The Wild Masks

Tonight on Top Gear
I ride the bus
James hears even more voices then ever before
And Hammond gets ignored

Can't the future just wait Can't the deadlines come fashionably late

I love not providing an answer in-story that fits while fitting with my original plan :sunglasses:


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Now why ever would you say that :smirk:

possibly the most horrifying detail of all :hushed:

I cannot confirm or deny allegations that oisim is from yakuza zero

That was in reference to Tone, who specifically said he would be making a call in the scene prior:


I don’t want to say anything because I like seeing this theorizing and I don’t want to spoil it :goo:

Keep going :popcorn: :yawning_face:

I cannot confirm or deny allegations that Wild moved to Tokyo because he thought the Godzilla films were real

Brief aside but don’t you just hate how any film that takes place in “now” that has any technology whatsoever always has much greater tech than anybody actually possesses? It’s so annoying :face_exhaling:

man these new emojis suck :pensive:

you’re clearly seeing things, um, I definitely didn’t edit it… read it again.

@Rukah post in togav

you’re clearly seeing things, um, I definitely didn’t edit it… read it again.

I cannot confirm or deny allegations that my dad left me- I mean this funny guy with face tattoos is a great mentor ahaha
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If you have any theories, we’d all like to hear them :sunglasses:

And that goes for everybody: let’s see if you can guess elements of the story faster than Nota can :popcorn: :goo:


I predict:

Something will happen


I got bit by a drawing bug again (I am having an allergic reaction, my airways have been blocked and I am about to die)

This time we have Kohaku and Corey

I pulled Kohaku’s entire design out of thin air, as there isn’t much description of what she looks like yet, so I just guessed based on the vibes of the character. It was extremely fun to put together, with all the freedom I had.

And Corey is wearing his school uniform. I tried my best to add as much Cordax essence into this drawing as possible, so the golden hair became as yellowish as possible and got paired up with blue eyes, and I added purple into the colour scheme in the form of shoes

I actually tried putting in some effort into the designs this time, unlike the previous drawing I did based on the book

So what do you all think?

I could push every goal back Take control back

I predicted two extremely obvious plot beats because they made narrative sense and they both happened, would you look at that

I am so good at this game :sunglasses:

IRL footage of Oisim Makuei


I… completely botched my interpretation of that scene. For some reason I thought Ren was the one who expressed the desire to make a call

Race’s boss from the news station has actually been Wild undercover this entire time confirmed?!?!?! :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

okay maybe drawing Oisim Makuei might do the trick, but I don’t wanna risk it in case it doesn’t

I blame Marvel and Elon Musk for this :unamused:

Hey same-

I mean yeah. He is. The fact that he has tattoos covering his entire face doesn’t mean that he can’t be a great father figure :dizzy_face:

Alright, time to theorise about chapter n-

I’ll return to this tomorrow and edit in the rest. Feeling eepy rn



Welcome to how I feel about webcomics

Why he got those square lookin pupils tho mans been peering at spongebob :stop_button: :stop_button:

I don’t know that Kohaku could show up to work in a crop top :imp:

But otherwise, not bad :goo:

as we Roll back the rate at which time starts to Fly

Okay then, guess who dies next chapter :smirk:

It’s okay you’ll draw him eventually :goo:

Ok calm down shakespeare :dizzy_face:

If this is your attempt at theorizing you’re gonna have to try harder :triumph:


that outfit looks remarkably close to the demon slayer uniform

I love it :goo:

also I have been very busy the past few days and I think the last chapter I read was 5 or 6 oopsies

I have some catching up to do (maybe tomorrow(book of tears reference???))


no this is just going to become the ongoing N01 bit for this book

@MakutaOisli ‘s character or alternatively

yeah no this one is incredibly cheap, didn’t even wait for the next chapter

This is dreamspace Alexis


How else am I supposed to represent Cordax’s rectangular Cars-like eye monitor in the form of a pair of cartoony human eyes? :smirk:

This design can also double as a human spongebob, which is a nice bonus

That’s why she’s wearing a vest overtop it, which can easily be zipped up during work hours :triumph:

