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Author’s Note: I did not in any way say that it was heavily snowing in the Silver Peaks. Or does it snow, Ekorak? :stuck_out_tongue: so I shall say it in this chapter. Alot shorter than I wanted it. The next will be out some time this week.

TTV Chronicles: Chapter 2, Invasion From Above and Below

The three walked to where Frodo was. Indeed, inside two giant doors stood a massive robot(The size of the Cragster?) “Ekorak, h-how did you do this?” Spencer asked, amazed. Just then Ekorak teleported away. He came back soon after with a grim look on his face. “Hero Factory is attacking the Silver Peaks. They just landed an EVO Walker and a group of 3.0s. Me and the mini Ekoraks will cover your escape. Get to Mardi Gras and warn The Three Virtues.” He said as a ton of the mini Ekoraks ran by.The three ran down the mountain very fast. The saw a Hero Factory landing craft and saw some 2.0s getting destroyed by the mini Ekoraks. That was until an XL broke through, killing 3 of them. They could hear that the Hero Factory was winning, the gunfire had now dropped low in areas. Joe noticed most of the mini Ekoraks were not armed with ranged weapons. Just then, a red beast emerged out of the snow. Joe quickly pulled out his sword and cut through the massive head of the beast, coming out the neck, and kept running with Frodo and Spencer. Spencer used his gun to down several 2.0s at the gate. They burst through the gate and kept running

They could see the village now. A couple of guards were there. “RUN!” Joe yelled, running with Spencer and Frodo. They didn’t hear. They ran faster. In a couple minutes they were at the village. They took another minute to catch their breath. They had just caught their breath when they heard a loud roar from the Silver Peaks. Frodo walked to the guards and told them that Hero Factory is attacking the Silver Peaks, and Ekorak is still fighting. “Chro, get to TTV headquarters and tell them about this. Me and the others are going to evacuate everyone and get to Mardi Gras to defend TTV-koro.” The maroon figure said to Chro. “Ok, Mac.” Chro said.

After evacuating the village, Toa of Shadows and Spencer decided to come with us to TTV koro. On our way, we encountered more Tunneler beasts. Just as we got to TTV koro, a bigger beast appeared. It was JAW BEAST!!! Just then, the Colossal Ekorak appeared, picked him up, and threw him into a rock wall.

“It’s Ekorak!” Frodo yelled. “He’s looking a little… big.” Mac said. “And he looks a little short!” Toa of Shadows said, pointing to a soldier indicated by his red armor. Just then, the Colossal Ekorak stood straight up. Then Ekorak could be seen on his shoulder, and then he appeared behind Frodo. “Who’s looking a little short?! Yeh should be salutin’ me! I am Commander Inquisitor!!!” He yelled. “Sorry, sir.” He responded, giving a salute. “Not you Frodo, I’m talking to him! He doesn’t even wear standard issue red, and he’s tainted it with that blue crap!” Inquisitor yelled at Joe. “I’m not in the military.” Joe responded, ignoring the fact he insulted him. “What’re you saying about blue?” Toa of Shadows and Spencer said in unison, cracking their knuckles. “What in the name of Omega Tahu are you people screaming about!?” someone said.


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Compared to the average fanfic, this is undefiled art. Compared to actual literature, this is somewhat lacking, but entertaining nonetheless. I find it odd that Spencer has guns yet I don’t, even though my signature weapon is the sniper rifle. No matter, I’m looking forward to seeing more of this.

Sorry, I didn’t know that. With Spencer, the gun came from one of his stopmotions.

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