The Toa- A Bionicle Retelling by NickonAquaMagna

I mean, in this case he’s using the mask, but I’d say that it has a couple of reasons. For one, ice might be a strong material, but it isn’t usually thought of as such in media; see the absurd number of weaknesses Ice types have in Pokemon, especially the more predominantly physical types like Rock, Fighting, and Steel. For another… well, ice melts. I guess if you can control it you can slow down the process, but I’d imagine many battles are fought in a place where it’s above water’s melting point, meaning the shield is going to naturally weaken relatively quickly or the person using it has to put effort into making sure that doesn’t happen. Neither of which are optimal, I’d imagine.

Anyways, glad to see that this paid off for Kopaka. Just seeing him step out over the lava last time I was ready for things to go south real fast, but I guess the Hau is pretty useful.


It’s always a pleasure to read these. In fact, I’d say they’re half of the reason why I even frequent these boards anymore. Keep up the good work.


Thank you. It feels like the Bionicle community has completely disintegrated lately, and I just don’t know where to go to get eyes on this. It was easier a few years ago.

I’ve been waiting to follow up that earlier Kapura scene for a while. Now after all these years, we FINALLY KNOW what he was talking about. Pace yourself so you don’t get tired. Classic tortoise and the hare.


fairly sure you only posted one of these on DA, though I’d let you know
saw the update, guess I’m too fast lol

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Bum bum bum… maskless Lewa.

Love the build up so far, expecting a scene with the toa fighting Lewa to take place soon.

Oof… people keep saying that on other platforms, and I get the feeling they’re going to be very disappointed.

I’m just gonna say it now. There WILL be a fight with an infected Toa. It won’t be Lewa.


Remember that combo model you make out of two Nui Rama into an even bigger wasp-thing? Instead of making it a mess of lime and orange, I figured I’d just make it “keetorange,” somewhere in the middle.


I believe the big wasp was called the Nui Kopen, and I love how you’ve drawn it here. It looks quite intimidating.

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Uuuuhhhh… yeah. That just happened. Since Pohatu was present, he was able to save Lewa from being possessed… thus skipping the entire iconic Lewa vs Onua showdown from the Mata Nui Online Game that everyone was expecting to see recreated here.

Uh… sorry? People have been saying for over a week that they “see where this is going” and seemed really excited to see my take on that classic fight, but I have my own agenda here.

Yeah, there’s a different reason I decided to include the hive, which you’ll see in the next few pages. I didn’t do it to recreate those classic scenes, I’m afraid.

In fact, this is where the timeline starts to veer away from the original, as you’ll see in the days to follow.


Alrighty then. Say hello to our good old friend, the plot twist.


Ayyyyy! It’s everyone’s favorite ball shaped baddies!

Showing up very early.

Again, feedback is appreciated.


Whoa, I did not anticipate that. Good luck, Toa, trying to fight both Rahi and Bohrok swarm at once!

Is it just perspective, or are the Bohrok towering over the Matoran here?

Perspective. They’re only about twice as tall.

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Wasn’t sure how to portray the Bohrok “charging up seismic energy,” so I took a crack at recreating those “evil bubbles” you’d see in 90s anime used to depict pressure in the air or waves of power. I hope the effect works for this scene.

There were a few ways this scene could’ve played out, including Kopaka zipping around on a floating trail of ice, possibly with Takua piggy backing him… but I figured this was more direct and made an impactful image in its own right.

Feedback is appreciated.


Uploading a bit early today huh?

Very nice job on that third panel on page 2. Maybe the best kopake shot you’ve made so far, in my humble opinion.

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Yep, just like that we’re getting an abridged take on Metru Nui.

Look at movie Terry there, all gold and gleaming.

For this version of the city, I drew some inspiration from Faber’s early concept art for the place. I felt that would give it a more dream-like quality.