There are only so many ways you can draw a generic hoodie or t-shirt, I decided to get a little creative. And it’s not like market fish stalls have the strictest dress codes in the world, I imagine

If you aren’t using this one in this book, doesn’t mean that I can’t :smirk:

Ahh yes my favourite shakespeare quote
“nah, I’d win”

Not intentional but sure, that works :sunglasses: I really don’t like demon slayer

I based this outfit on a stereotypical Japanese middle school uniform, which is what the suits from the show were probably based off of as well

:goo: :+1:

This is not a BoT reference, that’s a reference to my entire existence :smirk: :sob:

Nah nah he already appeared in a different role, he’s on the same side as the good guys… although this guy and him have suspiciously identical complexions and heights, so I wonder what’s that about :imp:

Sigh stay tuned for a new theory I guess :unamused:

N01, not every woman with black hair is Alexis :dizzy_face:
These two don’t even have anything in common apart from hair colour… unless I am stupid and completely misread Alexis’s character

And since it’s another Togav mention, @N01InParticular post in Togav (I’ll do this each time someone mentions Togav in this topic)

Edit: added some more theories

When the wind is slow and the fire’s hot The vulture waits to see what rots

it is tomorrow, I recovered from Rukah’s devastating theory and I’m ready to you know… do the thing

Bro literally just went :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face:

The sniper guy is the first assassin who gets a full description, so I’m guessing that he’ll be a reoccurring character. I doubt that he’s a user, but a more or less important NPC seems reasonable.

Misread this as “broke my legs” at first and got confused. That’s what the combination of being an anime fan and interacting with Ghid does to a man. You can never catch a break and lower your guard if you don’t want your knees to be stolen :pensive:

This man generates smoke and there’s no mention of a cancer stick. Yeah this guy is certainly a reoccurring character alright.

This seems like a Mask power for sure (turning into smoke? Fire generation?), but he doesn’t seem to be wearing a mask. However, given the variety of Masks we’ve encountered at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised that his glasses or hat constitutes as a Mask as well. We know that Masks can be any shape, any material and have to cover some part of the user’s face, obscuring it, to be considered a Mask, so I’m placing my bet on the dark glasses that obscure his eyes.

Also, dark glasses, dark lenses, smoky lenses, SMOKE
It all comes together :sunglasses:

Looks like Race’s daytime job is about to get a lot more fun :smirk:

I can’t wait for her to stick a chopstick in this guy’s eye at the speed of sound right through his glasses for interrupting her lunch break :goo:

Only the real ones know that this originally said “I hate this job”

A very bizarre thing for the bus driver to say. If the setting was something like the US or Russia, I wouldn’t even bat an eye, but given that it’s Japan we’re talking about, a place where being extremely polite to everyone is an integral part of the culture, this seems a bit out of place.

My headcanon is that he recently discovered his wife’s divorce papers, which is why he’s so angry :smirk:

This implies that Ren himself is not from the States. The puzzle of his identity is slowly coming together :goo:

Another confirmation. So, Ren has a Japanese name, is not from Japan, isn’t from the States either, has an American enough accent to be mistaken for one… what in the world could he be?!

Also I distinctly remember Fred saying something along the lines of “at least you know your real name” when talking to Kohaku. I wonder if he was referring to Ren in that line? (This is a rhetorical question btw, don’t answer it. I’m going to crack this one open by myself)


The old man’s speech about losing all parts of his identity and culture resonated with Ren a lot. There’s definitely something going on with him, but I still can’t put my finger on it. There’s just not enough info.
If we assume that Fred’s line was about Ren and combine it with this little character moment, perhaps Ren has some kind of amnesia or memory loss and doesn’t know who he really is??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Honestly, despite this entire bus section of the chapter seeming the least important and seemingly being just simple set dressing, it was probably my favourite part. There’s just so much to unpack here and I have a feeling that it will become much more important in retrospect once we start delving into Ren’s backstory.

I’m loving how you’re including these more quiet, subtle moments throughout the book instead of constant action at breakneck speeds. I think it’s a huge improvement compared to the Bo_ (I’m definitely not making this statement too often)

So T stands for Tone, right?

