The United Vanguards (Twotoa Revamps)

Do you guys remember the Twotoa, Lego’s pathetic attempts of combiners in 2016?

i was thinking to myself, and wondered “what if i did, but less unsmart”

so i did

Here’s Tahatu, Vanguard of Magma
<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/e/f/ef285de37efed66e077300c2aaaa34108edfc570.jpeg"width=“666” height=“500”>

next we have Kopali, Vanguard of Glaciers

And that’s all I have, because Lego only did two Twotoa right?


Introducing Onuwa, Vanguard of Soil

his shields got a lil buzzsaw on it

So right off the bat, I want to say that the bodies for these combos are not very interesting. They’re fairly simple, and not terribly distinct from their base Toa. I apologize for that. However, I tried to place more empasis on the Toa’s weaponry, and adapting the tools the originals had. As a result of me throwing more pieces at the weapons, I had less for the bodies.

but I mean,

i guess they look better than this

anyway by


Dreams do happen.


These are great. Way better than the official ones.


Colors a little screwy by nature, but I’d have much rather received these than the originals.


has anybody done a kiata nuva? (rip spelling)

Yeah, some obscure MOCcist called “LEGO”


no as in make a gen 2 version

Yeah, some obscure MOCcist called “me”

I know plenty of other people have done Kaitas too.


thanks, but who are the other people?

Jak the Mad, Proto-Kongu, just to name a few. Look around on Google. You’ll find some.

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The shoulder mounted stud shooter on Kopali is awesome

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Onuwa, Vanguard of Gardening

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You cannot improve upon perfection.


meh, not a huge fan of these, I actually think I like the official models better. I mean what you did with the Tahu/Pohatu one is good, but what you did to the Gali/Kopaka one kinda sucks away the best and more unique elements of the official model.


Thanks for your honesty! TBH, I agree on the Kopaka + Gali one. I worked on it a lot, but found it hard to balance a good build with a consistant color scheme. I eventually ended up with what I’ve got here, but I’m not super solid on it. I might revisit it in the future.

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Combine all of them at once!!

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Combine none of them at once :thinking:[quote=“Political_Slime, post:1, topic:44779”]
They’re fairly simple, and not terribly distinct from their base Toa. I apologize for that.

That’s really the worst part, and it really detracts a lot from “what could’ve been” imo.


these are some really good Twotoa! I do wish Kopali has that big old gun that the original one had

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They are pretty good, But could use friction adders in the feet