Strange/ridiculous things that you thought were true when you were young

Well, it’s Halloween. Might as well bring this topic back to life. Ahem…

  • I thought Hawaii was off the coast of Florida.
  • I thought Exo-Force was a licensed theme because on the box art, the characters had flesh colored skin.
  • Batman wore a special white head band to make it look like it was his eyes, though he secretly could see through the cowl part next to his nose.
  • I thought anime was pronounced “anamime”.

I used to think that at first we didn’t have any nipples and they just kinda grew with age.


It’s okay, I used to think Adam’s Apple “meant something else”.


Oh… So did I.

And judging by your quotations, we might’ve thought of the same thing.


Yep. Definitely a Kohlii Ball. :wink:

I used to believe I was an alien and that my alien parents would find me one day, save me and take me back to space.
…I also used to believe in ghosts and vampires too and had an imaginary friend called Fred who was my best friend/therapist…I was a weird child, okay! XD


I can relate because I was quite alienated from other kids…except I believed that I was a product of an experiment mixing human and alien DNA, and I was put out into the world to see how I would function, with secret cameras monitoring my progress and growth :sweat_smile:

Still do

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I was alienated a lot as a kid as well.

So kinda like the Truman show.


So back when I was little and was first getting into Bionicle (through watching the movies repeatedly), I managed to think some… interesting things.

See, I didn’t ever catch that LoMN was a prequel, so I just kind of assumed that the Toa in the first movie were the same as the Matoran in the second. I guess that they looked close enough to each other (i.e. shorter and stockier than the Toa Metru) that I managed to accept that connection without issue. Then, of course, that led to this complicated timeline in my head:

  • The Toa in the first movie were in fact called Vakama, Nokama and so on.
  • Come the second movie, everyone had moved to Metru Nui and suddenly these Toa from the first movie were turned into Toa… again? I don’t really know how I accepted this without issue, but apparently I did.
  • Then, at the end of the second movie, they all turned into Turaga - which actually was what had happened this time.

Strangely, I never seemed to question what happened to Takanuva between movies (or any of the other characters for that matter), why the elders in the first movie had the exact same names as the Toa did, or why the Toa ended up looking exactly the same as those elders at the end of the second. Perhaps even more strangely, I actually had no problem working out that WoS took place during the events of the second movie but just could not process the fact that LoMN was a prequel to MoL.

I… just kind of accepted things when I was young, I think.


We had a loud pipe-system in our house, so I thought that red and blue dinosaurs lived in my wall…

I also thought I was a person.


I experienced a similar dilemma back then, but since I got into Bionicle in 2006, I quickly learned the real story.

That’s why the movies should explicitly say whether or not it’s a prequel or not…the kiddies would get confused


This is very what


I existed when I was young, that’s not true.
I don’t exiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiist


I used to think Jupiter was bigger than the sun when I was really young. There was a poster of the solar system in my kindergarten that was not to scale and Jupiter was drawn bigger than the sun, so for some time I thought that was the case.


I used to think


That got… dark, fast.

I used to be absolutely terrified of Bruce from Finding Nemo when I was small - the only way I could calm myself at night was by reminding myself that Bruce couldn’t get to me because I was on land. Not that he didn’t exist. Just that he couldn’t reach me in my bed.

(As a child, my logic was usually pretty coherent but often not particularly… shall we say, realistic.)


So your parents drank a couple when you were in the womb. JK. Please don’t kill me, Viper. :crying_cat_face:

Drop Dead Fred’s real! Better tell the NC to flee to a different dimension.

  • I used to think that the first 5 years of Bionicle were some ancient lost tale that occurred thousands of years before the Ignition storyline.

  • I used to think that LEGO was cool.

  • I used to think my family loved me.

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In 2001 always used to think the Muaka set was actually Makuta himself, probably because of the similar names.


I used to have a multi-layer escape plain for whenever my mom finally got E.T. through netflix.


I used to think dinosaurs could become vegetarians just for humans if they ever came back, so we wouldn’t get eaten.