When did this poor man turn into a door?! :anguished: :anguished: :anguished:
Who could do such a cruel thing to him?

Love this little moment. Demon Mask is just having fun and goofing around, utterly unfazed by everything that’s going on around it. It definitely knows a lot more than the main characters could ever imagine

And it’s also being extremely secretive about the nature of its powers. There’s definitely something it doesn’t want Ren to find out. Its power is definitely death related, as it can instakill and revive things, but there’s definitely some ketch that it doesn’t want anyone to know

Well, I’m sure we all knew this was going to happen as soon as these two were left completely unattended :smirk:

But this guy is extremely bizarre. Knows Corey by the name and has the exact same height and complexion as Oisim. I doubt that Oisim betrayed the Masks, so I’m going to guess that this detail is here just to throw me off the right track. He’s just an assassin hired by whoever wants to hurt our main group.

Only the real ones know that this originality said “scowling wooden man” :smirk:

“Pointed mask” makes me think of bird-like features. Perhaps it’s styled after the Yōkai Tengu, in a similar fashion to how Wild’s mask was styled after an Oni. Also, this essentially confirms that the Wild Masks aren’t the only ones who have access to these bizarre things.

The only user in the book who is somewhat bird related is @Hawkflight, mainly due to the “hawk” part of his nickname, but I think that saying that this guy is supposed to be him is a bit of a stretch, even by my standards.

Now, I wonder what kind of power this guy is going to have… the only thing I can associate with the Tengu is flight, but Rook pretty much already has that, so I doubt that it will be that.

I am going to assume that him being unable to feel pain is related to the Mask, but I doubt that it’s the entire extent of his ability, whatever it may be. This is just a side effect.


My first guess is as to what this could represent is a miru though not sure if the miru mouth area would be considered as a scowl.

Dang this looks pretty good.

Great job Ghid
Can’t wait to see what’s next.


Ch 9

Chapter Ten
Open Wounds

“Of course not.”

Tone made sure not to move to any visible degree. It was impossible to tell if this crazy fellow might suddenly decide a shoulder shrug or neck turn counted as moving, and snap Kohaku’s arm like a twig. “But I don’t see how exactly you’d stop him from talking.”

“Who?” The figure spoke, his perpetual grin adding to his intimidation factor as he twisted one finger against his ear, the intense pressure having ceased so Tone could communicate.


Rook suddenly appeared in the figure’s place, catching Kohaku as she fell. The ominous stranger, appearing where Rook had been, plummeted downwards off of the rooftop. “Rook, get her to safety. We’re going to need everything we’ve got to deal with this gun. If he’s telling the… LOOK OUT!!

The masked figure suddenly reappeared, swooping downwards towards Rook and slamming into him at full speed, sending the wild mask member tumbling. “I don’t much appreciate that, especially after all my hospitality.” He grinned. “So, I’ll have to make good on my promise. I was hoping this could have been handled in a civil fashion, but whatever.”

Reaching down to grasp Kohaku, he found himself gripping the air again, as Rook swiftly stood up from his sprawled position, now next to Kohaku. “You wanna keep trying that? It might work if you give it even more windup next time.”

“Try the mask.” A voice crackled, as a small, spherical device floated alongside the bulky stranger. “It… Ah, it keeps him alive. Take it off and break it.”

Tone practically jumped out of his horribly charred skin at the sight of Corey’s drone. “Do whatever you need to, just keep him preoccupied!” Tone bellowed, running into the stairway entrance and practically jumping down the multiple flights. “Don’t let him after me!!”

“Uhh,” Rook looked between the stairwell and the wickedly grinning stranger, trying to decide how best to respond to the order, as the masked fellow made it very obvious he had no intention of going after Tone. “S-Sure…?”

“He’s… Only capable of flying either horizontally or vertically.” The small screen glowed brightly inside the dark vehicle, relaying footage taken from Corey’s drone. “If you keep up in loops you might be able to cut him off.”

