Theory connecting Mataverse and Nuvaverse

My theory fits right in to the comic con promo video, right around the point where Makuta creates the mask of ultimate power (which is a horrible name). Also, let’s assume that the skull spiders were an issue before Makuta and Ekimu had their fight.

Ekimu learns that Makuta has broken the sacred rule, and tries to talk his brother out of making the mask. When Makuta refuses, Ekimu secretly gathers the six village elders and shares his power of creation with them. The elders test their new creation abilities by making weapons (the ones in the sets) to fight off the skull spider hoard.

When Makuta and Ekimu fall into their self-enduced comas, the elders concentrate all their creation powers on their own raw elements, turning them into beings. For example, the protector of fire would concentrate his creation power on a river of lava, creating Tahu. (this explains why they awake with no memories)

While the Toa look for the masks of power and fight off the skull spiders, the elders begin developing their powers. While practicing with their creation powers, they receive a visit from a time traveller, who calls himself Vakama, Turaga of Fire. At first, the elders don’t trust him, and engage him in a fight, but Vakama looses quickly, leaving his mask broken in half. After defeating him, Vakama explains that for many years he has been trying to finish an incomplete mask, and he finally did it.

Vakama attempts to fix his mask, but as he returns to his timeline half of his mask stays in the present. The elders study the mask, and using their powerful creation powers they fix it to an extent. They calculate that they can make two trips through time before the mask’s power destroys itself again. They decide that one of them will go forward to see the outcome of the battle between Ekimu and Makuta, then return.

It is decided that the protector of fire will make the trip. When he goes, he discovers that the mask of ultimate power was so unstable, that it exploded, turning the entire planet into a ball of fire, much like a sun.

Once the protector of fire returns to his own place in time, he convinces the other elders to create an interstellar vehicle. They gather the six Toa, put them into things that would be known as Matoran Spheres and leave Okoto, just as the mask of ultimate power explodes. The elders believe that life must be preserved, and create a planet that orbits Okoto.

They give the planet elemental properties like their own, then create villagers for the planet, and call them Agori. They tell them that they are on a planet called Spherus Magna, and that they are to treat the planet with respect. Then, the elders disappear, creating more things such as the elemental lords and the prototype robot. They also eventually awake the Toa, but the spheres have diminished their bodies and erased their memories.

The elders stay in solitude for many years, creating for fun. Eventually, one elder, let’s call him Velika, decides to keep watch over one of his creations.


There is no connection. This takes place in a reboot. This has been 100% confirmed by LEGO. No connections.


I personally prefer the alt. dimension/timeline theory far more than the prequel theory, as it’s easier to prove and explain. this was well thought out though.

as for

I’d say it’s lengthy, but not horrible, I mean what could it be instead?
what i don’t like is the “ultimate power” part, not the title itself, but the ability, because it’s too vague. but I digress.

the theory has a few holes however, vakama doesn’t exactly look very threatening, if they made the trip to post mask-nuke okoto, how did they survive it? and the biggest flaw, the agori are organic beings native to spherus magna they weren’t created by the GB.

that being said if you tried using the vahi to create an alternate timeline theory, I think it would be worthwhile thought.

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For the mask, I always told everyone that it should have been called the mask of elements, considering that hit has the power of all six elements. As for your plot holes:

  • Vakama, even though he’s a turaga, does appear threatening, he’s intruding on the elders and learning of their secret training.

  • I should have mentioned that it would be the protector of fire who made the trip, I’ll edit that in.

  • The Agori are native to Spherus Magna because they were created with it.

As for the Vahi/Alternate timeline, I’ll try and work on it.

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maybe the mask of the elementals would be a better way to say that, sounds more powerful,

you know, now that I think about it, it doesn’t appear to control control, creation, time, life, shadow, or light, just the main 6
(if the comic-con trailer has any hints, someone pointed out how each strike made during its forging had a different color)
that’s just speculation of course, but “ultimate power” may be misleading, as there are more than 6 elements in the new canon, let alone the old canon.

but I digress,

so you’re saying if an old man stumbled upon your training, using a walking stick, and posed no immediate threat, you’d attack him?
all I’m saying is I wouldn’t attack him for no reason, give a reason for them to attack him,
like the vahi created a “force blast” of sorts when he arrived, and sent them all flying.
it seems odd that the elders would attack another elder(even if they don’t know him, he looks it) for no reason.

that’s actually a good answer, though, we’re not sure if they can even swim in lava yet, let alone survive the heat of a sun.

