The TTV Podcast 153 Discussion Topic

This week, tensions are high and joy is in the air as the TTV Crew discusses the recent BIONICLE story revelations and the unveiling of the Protectors names and the Okotian alphabet! Everyone is happy about this turn of events, but the fact that Meso and Var are destined to battle it out once more remains an inevitability. Who will win? Watch and find out!



I think (with absolute certainty) that this picture perfectly describes Mesonak during/after that debate:


12/10, great episode




fun and entertaining

So, from this I know that the protector of Earth is a girl.
Why not the protector of jungle? Vizuna sounds more feminine than any pronunciation of Kargot and at least we have had green females in the past from both G1 and HF!


Can't wait to see the fanart for this one. XD


>I was only 38 years old
->I loved Bingzak so much, I made a MOC of him
->I look at Bingzak memes every night before bed, gagging about his name
->"Bingzak is Love" I say, "Bingzak is Life"
->Eljay hears me and called me a fool
->I knew he was jealous of my Bingzak MOC
->I called his Miru stupid
->He raged in the entire podcast
->Im laughing and my skull hurts
->I lay in bed and its very boring
->A plastic is moving toward me
->It's Bingzak
->Im so happy
->He whisper to my ear, "This is my Village"
->He grabs me with his little hands and puts me on my horns and skull
->I'm ready
->He stole my wallet
->It hurts my future but as my eyes start to water
->I gave him Var payment
->I wanted to please Bingzak
->He yells as he fills my room with his sets
->Eljay walks in
->Bingzak looks him straight in the eye and says. "Its all Bing now"
->Bingzak leaves through my window
-> Bingzak is love, Bingzak is Life


Oh noes!

The argument got so heated up that Var started swearing stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

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everyone is going to hate me after i say this but i think that i actually understand where Meso is coming from and actually agree with him in some respects


Who else felt like nearly everything Meso has stated since Bionicle's initial leaks have been wrong? It's almost like he is a misinformation magnet.


"The proof is in the pudding" -Var

Me- The Chocolate Pudding!?


"If you're in a hole, stop digging"
Takuma has obviously never seen Gurren Lagann.

"If you're gonna dig, dig to the heavens. Even if it's my grave I'm digging to, I won't stop! Once I've dug through, it means that I've won!"

I believe in you, @Mesonak , pierce through the heavens with your backtracking clarification of past statements.

Believe in the me that believes in you.

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that was uh, that was Takuma XD

Also, Var this episode:


@Sovereign At least that Movie finally has some sort of use.

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Perhaps meso should've said "new landmarks on Okoto". Also, I agree with meso's complaint of no insight into the villages.

sounds to me like that's where the graphic novel comes in "The Okoto protector's guide"

in the meantime the book gives us a good story

I feel for Meso since he said landmarks(plural) and we found out about one we already knew, so nothing new was talked about in that respect. Also the culture needs to be expanded and not just a village and language, but actually ways of life.
But ya Meso need to think about what he says more before explains it and changed it. Meso you're still awesome though!

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I disagree. We now actually know where the Temple of time is, not just that it's a place somewhere.

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But it very basic, I'm not denying that we have that info but that's all. We don't know anything else about villages and as the guy attempting to make OOG it's kinda something I need. So hopefully we'll get that later.