“Wait a moment… That… Tone, he’s-”

The footage suddenly disappeared. “Huh. He… He used his mask to send a sound wave that disrupted the frequency of my short-wave communication between this device of yours and the drone. You know, you’ve got very annoying friends, these Wild Masks of yours.”

The author of the voice set the screen down, turning his attention towards the rear seating of the vehicle. “What exactly did they see in you that was so special? You have no mask, you can’t fight, you can barely operate the tech that… Oisim??

“Huh.” The figure turned away from the back seats, diverting his attention off the still crying and still hogtied Corey silenced with a strip of tape and onto the road in front of him. “That’s a twist. Well, I suppose I’ll need to survive this encounter so the rest can be informed of his duplicitous actions. Tell me Corey, how fast can your friend Tone run?”

The car revved to life. “My mask predicts he’ll take another three minutes to reach my location at his current pace. I wonder how fast he’ll run when he finds out I’ve disappeared.”

Rook zipped down yet another empty street at speeds fast enough to blow all the leaves off the asphalt, but no sooner had he arrived than the massive figure rushed down the lane at an even faster pace, his oversized grin still blazing through the night as he approached. As the last moment, Rook was replaced with a parked car, the stranger slamming into it and completely cratering the side, sending it tumbling and blowing out the air bags.

No sooner had the impact finished than the stranger suddenly resumed chase, following Rook as he shot directly upwards into the sky, then swapped places with Rook the moment he neared. It barely slowed him down, however, and the chase continued once more as if it had never stopped.

“Know must’ve foreseen you arriving.” He grinned even further as he raced directly behind Rook, matching the zig-zagging motion of his target. “How could he not have? You’re a serious threat if you’re as competent with your fists as you are with your mask.”

Reaching out, the stranger timed his dive and gripped Rook by the back of the neck. “Something must’ve cut his drone, because I saw it fall. I suspect your friend must’ve had something to do with it. C’mon, let’s go tell him in person.”

Gripping his mask, the stranger suddenly found himself in front of Rook, just in time for a vicious punch to be sent to the back of his ribs. He never even flinched, a massive backhand swinging around at lightning speed just barely missing Rook as he darted away, zigzagging downwards as quickly as he could.

“Ahhh. Can’t teleport something that’s in his hands.” The stranger’s grin seemed to have no physical limit. “Very nice. Gonna have to use that. Or should I…”

“Nah.” He turned from the rooftop, Kohaku having seemingly disappeared. “I can’t give him time to get away.” The wind hissed as he burst forwards, smashing through the branches of a number of trees for little more than fun.

“I’m a little worried about abandoning him like this,” The hoodied hoodlum commented, taking a slow right turn down yet another lane. “But I’m sure he can take care of himself. My mask… Clearly says that as long as I keep Tone away, he’ll have no problem whatsoever.”

“Goodness, are you still trying to escape?” He looked back, pity almost entering his voice at the sight of Corey trying everything he could to roll off of his side and lunge at the character. “You know, it’s really admirable just how much you think you’re capable of here. Did you forget?”

“Or do I need to remind you.” The vehicle slowed for a moment, the driver focusing all of his attention on Corey. “You’ll never see any of them again. They’ll forget you ever existed, and they’ll move on to some other helpless orphan who doesn’t matter just as much as you don’t. But I can make what little existence you have find some meaning, I assure you.” He turned back towards the wheel. “And after you’ve betrayed your former friends, I’ll send you where your old man is. That’s a promise, kid.”

Corey’s eyes slowly closed as they began streaming twice as much water as before, his head shakily returning to the seat of the vehicle. “There, that’s better. There’s no way anyone will be able to reach you in time, so nestle there for another minute or two and it’ll be all over soon.”

“What.” The driver suddenly froze, staring blankly out the windshield. “I don’t … Wh … Thirty seconds? But what-”

A ringing peal vibrated through the vehicle, shattering every piece of glass inside. With the windshield atomized into a billion tiny pieces, the ominous driver could no longer see beyond the inside of the vehicle. Violently manipulating the shifter, he rocketed forwards only to jump nearly through the roof of the car as a massive THUD sounded from the back.

