The TTV Pitching Ground

For this one, make it double sided, if possible. With a gold miru and the first line on the front

and then a Skakdi Skull+Meso Horns on the back, with Eljay's line IN CAPS

Needs a hashtag to be fully complete

I request it be from the animated stop-motion, of Var cutting into Eljay with a giant buzzsaw

Visually inspired by Oblivion's hypetrain MOC


Omega Tahu. designed by MaximumWarp

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I'll get on it.

Even just a T-Shirt with their logo on it would be kewl for me

"Cumon step it up!" -Sanic says regarding t-shirts

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I know it needs a hashtag, but dat rule, tho!

Also, if they ever get around to selling merchandise, their commercials should be like this:


How about some sort of MOC review. Maybe you find a MOC on the forum to review and... Well that's about it.

Maybe a series reviewing the novels and/or comics?


Or maybe a dramatic reading of comics or novels. I never read the books, but I could really get into them if they do this.

I would love to do/see someone do that.


That's what this and this are for. Though it could be funny to hear TTV cast members read excerpts from the books or something.


Could Var do an Autopsy about what would have happened if Bionicle was cancelled earlier, maybe in 2001 or 2003?

Oh, hey, this exists (sort of).

Can we get a dramatic reading of Biocraft Gone Wrong?