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I'll start off.

New RiD? Thoughts? Also, I met Gregg. The voice of G1 Grimlock. :smiley:


Scott McNeil can do almost no wrong when he is brought into this series.



I got into Transformers during Armada... Feel free to laugh.


Nah. I won't laugh.

Armada was the start for a lot of people, and that's fine what with it being the true return to the purely vehicle format, and promoted up the wazoo.

Heck, there are even some aspects of Armada I like. I mean, it started lame, but got better when Unicron got involved near the end.

It could be worse. It could be Energon, which actively got worse as it kept going.

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The biggest problem with Armada, is that it was rushed. So a lot of shortcuts were taken and problems arose.

Well, y'know that...

And Hot Shot and the Kid characters, outside Alexis sometimes when Starscream was involved sometimes.

Well I was just pointing out the biggest problem. Rushing the show led to bad animation and a terribly done dub that couldn't even keep character names right.

But Armada Starscream was a great character. I just picked up his Generations toy earlier.

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My dad introduced me to G1, and I loved it so much. Starscream is such a jerk though. I kinda felt bad when he died as soon as he became leader of the Decepticons...

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The only thing is, that I feel like any human characters in it just make it suck.Spike fans, I'm sorry.

You do need some human characters in there, to make the show more relatable.

I guess so, but I still hate the humans in any type of Transformers series

Human characters should not be a requirement. Human characters, as we've seen, have been fairly lame.

However, Human characters do not have to be crappy.

Hell, we're thinking about this all wrong. It's not human characters that suck, it's Human Children characters that suck.

I mean, look at Prime, or Animated. The adults in those series, like Fanzone, Sumdac, and even Fowler to an extent were all fairly enjoyable

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Exactly. Humans that can fend for themselves, give the show a sense of reality. Hell, MECH was a great antagonist group.

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I got into it in Cybertron...let the mocking commence.

Dude, Cybertron's like...

The Best of the UT(Unicron Trilogy)

Don't feel bad. I mean, there was some narm in there, but they played with it, and it was a better experience overall than either Energon or Armada.

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True, it was the best of the three, but it did have it's down points, for example, it seemed, to me, to drop any continuity from the earlier series except for the "Unicron Bites the Dust" bit.

We in the TF Community have a glorious thing that accounts for that, and makes plot holes nonexistant, essentially. It's a beautiful thing, really.

Also, for a good majority of the 2000s, the UT Was the only major exposure TF had, so the fact that people got into TF with it surprises me not.

Besides, the toys for Cybertron are like, amazing. Easily my favorite toyline from TF.


Well, that was intriguing. And yeah, the Cybertron toys were awesome, I have (or had, not sure which), like, 10 of 'em. And I mostly got Voyager class or larger. My parents were very generous back then.

So, does anyone here read the Ongoing MTMTE Comics?

'Cause they're rlyrlyrlyrlyrly gud.

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I have some. (MTMTE Vol 1 + RiD Vol 2)

But ya know, Comic Shop being along way away from me...

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