“No. NO!!” He shrieked, turning the car so sharply it began to roll. Before it could turn enough to disrupt Corey’s position, it staggered, dropping back into its tires only after several seconds of tense silence. For a moment, silence reigned supreme inside the vehicle, the stillness of the night only interrupted by the distant sounds of traffic and trains ferrying people throughout greater Tokyo.

Then a large glowed hand smashed through the side window and pulled the occupant of the driver seat out so quickly the air seemed to hold his shape for a fraction of a second. Somehow, being alone now didn’t seem to comfort Corey much at all.

“I’ll give you a little tip.” The figure clawed at the immovable hand dragging him by the collar across the street grew more desperate the further he traveled. “Picking on the guy whose entire surface area is inflamed all day, every day, and still goes for runs before participating in wrestling matches might not end well for you.”

The figure was thrown against the curb, and in the same motion had the mask ripped off his face by Tone’s glowed fingers. “You know, it’s an interesting mask. I bet Ren would love to see what it does,” He mused, tossing it aside. “But I have a feeling you won’t b-”

You.” He paused, staring down in shock at the figure lying in front of him. “You were alive this whole time?”

The figure gave a half-hearted fake chuckle, wiping off his nose as he stared through his thin brows at the metal mask fixed on him. “I guess you thought you did a good job, huh? Ripping somebody apart like that… Dooming someone to that future?”

“Or more accurately, lack thereof?” He scowled further, pushing off the curb slightly as he stared down his opponent. “How does he sleep at night, knowing what you’ve done? He saw it happen. You made him see it happen.”

“I don’t know how you came back,” Tone growled, gripping the stranger by the collar again. “But you weren’t missed then and you certainly won’t be missed now.”

“You… You have to bring me to Ren. Interrogate me.” The figure swallowed, looking back towards the vehicle. “He could be looking. You wouldn’t do this to him twice…

“Ren would interrogate you, yes.” Tone blinked, pressure suddenly building in the figure’s skull. “He’d tell me all about everything you spilled, and he might even tell Corey, too. And then he’d let you go as a warning to everyone who comes after us, even though it wouldn’t change anything, because deep down he’s a soft, kind-hearted person.”

“I’m not.” Tone scowled.

A deafening crack split the night air.

Corey’s eyes slowly opened in sync with the car door, not bothering to look at who was responsible for opening it. He said nothing as the deft pair of hands that undid the rope keeping him bound gently lifted him out of the vehicle, leaning him against the side. The same hands tried to reach for the tape on his mouth, but Corey batted then away limply, trying to remove the tape on his own but failing after the pain proved to be too great.

“Hey.” Tone’s finger gingerly lifted Corey’s chin, eventually forcing him to make eye contact with the crimson figure, his head and jacket front peculiarly stained with the slightest of red washes. “You alright?”

Corey said nothing, the water returning to its favorite pastime of bubbling down from his lids as he eventually broke eye contact and sunk his face into the bend of Tone’s elbow, silently shuddering as the night carried on, the distant sounds of traffic and trains ferrying people throughout greater Tokyo.

One less person was traveling tonight.

Ch 11


these keep getting longer and longer


ngl Shakespeare would’ve probably been a weeb had he cared


I’m just gonna not say anything…

Ahh Nota, you were too late to have your heart broken by Dreamspace :pensive:

Oh how pretty All the scenery This is nature's paradise

Yes exactly :smirk:

me fr

Ah so this is how Superman conceals his identity


you’re clearly seeing things, um, I definitely didn’t edit it…

Haha I would have no experience with that :disappointed:


Unfortunately the US and Japan are the only nations in the entire world :pensive:

also the answer is a Goober from Goobersville (I hear you are very famous there)

Tone when he realizes the car-stealing mask user has a skull


Allow me to share with you the greatest villain of them all… DOOR MAN

me as I write this

how could they have discovered it

you’re clearly seeing things, um, I definitely didn’t edit it…


your face is a side effect :triumph:


Tonight on Top Gear:
I am not present in the episode,
James is involved in a car-related incident,
And Hammond is involved in a car-related incident.

