The Toa Asoro

So I created a Toa team.

And I’m not sure what to do with this. The noncanon masks are from this post. All but Ardvesa were named with Tolkein’s dictionary.

Lumika (Powerful Insight) is a female Toa of Sonics, the leader of the team, and wields a long chain-whip. She wears Gunmetal and White armour with Metru Blue highlights, and the Kanohi Tiaqim, mask of Awareness. While initially reluctant to lead the group, she quickly proved the most competent for the job. She believes strongly that lack of communication is the cause of most of the world’s major problems, and her own quick wit combined with her mask gives her a keen sense of insight.

Ardvesa (My Self-MOC as a Toa) is a female Toa of Jungle, and wields a massive bow. She wears Metru Green and Metru Blue armour with Lime highlights, and the Kanohi Kualsi, mask of Quick Travel. Still unused to being among those who make legends rather than those who tell them, she honestly wishes she could go back to her simpler life as a Matoran. However, she is still very much a fun-loving individual, and has proven herself rather reliable in a tight spot, though her pretentious behavior sometimes puts the others off.

Jasa (Quiet Strategy, pronounced Jhasa) is a male Toa of Gravity, the team’s deputy, and wields a sharp pickaxe. He wears Purple and Black armour with Teal highlights, and the Kanohi Skeldra, mask of Sharpening. Serious but shy, Jasa is the team’s best strategist but lacks the force of personality to be a leader. He has a bit of a soft spot for Lumika.

Huurua (Not Agitated) is a female Toa of Psionics, and wields a graceful bladed fan. She wears Indigo and Tan armour with Gold highlights, and the Kanohi Avsa, mask of Hunger. While hardly demure or passive like Jasa, she lives up to her name in being able to keep a cool head in even the most dire or tragic of circumstances, something which alienates the others as they often percieve her to be completely unfeeling.

Avolo (Light’s End) is a male Toa of Plasma, and wields a pair of thick gauntlets. He wears Purple and Orange armour with Yellow highlights, and the Kanohi Voriyx, mask of Elemental Cyclones. The bruiser of the team, Avolo is as loud and brash as one can get, and is prone to jump into a fight without thinking. He is immensely proud to be a Toa, and feels that to be a hero, he must be prepared to give up his old life - something that on some level he still isn’t so sure he wants.

Fotiki (Spark Fragment) is a male Toa of Lightning, and wields a tall staff. He wears White and Yellow armour with Burnt Orange highlights, and the Kanohi mask of Healing. Cunning and sharp, Fotiki is a versatile fighter who can hang back and snipe just as well as join Avolo in the thick of a fight. He is not a bad individual, and is as dedicated to the common good as everyone else, but his rude behavior toward his teammates and arrogance toward the common Matoran have led some to question the wisdom of trusting him too closely.

So, yeah. Any thoughts? I don’t even have a team name for them…


Pics or it didn’t happen.

Are you planning to make MOCs of them?


Eventually, though probably not for several months at least, and I’m a bit worried at my shortage of purple and teal. Not the best coloring choices, in hindsight… Then again, that’s what Bricklink is for!


I like how there’s more than one girl on the team.


Since there aren’t any MOCs, I’ll throw this over in Literature for the time being!


Nice fleshed out characters. I’m interesting in seeing where you go with this.

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The fact that the author is female might have something to do with it


or maybe it’s okay to have more than one female toa all the time and gender has nothing to do with it… just sayin’

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Or maybe people shouldn’t care about little things like that as long as they’re fairly represented by the characters. I don’t think it should make any difference whatsoever if there is one, five, or no female characters in a team. If a character is female, they’re female great. What has it changed, besides our gender perception of the character? Nothing.

I’m gonna sit back and wait for these to get flagged and removed. Whistles and pulls up chair


Thanks! It wasn’t strictly a conscious decision, but I went with it anyway.

You are interesting. :stuck_out_tongue: But no actually, part of what I was asking was if anyone had suggestions for where I could take this; I have the characters but I haven’t really figured out what I want to do with them.



Explains all of my stories in ever. This right here…


Yeah. Although, as per my somewhat meta backstory for Ardvesa, a story involving them would take place on Spherus Magna, in a coastal village ruled by Turaga Faber. Or maybe not; I’m not strictly sure.


Yes!! it’s a half and half team! Perhaps name them after the land they protect?

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(just to clarify, I have nothing against multiple females in a team – I like to make sure that I have at least two female characters in any Toa team I have.)


That’s definitely a good idea, but first I’d have to name that land… XD

The gender balance choice wasn’t necessarily influenced by my own, but yeah; no hard feelings.


Asoro-Nui is a very long, narrow and loosely settled stretch of shore between the ocean and a massive cliff face; too varied to be a Wahi, much too big to be a Koro, but not developed enough to be considered a Metru. While not completely cut off from other civilization, as there are a fair few stairways carved into the cliff, it is largely independent and self-sufficient. It averages about a kio and a half wide (the cliff itself is an impressive two kios) and some twenty-five winding kios long, with both ends cut off by the cliffs closing in again. Its population is high, but settlement is fairly evenly spread out, so visitors often believe it to be more wild and untamed than it really is.

Half of its population is comprised of Ga-Matoran, while the rest is a fairly even mixture of many of the secondary elements. There are no specific districts, but the matoran have naturally tended to settle in the places most befitting their elements.

