The Warden

The mysterious entity that watches over all three worlds and hunts down all who do defy the universal code set by the gods or just generally make Nalcrodox angry…



I personally think he looks better without wings.


Without, for sure


I think this may go in the ask category, I’m not going to move only Beacuse I’m not sure. And the wings look better

Yeah, looks better without the wings

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I like the wings. He seems more complete and visually interesting with them.


I like the wings, but I might give them a slightly different texture.

Looks dope, I like the concept for the wings, but the aesthetic is gonna have to really match the rest of the moc to work. So yeah as of now without, but with some fine tuning I think wings would look great

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Well the first Metacarpal on the blue wing is an example of what I intend to do with the rest. If you have any other ideas then please do tell

Please keep the wings. They look awesome.

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I you have to show both.

He looks great with both, but I think he looks better without the wings. I may change my mind when you get the wings done, however.

I don’t know. If he was taller and had shorter arms, I’d say no wings, but his stature currently looks empty without wings IMO.

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This is one of the best mocs I ever saw. The wings… eh… they doesn’t look that good. Of course, if you would complete them they would be brilliant!

Keep those wings; they add more characterization.
Without them, he just seems… unfinished.


Without, the wings look too small on him.

Keep the wings. They make it feel complete.

With wings. They just need to be more menacing in a way.

Here’s what a complete wing may look like. Thoughts?


Yup, that will make this build look awesome.