these keep getting longer and longer

Yeah you know what I can see that. He absolutely would. Shakespeare is just like me fr fr (I am not a fan of Shakespeare) :pensive:

Only the best takes in this topic :sunglasses:

Oh. Ohhhhhhh
I get it, it’s another traumatic RP experience that you guys had. I understand now :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

When the soup is cold and the salad’s hot… uhh I mean When the air blows through With a brisk attack The reptile tail rips from its back

Excuse me have you ever seen superman wear shades? :triumph:
I am sure he has at some point, given the current regrettable state of DC comics :pensive:

Neither would I haha :joy: :sob:

Oh yeah right there’s also fr- :face_with_spiral_eyes:
fr- :nauseated_face:
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Can’t use the “read it again” trick against me anymore :smirk:

Heck yeah that’s what I like to see :sunglasses:
I am really overusing emojis in this one

Would you like me to tell you your IP address?
Show you a picture of your house… mayhaps?

(mods and staff, this is a joke. A funni, if you will. I possess neither of those things and would never reveal either if I did)

Called… it?
Yeah let’s say I didn’t doubt myself and confidently stated that his ability is flight. Uh-huh. Yeah. Absolutely :triumph:

We are officially in double digits now :goo:

So he can also swap places with people and objects at will. Now this part makes a lot more sense:

This part has been bothering me ever since I read chapter one. How we finally have an answer.

I wonder what this power represents in chess though. I don’t know any rook moves that allow them to swap places with other pieces. The closest thing I can think of is a pawn switching with a dead queen once it reaches the other side of the board, but it’s not that.
Or maybe there’s some deep chess lore that I’m unaware of where rooks have the ability to switch with other pieces. It would definitely make the game more fun. And funnier. Imagine switching spots with the opponent’s queen as your first move, instantly checkmating the king and winning in one move.

That’s such a cool ability though. Very simple, but extremely effective in fights, allowing to completely avoid attacks, rescue allies and disorient enemies. Allows for great fun and creative action scenes, which this one certainly is :goo:

So he does fly huh. Funny how I figured that out from a two word description of his mask in the previous chapter :japanese_goblin:

At first I thought that it was Corey talking through the drone and that he was a traitor and I got sad. Glad it didn’t end up being true though :relieved:

Ah yes, thank you, mister exposition. We wouldn’t have understood that without your explanation that makes no sense in-world and only serves the purpose of explaining things to the reader.
I don’t like this guy, I hope his skull gets crushed :unamused:

So what I can infer from this is that Oisim is a double agent, who is a part of this organisation but also secretly goes against it by helping the Wild Masks. I have to wonder though, is this organisation the Yakuza, by any chance?

The power to predict the future and to just know things in general. This is so fricking cool :goo:

I assume that’s how these guys have been able to get all the intel on the Wild masks. His power basically allows him to know their locations, powers, moves and what not.

Man, this guy is just too cool. With the crazy grin and everything :goo:

And I really love the contrast between his flight ability and physique. Usually flying characters are depicted as light, elegant and nimble, but this guy is an enormous brute, yet still extremely fast and cunning. This is what I call subversion of expectations.
I really hope he’ll stick around for some time because I’m getting more and more eager to manifest him in a drawn form

So his name is Know, huh. Very fitting, given his ability-

Wait a second. Hold up.

Know sounds like no… :thinking:
No one… N01… @N01InParticular

He is even described as wearing a hoodie later in the chapter. Yep, that’s him.

Otherwise, I don’t have much else to say about this section. It was just a great action piece. I just can’t help but imagine it in an animated form with Rook rapidly zipping left and right, up and down across the city, occasionally swapping places with cars and the opponent, and the opponent closely following him no matter what with a constant psychotic grin on his face, while they are dynamically tracked by the “camera” in a single long expensive shot :goo: :goo: :goo:

Okay, Corey’s dad is certainly someone relevant and is potentially tied to the enemy organisation in some way. The Wild masks wouldn’t take Corey in if his presence didn’t pose some kind of benefit, and, as the masked individual pointed out, he isn’t all that useful to them by himself. The info about the father will certainly become extremely important later. This is a writing device we call Chekhov’s gun :smirk:

Wrestling matches? So wait, Tone was the Mummy whose fight our fellas watched in chapter three? The bandages make a lot of sense, given his injuries

This mask is definitely becoming relevant later. I’m making a prediction that Corey is going to get it ones the gang figures out what it does. It’s a perfect ability for him, given that it’s non-combative. Perfect for a support role that Corey has.

Foreshadowing for Tone’s eventual flashback. He certainly has an extremely dark and violent past. Can’t wait :goo:


This is the coldest moment you’ve written, perhaps ever :cold_face: :cold_face: :ice_cube:

Absolutely incredible :smirk:

and it’s immediately followed by an incredibly wholesome moment? Very nice :smirk:

Not sure if it’s a deliberate writing choice or a simple mistake. Either way, I don’t like it.

Overall, this was an incredibly fun chapter. I had an absolute blast reading through it and dissecting all the details. I’d say, it’s one of my favourites so far. Why do I have a feeling that this story is only going to get wilder from now on?


I think Rook’s castling


Tonight on Top Gear
I got cut from the script
James says something truly mind-blowing
And Hammond has an average walk through downtown Chicago

It’s called Winger had a funny idea for an RP I co-GMed with him
Turrns out he had zero time and a completely different idea than what anyone expected including me, and yeah it died really fast :disappointed:

Could’ve gone hard if it had stuck with the dream exploring concept

When the Sus sets we will not forget the Red Sus over paradise

no but I do have this picture of geralt of rivia


no I can’t…

because you clearly never read it the first time or you would’ve quoted it :smirk:

me fr

yes please i forgor

wow not a insecurity dweller fan you are so self confident please sign my dead dog

how much I make at work :sunglasses: :dollar:

Bro has apparently never played real chess :triumph:

Castling, as Rukah correctly guessed after you posted, involves moving the king to one of the two rooks and having each pass in front of the other, passing over however many spaces is necessary to complete this maneuver. The king always travels the furthest, but it requires that no extra pieces be in the way of the exchange.

It’s notoriously absent from all non-western versions of chess, but it makes for one heck of a mix-up :smirk:

You use that laptop smash gif one more time and I might have to reconsider my personal distancing from that blessed dot gif file :angry:

I assume this is you rn

Whoa hey now don’t go spoiling the 17th chapter like that :eyes::sweat_drops:

now see that’s more like it :sunglasses:

The reason for the erm ahktually explanation is to establish that


since he would have no way to know for certain that this is what happened and not that a number of other things occurred, like losing signal from distance, Tone finding a way to destroy the drone, accidentally hitting a power line, or any number of other things which could disrupt the signal.

and B)

So thank you for confirming that it worked :smirk:

Bingo :goo:

All that hum drum about a double agent was a false flag to hide the masterminding of this fellow

Rian Johnson just showed up at my house with the sales statistics of that awful film glass onion why did you do this to me nota :pensive:

I cannot confirm or deny allegations that he will become the main character in two chapters

Bingo :goo:

I figured since he was getting pulped I might as well reveal it :smirk:

Buckle up

Then in that case it was definitely deliberate :sunglasses:

But it can’t he’s literally dead

Bingo :goo:


Unless Ghid is taking some different sorts of liberties than Book of __, Jethryn’s mask was never particularly avian. (possibly something I could look into for a future version…)

what, like it’s some sort of… wild mask based adventure?


I turned Cordax into a human and MakutaOisli into a human and yeah almost everybody is a human now

also, keep in mind I turned Traykar into a car and Axelford into a car axle/pair of guns and Rukah into a knife in Book of ____ so idk where you get your expectations from :goo:

What are we, some kinda Wild Masks?


I’m going to be honest I have not read a single chapter since Tone put on the fish costume

I have been very busy the past few days and I promise I’ll get to it eventually

man and I had such a great streak of understanding the story up until that point smh :fist: :pensive:


Truly the beginning of the end :pensive:

Historians will recite this moment as the start of armageddon


It’s at least the most important part of the story

I’m kinda excited to see goodguys and N01s characters for some reason.