The Wonderful Community

I just wanna say, the Bionicle and Lego community is amazing(In a good, not sarcastic way).

I've been on alotta forums and groups, and naturally it is the internet, lots of idiots who think they have to use swears and call people "Kid" when they get into an arguement(When they're obviously wrong.)

Here however, everyone's a friend with common interests that anyone can easily get along with.

So... Y'know, kinda wanted to thank the TTV for making a forum/message board like this. I haven't had a place to go to to talk to other Bionicle fans, since I never use BZP or what have you.


Community's pretty great.

I feel like, with the lego community, all's pretty chill.

And like, it could be worse. We could be the Sonic fanbase. Or something like that.

(Yeah, that's right Sonic fans, Nyran Altair's calling you out! 8D)(For the record, I'm not really. Every fanbase has good and bad members. It's about which side is the majority.)


I've seen the bad parts of this fandom. I've seen more extremes than just one.


I will agree, we have some pretty lame people, some...worse than others, but I like to think the good outweighs and overpopulates the bad.

I've seen my fair share of both great and awful attitudes in this community. However, this forum is the first LEGO-related site where I really feel at home.

Yeah it's a fact you'll meet party-poopers no matter where you go.
However, I've met 20 awesome people for every 1 lame-o here.


Yay us!


Oh, Mata Nui. Not the Sonic fans!