The Zyglak

"Shunned by their creators and hated and feared throughout the Matoran Universe, the savage Zyglak retreated to the dark places of the universe, such as ruins, and the underground recesses of Voya Nui, brooding over their fate and hating the Matoran and all who honored Mata Nui."





The goal here was to update the Zyglak, but also keep that weird and alien look to it that the original had.



Excellent update of the zyglax! Great job!

looks great!

I like it! Some aspects, mainly the legs, do feel a tad too humanoid but the rest of the MOC is pretty great.

It's hideous! And by that I mean the Zyglak themselves, not the MOC!

The MOC is really nice, the smooth head fits well with the smooth CCBS. Although its body has to much Metru red...but that's how the set was, so...

Also, if there's any other dark blue shells to use on the thighs ever, I'd get those and use them!

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I love it. Very solid build, the color blocking is very well done.

Yeah, I agree with you about the legs, but once i get more dark blue shell I plan on making the legs more animalistic.

Thanks! Thats what I plan to do once I get more.

@Darknova3529, @king328, @JMP, and @SwagMeister
Thank you very much!

More pictures and a gallery are now up!

Fantastic MOC of one of my favorite combiners. Great work, I especially like the head and spine.

Good, but the lack of dark blue is odd. Also, are you going to make a Pit War Tortoise next?

this is perfect, I would imagine this is what the zyglak would look like in set form if they were not a combo model

This is Amazing 10/10.

Wow, this is really good MOC, i think it looks unique and littlebit funny, but the sword/spear looks too simple. Overall pretty good MOC!

I like this MOC, but I think it looks adorable, not intimidating. Maybe it's just me. XD

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I only have the two dark blue shells from Kopaka 2016, but I do plan on getting more.

The weapon is pretty simple, I agree, but it is supposed to look like a really old rusted spear-like weapon.

You're not the only person to say that, trust me, but what makes it appear that way to you?

@Triple, @Middlefingerstudios, @Darth.Ben.Ben
Thank you, much appreciated!

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What about the Pit war tortoise?

Umm, probably not, it has too many blended colors for me to effectively recreate in CCBS. If anything, I'll probably do the Manutri or Niazesk.

That works.

Nicely done. Represents the combo model very well. You got its colours accurate and I like how you kept the head.

Here's two cool art pieces of the zyglak: