The Transformers: Truth (Currently on Indefinite Hiatus, a la BioCraft)

You all know how this goes: "In the time before time, a Rubik's Cube of epic proportions crashed on a rock and gave it life."
Well, it didn't go quite that way...

Ya see, what actually happened was that a being named Primus was born. A counter-balance to his "older brother" Unicron. It was only after creating our ancestors, the Thirteen, that Primus was able to overpower Unicron and banished him to an "Astral Plane". A place beyond time and space where Unicron could do no damage.

After this war, Primus believed that his continued physical existence was no longer necessary, and formed his body into what would become the core of our planet, Cybertron.

Millennia passed, and we lived in peace, until a powerful relic was found on the edge of our solar system. This relic would later be termed the "AllSpark" in reference to its ability to bestow life upon things which were never intended to have it.

The current ruling class on Cybertron deemed it an "artifact with no purpose beyond flagrantly defying Primus's will" and had it locked up in a massive super-max prison in the city-state of Kaon.

Centuries later, a records clerk named Orion Pax discovered the AllSpark's true purpose. It was a fail-safe created by Primus to continue to populate Cybertron in the event that he was killed. Orion took this knowledge to the Cybertronian High Council in Iacon and was found guilty of blasphemy and sentenced to death. However, a wise, old Cybertronian who went by the name of Kup pitied Orion, and managed to get the archivist's sentence reduced to 100 years in the Pits of Kaon, an infamous gladiatorial venue.

It was here that the clerk met and befriended a being with a dream of a unified Cybertron, Megatronus. Megatronus was well favored in the Pits, and did his best to make sure that whenever Orion fought, it was always against the weaker foes, to insure the archivist's survival.

Yet more time passed and both Orion and Megatronus had ended up seeing their visions realized. Cybertron was truly at peace for the first time since the Era of the Primes.

Through many events, Orion had come to posses an artifact of great power, the Matrix of Leadership, and became the most famous desk-jockey in the known universe, Optimus Prime.

As a reward for guiding Orion through his meteoric rise to fame, Megatronus was given the office of Lord High Protector (Cybertron's equivalent of Vice-President/Commander-in-Chief). To reflect his new status, the former gladiator re-branded himself with a name more befitting his new position of power, Megatron.

Megatron and Optimus would continue to lead Cybertron into what many titled the Golden Age, but then it all fell apart...

As you can see, this is probably the first Tranfsormers-based piece of literature on the Boards. It is also my first (non-RP) work of literature as well. I hope that all who read this enjoy it, and that it may continue past the prologue above.

(Note: this will not be following one continuity, but rather mixing aspects from several. For those of you who can't bear to see your favorite franchise so horrifyingly muddled, this is [obviously] not for you.)

(Another note: For those of you who view the Decepticons as pure evil, this will definitely conflict with that viewpoint, so it's probably not for you either.)

(A third [and hopefully final] note: This will have no concrete update-schedule, but I will try to get it to follow as close to a monthly-or-quicker pattern as is possible.)


well not the first

but I will say this, this is a good, very good I'm actually going to make the decepticons not seem all that bad in my next movie. However that being said you have done a magnificent job so far

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Oops, sorry.
And thank you.

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I'm not as familiar with the Transformers canon as I'd like to be, so no complaints here.

My uncle is a massive Transformers fan, and has made sure I knew that there's quite a bit of moral ambiguity to the Decepticons. I look forward to seeing what you do!

Cool! I look forward to the next update. :wink:


story of my life right here

it's fine, even if you were (like myself) you would still very much enjoy this


No, I've only viewed Megatron/Galvatron and Unicron in that light :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, I dunno if you have this planned for your story here, but I've seen some interesting theories that the real reason Starscream wants to take over from Megatron all the time is because he feels that Megatron -and by extension, the decepticons as a whole- has lost sight of his original goals, and Starscream wants to steer the Decepticons back onto their former course.


that's kinda how Starscream is in the IDW comics


Megatron only wanted to eliminate the oppressive class structure of Cybertronian society. He just lost his way.


The only good Decepticons I seen are good are Sixshot, Starscream, Octane, The Combaticons, Scourge, The Constructicons, Drift, Scorponok, Knucklehead, and Demolisher.

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Uh huh

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I may have thought that WFC fell into the G1 continuity

Well, WFC(and thus FOC and ROTDS) fall into the aligned community(Prime, Rescue bots and the current RID), however, I guess head-canons work well.

which is so dumb because they do not seem related in any way

Cliffjumper has a totally different personality and back-story in WFC and FOC, plus he was on the Ark when it launched
Wheeljack is not a wrecker in WFC and FOC he is a scientist
Arcee looks completely different in WFC when in Prime she looked the same as she did on Earth
Starscream being trapped on cybertron
Soundwave not being mute in the slightest in WFC and FOC
Shockwave looks completely different
Breakdown is small, skidish and a coward in WFC and FOC
All the Autobots on the Ark
All of the Decepticons on the Nemisis

fun fact Rise of the Dark Spark is not considered part of the game continuity it's kinda just... there

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alternate universe in the Aligned universe? IDK. In the Rage of the Dinobots comic(which takes place before, during and after Cybertron's re-intergration in Prime), FOC dinobots survived, helped Ultra Magnus lift off, find some towns, fight predacons and soldiers led by Shockwave, who is in his Prime form, find living dinosaurs in Shockwave's lab which turn to dust and die after several minutes(apperantly even when shut down organics can breath on cybertron), and meet the surviving members of team prime after his sacrifice at the end of Predacons Rising while defeating threats. Though this conflicts with RID, what-not having Grimlock be a decepticon-turned-good or something.

Back on topic, story seems fine. Question Kup's involvement and past that just seems to be similar to the TFP explaination, except the golden age, then again this seems like a mix of prime and the movies. Anyway, not really much to complain about

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okay but that does not explain everything else

maybe, ugh I wish the games were their own universe, that way we could have a G1 game, only with the epicness that is WFC and FOC

anyways on topic, didn't even know who those 2 robots were until I looked them up on the Tfwiki

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Transformers Rescue Bots aren't a part of the aligned universe.

Unfortunately it is.

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Really it is not a part of the aligned universe.
Like I'm checking the wikis right now and it doesn't say anything about it being apart of the aligned universe.

Like, Bulkhead and Bumblebee were in an episode. I think