The Toa- A Bionicle Retelling by NickonAquaMagna

dude I fell behind on this cause I don’t generally go on the boards that much but man do I love how this is coming along

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Really good artwork!

If only I could draw…

Thank you. I try to make it feel like a storyboard for animation.

More on the way soon.

Don’t think I didn’t notice. Thank you for the consistent support.

I’ve been there. Good to have you back.

Don’t worry, everyone. This comic will resume soon. I just spent almost two weeks on the Ninja Lego Rewind and then another week building my new PC. I’ve almost finished porting all of the assets I need over to it. It’ll still be a couple of weeks at least before I ■■■■■ focus back to this, but you can blame youtube putting the clampdown on “kid’s” content for that. I’ve gotta wrap up Lego Rewind by the end of the year.


Okay… so that was yet another drought. Sorry everybody, but finishing up the remaining episodes of Lego Rewind and then catching up on other things I’d put on the back burner for THAT took a lot out of me. But here we are, back to some semblance of normalcy. I’m doing what I can to balance everything, but one way or another, I am going to FINISH “The Toa” this year.

Here are some new pages. Feedback in the replies is most appreciated.


As always, the art is absolutely fantastic.

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With that last page, it’s time for shenanigans. Cue montage music!
More pages to come tomorrow.


When I said the next few pages are a montage, I meant it.

Three pages, today. Feedback is much appreciated. I’d feel ashamed if I reached the end of this comic in a few months and it somehow managed not to start a conversation in all that time.


Is that a pun I spy in that first page?



Don’t sorry! Puns are great! It would cold of me to berate you for it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do I see the beginning of a GalixLewa ship here?.. I wonder.

Uh… No.


Oops. Guess the montage is over.

Feedback is appreciated.



This next page… breaks my heart. I call it “gaslighting.”

Feedback is appreciated.


I’ll be honest, I’ve always been somewhat put off by your artstyle, but there’s no denying it’s great for expression. That almost villainous look in Kopaka’s eye on the second page… Either Kopaka’s going to unintentionally take Tahu to moral school or he’s about to trip him on his own ego.

Regardless, consider me invested.

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Um… thanks? It’s not easy to convey most of a character’s emotion to one eye (especially when his mask doesn’t have mouth parts like Tahu’s does) so I really have to go for it.


“Still think these are great.”


In the first panel of the second page, you could imagine Tahu’s yelling at Pohatu to make a stone hand and catch Kopaka, Pohatu could say that the ground’s too soft or Kopaka’s falling too fast, Takua could be calling for him to use the mask to levitate… you get the picture.

Nice that we get to see the other mask he’d collected, though!


Excellent as usual.

I swear, why don’t toa of ice use ice shields more often? It’s not exactly like ice is a weak material.