The TTV Podcast 168 Discussion Topic

Don’t mind me, I’m just picking up Meso’s slack.


Episode 168: Kicked in the Shinnies is up on Vessel. It’s a whole lot of nonesense.


No funny things on the boards?! Oh come on! Have you guys even seen this yet?

Takuma, please pass this on to the others. It’s not much, but still!

In regards to the podcast as a whole, I don’t know. This one felt a little negative this time around.

Oh boy…

Thanks Takuma, forgot to post this last night. You da best.


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Shoutout to Viper who referenced one of her posts

Also, Eljay the super noodle…someone make fanart of that now.

A whole lot of ranting on this podcast :stuck_out_tongue:

“Eljay, Hitler gassed people, you make people wanna gas themselves”

man, that burn sizzled my computer a little bit


The winner has trans blue ccbs chest armor for eye pieces