I’ve gathered you imply the protectors are the great beings
the GB found spherus magna and it’s inhabitants(from what I’ve gathered), they didn’t create it, that doesn’t ruin the theory though, you can just change it to
“went to other planet and were treated like gods by locals because of advanced technology” and that would work.
because in the original canon the great beings only created bio-mechanical automatons ie; toa, matoran, turaga, makuta, not life ie; the agori, glatorians.

there’s a distinct difference between them, one is built, one is born, that’s in canon(well, what Greg has said anyway[from what I’ve heard]).

btw, this isn’t me refuting the theory, but refining it.


Might I say, isn’t there already a topic for Theories on this debate?

I think that’s for alt. timeline theories, not prequel theories. but I suppose this would still fit.

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According to the current information, much of your theory now contradicts which lego has in place. For example…

-Tahu and the Toa are summoned the temple of time(or so is leaked/speculized) and are now amnesiacs working for the Protectors and their people

-This apperantly takes place in a different land/universe from Spherus Magna

-We don’t know if the skull spiders are new or old threats, but I guess they might be new

-Any of the other characters from G1 other then the Toa are set not to appear…I think

-Mask of ultimate power only creates a crater in the Earth-region of Okoto, barely making a small bit black and making a water-filled crater

-Protectors reproduce apperantly, and are unconnected to Agori

-Protectors could not be the great beings, as it is a new canon

However, those are only the points I bring up. but we’ve yet to see what’s canon and what’s not…

Most of your “corrections” are contradictions in their own right. (also, this was written around the time of NYCC, so I didn’t have much to go off of).

-They had to be created before they were summoned. They could have launched them into the air or something (impractical, yes, but it could have happened. Like spanking a baby’s bum when they’re born)

-“apparantly.” It could be in the same universe but billions and billions of light years away

-I did say assume that the skull spiders were existing threats (they probably weren’t though considering they were originally called mask stealers, but they might not be because they appear to be parasitic)

-If more older characters were set to appear LEGO would want to keep that secret. Also, if the mask of time is involved it is most likely that Vakama would come into play.

-If it has as much power as let on it could possibly destroy the universe

-I said they created them (but I should change that to found them), not that they were their brothers.

-This entire theory is based around the “half a mask” theory that claims that they are in the same cannon.

That being said this is JUST A THEORY. There is no need to contradict every little point, most of which aren’t even relevant.

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Eh…My autistic tick got me…

Anyway Lego couldnt’ve possibly planned to returned more then the toa…well they probably could since it’s a reboot. Also the mask of ultimate power was implied to just tear okoto apart, they didn’t say anything about anywhere else. Also for the Toa mata to have been created before summoning, this has to be an alternate universe where they were summoned before the great cataclysm or after. However IDK about the coincidence of Makuta. Also for the half a mask theory to work, the great beings or some other entity had to be involved. We don’t know what the protectors or Ekimu and G2 Makuta’s origins are, unless it’s a human-like origin or something. But we’re just theorizing, we could all be wrong and they could pull a GSR on us. We’ll just have to see in whatever lore, books and the animated shorts they show

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Plot twist: the protectors/great beings use the Vahi to travel back in time and make themselves. Mystery solved.

Anyway, the main part of my theory is that the protectors have the power of creation (because Ekimu foresaw his fight with Makuta) and eventually become the great beings. Everything else is just to fill in the gaps.

And I swear to god if they pull a GSR on us…

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GSR? Care to elaborate?

Great Spirit Robot.

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What’s wrong with a Great Spirit Robot?

I have no idea. I just know that that’s what GSR stands for =P

We were saying if they pulled another ‘island/main diety is giant robot who gets taken over by main villain and everyone temporarily loses’ sort of plot twist, which brikky seems to hate

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I don’t hate it (I love the idea of a GSR), I hate the idea of them pulling that on us twice in a row. This is supposed to be a new story, it would be hard getting into it when you already know how it ends. It’s like watching an adaption of a book, you already know what happens, you’re just there to see how it plays out with visuals… visuals in this case being Hero Factory parts. (Don’t accuse me of hating CCBS, that was the only thing from HF I liked)

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When I said ‘pull a GSR on us again’ I meant do an epic plot twist that would change our perception of the story…


I would like to restate that there is no connection between them. As I recall, many LEGO officials have stated that this is a reboot, with no connections to the old, other than some names, titles, and masks.


I’d say that this is more in the territory of fan-fiction than a theory. A theory is generally when you draw a conclusion from the connection of multiple pieces of evidence; you’re starting at point A and leaping to point Q here.