They were always heroes, Toa hagah (Bionicle Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard)

Hello, everyone!

I found Bionicle again only about half year ago, but I’m glad there are still many fans.

It’s an honor to have the opportunity to participate in this contest.

Let me show you about Toa Hagah team I was imagining.

First, I’m sorry for my poor English.

Most of their armor, masks, and spears are painted, but I tried as much as I could that their appearance could be made up of simple builds without being too complicated.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of extra masks, that suits them.
so I wore a 3D print mask.
For me, it was a cheaper and faster way.
Of course, I chose the one that suits them as much as I can.

Since Norik and Iruini had black as second colors, other team members also have black second colors. Yes, Bomonga’s first color is black so he is all black

Simple MOC

Use a 3L bar and a 32039 connector.

put it on the pin on back of their neck.

It’s a simple connector that can mount their shields.


Toa Kualus

Connection Method and talk

Can you see how his neck connects?

Yes, he is hunchback.

I want people could remind of Matoro when they see my kualus.

I’ve always interesting that the toa of ice, kualus - Nuju - Matoro, inherited knowledge from each other. ah, except for kopaka. He is always lonely soldier.

So I reinterpreted the image of Matoro, who would have inherited the knowledge of Kualus, and fed it back to Kualus.

and i chose kaukau as his mask so that people could be reminded of underwater breathing.

Photo and talk

And When I decided to make him a hunchback, I felt he is like a hockey player.
So to make his shoulders strong, I painting great Kanohi komau at silver and used it as his shoulder armor.

I chose galva’s another kaukau as his mask
I chose matau’s aero slicer as his Sub-Zero Spear tip.

What should we do to get colder when it’s already very cold?
When wind blows, wind chill temperature even lower.


Toa Pouks

Connection Method and talk



My first sin
I wanted to keep using Metru chest cover if I could, and I wanted to keep Nuva-Armor close to his torso.

So I used a rubber band.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely used official parts in my technique lego.

Photo and talk

Why is he wearing dark gold armor?

I had a funny idea.
his mask shape is KhingK’s noble kadin design. Yes, it means he honors Turaga jovan.
He was the leader of toa team that revived Mata nui. so he had great achievement.
So, I thought in honor of those who really made great achievements, they used golden color armor.

Wouldn’t it be fun if Iruini used gold kualsi for this reason?
For example, what if kualsi belongs to a hero who revived Mata nui a long time ago…

I chose KhingK’s noble kadin design as his mask.
I chose kopaka’s ice sword as his avalanche spear tip.


Toa Gaaki

Connection Method and talk


I wanted to make her a flowing curve image as a whole.
I couldn’t be satisfied with the existing parts.
So I used MOC for her arm, unlike other team members


Here’s another sin of mine. can you see? I fixed her armor with rubber band.
Yes, I know. There are other ways to fix the Metru shoulder armor. But this shape looked a little better.
I could have given her working gearbox, but I gave up because I was worried about damage to rubber band.
But when I tried it, there was no actual damage even if I moved her arm several times.


Yes, her spears have both image, glaive and hook.
Please keep angle if possible.

Photo and talk

Yes, one more gaaki, that has Hydruka shoulder.
I think everyone can’t deny that it looks fit on her.

I chose KhingK’s Great Mask of Adaptation design as her mask.
I chose Suukorak’s tooth as her tidal spear tip.
I thought it’s looks like ripple on surface of water.
And tidal is huge waves. It reminded me of it naturally.


Toa Bomonga

Connection method and talk



left arm

i added some parts, that he could mount the shield on his arm, not on his hand.
Actually, it’s possible for other toa, but I wanted to do it to Bomonga for some reason.

Photo and talk

He’s only one using an unprinted mask!
Of course, I used painted huna…
He is a very quiet and patient hunter. So I thought he suit with Huna-shaped mask that matches covert behavior.

Also, i thought he would be quite muscular. so he has Hordika’s chest armor, piraka’s legs, and long upper arms. also kaxium helmet shoulder armor is look like a well-developed deltoid.
Doesn’t he look like a bodybuilder?

i chose the great Huna as his mask.
i chose G2’s Skull Warrior Sword as his seismic spear tip.
It reminded me of the cracks that occur when an earthquake occurs.


Height Comparison

Yes, as you all may have noticed, Pouks and Gaaki have a spear in their left hand.

I thought they would be left-handed based on image of Rahaga’s poster.

Of course it’s my mistake. They were able to hold staff and spear however they wanted.

I give consent for my mask to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses:

  • Yes for kualus and bomonga,

I give consent for my metallic color choice to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses:

  • Yes for bomonga,
  • No for Especially Gaaki and kualus.
  • Especially not gold. I don’t want her to look like a toa of electricity, and I don’t want him to look like a toa of light.

I give consent for my spear tip to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses:

  • Yes for pouks. because only his spear is painted…

More Hagah entries!
These are good, but the 2-4 metallic color ratio slightly bothers me.



Nice mocs. They all look unique

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Oh my mistake, thank you, I still can’t think of electricity and Psionics toa

My brief view of this is in pouks’s summary


just curious, where are you from?

These are really, really cool. Standouts of the contest so far. I really appreciate how much thought went into the spear and mask choices - you didn’t just Google “mask of clairvoyance” or “mask of emulation” and 3D print the first result. The building techniques are also very cool - specifically the rubber bands on Pouks and Gaaki. Brilliant idea. You certainly have my vote.



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I’ll be rooting for your Gaaki!

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I really like the arms on Kualus. It’s interesting that you gave him red eyes. I’m not sure I like that for him, but the other eye color choices are cool. At first I thought they had no brain stalks because the lighting was so dim. The mask choices are also really cool.

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OOOOOH I like that Gaaki

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I am in LOVE with Pouks. The mask usage on the shoulder armor is great and the custom mask is amazing!

which size lego rubber band piece is that for pouks

2x2 white band
maybe most common rubber band in Lego.

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