About a kio from the Northwest end of the shore, there is a peninsula that juts out a fair ways. Many De-Matoran settle here, where it is quiet enough for their sensitive ears. Lumika has a hut along the southern side of it, where she can see both the ocean and the lights from the shore.

The great cliff is dotted with small alcoves and tunnel entrances where the Ba-Matoran tend to carve out homes for themselves - though they rarely venture in too deep, not being quite as comfortable with underground environs as the average Onu-Matoran, they do feel an attraction to the contradictory nature of the location, surrounded in earth yet open to a very long drop. Jasa has a hut overlooking the Salt Circle.

The Salt Circle, a wide open space with a two-kio diameter, right at the very southeast end of Asoro-Nui, is a fairly flat expanse void of vegetation. It’s too small to be a proper desert, but it’s close enough to being one that the Su-Matoran often settle here. This is also where the huts tend to clump together the most, with three different psuedo-Koros. Avolo has a hut near the center of the Salt Circle.

Not far from the Salt Circle is a four-kio ridge of rock that rises up right between the sand and the sea for that stretch of the shore, which, due to the metallic ores contained within the stone, is frequently open to lightning strikes, and accordingly attracted the attention of the Vo-Matoran when they first settled Asoro-Nui. Fotiki has a hut there, perched atop a slight hill.

Most of the rest of the shore is taken up by a dense sprawling jungle, filled with walkways wrapped about the trees and populated mostly by Ga and Bo-Matoran. Ardvesa has a hut somewhere betweent the Ampitheatre and the Lightning Ridge, placed so that the Cliff and the Ocean are equally close.

Finally, right in the very midde, twelve kios from either end, is a mysterious, ancient structure simply called the Ampitheatre. It goes deep into the earth, with a network of tunnels that matoran have gotten lost within for weeks, but the open top is shaped like an ampitheatre, (thus the name) and is often host to various celebrations. It also has a Suva Shrine, supposedly used by the old Turaga when he was still a Toa, but none have dared approach it since, due to its sacred nature. Many Ce-Matoran settle near the Ampitheatre, as its old walls give off strange but not unpleasant feelings that only they can sense. Huurua has a hut between the Ampitheatre and the beach.

Oh, and there’s a group of Fe-Matoran between the Ampitheatre and the Peninsula, but nobody cares about them. :stuck_out_tongue:

One other landmark (though few actually know of its proper location) of note is Turaga Beach, a cozy little inlet somewhere along the shore that supposedly provides the best view of the strange, massive structure always on the horizon. Used as a retreat by the old Turaga before his disappearance, it hosts only a small shack and a campfire, and regardless of whether they know where to find it or not, it is regarded by the Matoran as being arguably more sacred than even the Suva Shrine.

So, now I have the location and the team name: The Toa Asoro. Now I just need to figure out the story…


Oh, I also made rough concepts using the Matoran Maker thingy.

Lumika. I used the Greak Mahiki to represent her mask of Awareness. Looking pretty good, I have to say.

Ardvesa, also probably the most accurate out of all of them.

I also went in and directly edited the image to reflect the mods I hope to make to her mask some day.

Jasa, with an Arthron to represent his mask of Sharpening. Color Scheme turned out better than I could have hoped.

Huurua. The program didn’t actually have an Avsa, so I used the noble Mahiki instead. If I ever do write a story about these guys, I feel like I should refrence this in some way.

Avolo, with a noble Rau to represent his mask of Elemental Cyclones. This is another one where the color scheme actually tuned out better than I expected.

And Fotiki, with a mask of Biomechanics to represent his mask of Healing, because why not. By contrast to Jasa and Avolo, I think I may want to rethink this guy’s color scheme.


Oh, look; a map. Not the most detailed, but it conveys the overall area more effectively than my massive post that nobody seems to have noticed.

Each number corresponds to each Matoran/Toa’s home. The whole land is about twenty-five Kios long, though the map shows some of the shoreline beyond that point. The Ampitheatre’s size has been exaggerated so it would appear on the map, but that’s basically where it’s located.


So I was looking at the color schemes, and did some fiddling about in LDD, and here’s the result:

(Somewhat anticlimactic, I know, but I am putting some work into a more substantial update)

Not much has changed overall for the toa, but I gave everyone eye colors, swapped Black and Purple on Jasa and changed Fotiki’s colors from “White, Yellow, Burnt Orange” to “White, Cool Yellow, Keetorange.”

The colors on the right? I came up with a set of villains, who I’ll be posting about once I’ve hammered out some story details.


I have yet to clean this up, but here; have a thing.

Huurua: I had brought my Avsa with to the library, so I had it on hand to use as refrence; I intentionally simplified some parts, but I think it still looks pretty good.

Jasa: As you can see, the Skeldra went through some revision. I think the final version looks halfway decent, but doesn’t suit his personality quite like I had hoped.

Lumika: Not much to say; inspiration came from the image used here.

Avolo: Basically a noble Rau with a G2 Akaku mouth and some added tines. Looks pretty good, though, I think.

Ardvesa: I did not bring my Kualsi, though, so this is probably inaccurate.

Fotiki: Basically the Noble Mahiki combined with Reidak’s eyes. Wanted to make him look kind of unlikable.

I also have yet to decide on an upgrade weapon for Lumika; I want to remain fairly low-tech, but I want it to be sound-related. Suggestions would be welcome, if you have any.