

I made the same connection but never finished fleshing out the concept. I think the way you presented it works quite well.

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That works really well. I would say that Ekimu promotes unity because only when the villagers act as one can they create something amazing.


Mind=blown. This works so well it’s crazy. Great idea

Updated with better character descriptions for the Three Brothers.

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