The Toa Hagah Team (Bionicle Canon Contest #3)

Finally the contest has begun, and I’m here to show off my version of the Toa Hagah

With Bomonga I wanted to give him a bulkier look. the reason is mostly off the time when he lifted the coliseum, and yes, I know Hahli help as well but come on, it’s still quite an impressing task. So, giving him bulkier armour and larger arms and legs just seem right, help gives off that sense of strength and he can handle himself in a brawl.

Gaaki being Toa of water I wanted to give her a more eloquent look, like she will flow like water on a battle field. Plus, I also wanted added a sense of that flow with her chest and shoulder pieces to have a wave sort of look to her design.

With Pouks I did have to make some changes to him so he’ll fall in line with the rules. What I did have for him was that he had the Knight’s kingdom leg armour and having the same chest piece as Iruini, but by removing the leg armour he looks too much like a Iruini recolour so by changing the chest armour too. it did help make him look less of a recolour. Oh, by the way, the upper connecters I wanted them to be brown, along with the rest of the Moc. But Bricklink has none that will ship to me. You can guess how angry I am at that.

With Kualus, you may think I would give him gold armour so that the team is 3 3 in their colours. But gold armour on a white Toa came across as Toa of light sort of feel to me.

Group shot with Norik and Iruini

The whole idea of what I try to do was to make them as if Lego would release them, but of course I did take some liberties with that idea but I try not to stray too

I give consent for my mask to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: (Yes)
I give consent for my metallic colour choice to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: (No)
I give consent for my spear tip to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: (No)

Well, that’s it for now let me know on what you think, and of course good luck to everyone.

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Nice. These are probably one of my favorites so far.

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I thought I have, can you let me know on how to do it

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This are very nice, even when you break a perfect armor color ratio. I’m also using a Hero Factory head as a shoulder armor and I want to use the Knights Kingdom armor but I don’t have it in Studio, neither the real piece.

Good consistency throughout these models. And I really like how you covered up the Lehvak-kal shield piece on Bomonga, it helps strengthen his appearance a surprising amount. Good luck.

Okay, attaching Gaaki’s shoulder armour from the inside of the arms is a really good idea. I’d never thought of using that piece that way.

i like all these altho pouks looks kinda feminine lol


I love how you played around with different shoulder pads.

Real neat mocs, good luck

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Bomonga: You know, I have to say: I’ve seen quite a few entries that use a lehvak-Kal shield on the chest. I’ve always been a bit bothered by the gap in the middle it leaves, but it isn’t really a major thing. But you filled it in, so props to you for that! It works really well, too.
but he’s still all black why don’t people give Bomonga color besides black…

actually, I’ll have you know that was Hewkii, not Hahli, c’mon
I’m joking, relax.

Gaaki: Huh, haven’t seen an entry fill in the socket on the shoulders. Surprised more people haven’t done that. Also, curious that you opted to flip the shield inside out on all of them.

Gold+Mettur brown is so flat. The shoulders are cool, though.

Kualus: same issue with white+silver. The bulk Shoulders are clever, though.

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Bomonga looks great! Love the chest piece addition

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