Thomas the Emotional Robo-Pig

Robo-Pigs were made to serve their hateful leaders, no questions asked. These brutish robots did what they were told, well, except for one…

The Bacon Mob Boss Himself, Thomas.

Your Generic Front Shot:

Your Generic Side Shot:

Your Uber Original Back Shot:

Sometimes, he’s Scared, like that one time the Human Treelings sent a giant ant to his office:

Other times, he’s Curious. Where was he made? What’s the meaning of “life”?

Thomas can even be sad, which we can see when his Best Friend was shot down by the Randall’s.

There’s only one thing you don’t want him to be…


Ugh, I hate cliffhangers, what don’t you want him to be?

Angry, Dinner, Hungry?


You really don’t want to know.

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I wouldn’t ask a question I didn’t want answered.


Very emotional indeed with those giant brows of his.

I can imagine when he’s really angry, he’ll have flames coming out of his nostrils and sprout metal teeth on his lower jaw


The MOC basically started as a headlight brick with a plate on it and I was like “This would make a good eyebrow.”

Hmm. I’ll have to try it out.


RIP Thomas’s best friend. He will be missed, always…

Seriously though, Thomas is pretty cool. Love the eyebrows, those were a great idea. His jaw/mouth was also very creative, along with his hands. Good job!

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He was the only reason Thomas woke up in the morning…

Thanks! :smile:

Also, thank you, @Caboose and @Political_Slime, for your constructive criticism.


Really love how creative this MOC is with the face! So much personality

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It’s time for Swag’s Quick Review
-looks piggy
-no bacon looks meh

I give this a :snowboarder:/ 10.

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I’ve said it elsewhere, but I really like this guy. His expressions are amazing, and you really get a good sense of character.

For my score, you get a :pig2:/10

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I guess you could say,
Thomas was Alone.

I like it, very expressive.


Thank you, good chap. :smile:

Um… Thanks?

Thank you! :smile:

Why thank you. :smiley:

Reminds me of the pigs from angry birds…

But really, I like it! Gr8 m8 8/8

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Thanks! :smile:

Those eyebrows. that face…

This is great.

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Thanks, man. :smiley:

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This is pretty cool!

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Thanks! :smile:

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One Question

Does He Make Good Robo-Bacon

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